Thursday, July 24, 2014

Weekend Walk

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 These are some shots from our walk at the local nature center, I started off my post with the moon setting on the morning of t July 17th.

 I love taking shots of the moon from our deck..

The sun was up and I still had a good view of the moon.

We must have saw thousands of dragonflies  at the nature center. This one has a pretty blue sky behind it.

Put a fence around it! This looks like  a garden fenced off to keep the critters away?

We actually saw two Red-tailed Hawks flying around and making loud calls.

I love these white puffy clouds over the nature center field..

 The sky and some pretty yellow coneflowers..

This House Wren seemed upset I was taking photos near its birdhouse..

I hope you enjoyed my post and photos
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Social Flycatcher & Boat-billed Flycatcher

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For my post this week I am sharing two Belize birds..the Social Flycatcher and another Belize lifer the Boat-billed Flycatcher.

The Social Flycatcher at 6.3 to 7inches is the smallest out the three Flycatchers that look similar.. They are the Social Flycatcher, Great Kiskadee and the Boat-billed Flycatcher..  I have some shots of my   Great Kiskadee in Bermuda   to show more comparisons.

 The Social Flycatcher has yellow underparts, crown stripe and a white throat.

The Social Flycatcher has a small stubby bill.

These Social Flycatchers were trying to build a nest inside the umbrellas near the pool.

Going thru my Belize photos I just noticed I have another lifer the Boat-billed Flycatcher. This bird has a heavier and broader bill and is about 9.3 inches compared to the smaller Social Flycatcher which is 7 inches. I am sorry this shot is so fuzzy. It was taken from the lodge's restaurant and the bird was way down on the trees next to the river.. They are known to sit high in a tree to catch bugs..

This is the Great Kiskadee seen during my Bermuda trip.. a large flycatcher at 8.3 to 10 inches. Their wings and tail are brown with some rufous fringes..

As you can see these three flycatchers all look similar in colors, just different bills and sizes..starting on the left is the (4) Boat-billed Flycatcher, (5) Great Kiskadee and on the right is the (6) Social Flycatcher.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Birds, Blooms & more

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I am sharing some images from my yard and more from our walk at George's Creek.

Some pretty lilies in our yard, blooming waterlily, blueberries and a sunflower..

I love this color, they are beautiful lilies.

My pretty Bluebird, hanging around making sure Momma is safe in the house with the babies.

I am not sure what this flower is called but we saw during our walk along George's Creek.. It is nice to take our walks along this trail and see different wildflowers blooming at different times.

A pretty flower,  a lumberjack at work, more pretties and the turkey feathers..

The juvie Titmouse can be pretty persistent with their..feed me..feed me..

I hope you enjoyed my birds and blooms..Thanks for stopping by and for the comments.

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