Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hurry Spring!

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I just can not get over how fast time is flying, it is almost the end of February.. I am happy that Spring is almost here.. The Mid-Atlantic states have not been enjoying the early and warm weather that the west coast is having. I wish it was a warm winter here, it has been an awfully cold winter!  I am sharing more scenes from this past weekend and earlier in the week, I hope you enjoy!

A cute snow covered squirrel. And another can you find the Junco shot?  BTW, do you see the fence?

A multi fence shot, with my deck railing, chained link fence and a fence further off. Do you see my neighbor with his snow blower.. He was very nice and helped hubby clean the snow off our driveway..Can you see the snow blowing up and into the woods..

You know me by now, I just have to share some birds on my post, some more colorful Starlings..

My skywatch shot, some neat contrails and the sunset...At least I enjoy the pleasures of skywatching.

A pretty sky, the contrail and  sliver of moon on the far top left.. Do you see the moon?

My moon capture taken on Feb 22nd.. I hope you enjoyed my latest post.. Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comments..

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Eastern Towhee

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For this week's Wild Bird I am featuring the Eastern Towhee.  I have been enjoying this pretty male right outside my window which in front of my treadmill. Some people watch TV walking while they are on the treadmill, I watch the birds outside my window..

The male Eastern Towhee is a handsome bird. They have a black head upper body and tail. Rufous sides and white underneath...

I think they are residents in Maryland.. I have seen them all over the state of Maryland and in Shenandoah Nat'l Park, Virginia..

This female Eastern Towhee has the rufous sides and is mostly a brownish color on the back and wings..

The view outside my window while I am walking on my treadmill.. The Eastern Towhee is sharing a meal with the White-throated Sparrows.

Another look outside my window at the Eastern Towhee!

I hope you enjoyed my wild bird post.. Till next week's wild bird post.. I wish you happy Birding and have a wonderful week!

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Let It Snow

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We had our first big snowfall yesterday. I think there is close to 10 inches or more out there.. During a snowstorm I love watching the birds, they seem to go into a feeding frenzy.. At one time I think I had to have a 100 birds on my deck..and the snow was coming down fast and furious..I just do not seem to do well taking snow photos, the birds look ok though. Now, that the birds have been fed, the snow can disappear.  Come on SPRING!  

The Cardinals are one of my favorite birds to watch, their red colors really pop in the snow..I made this mosaic with my lipstick wearing female..Isn't she pretty?

Another female Cardinal and a Pine Siskin.

We've had this table on our deck for years and hardly ever use it, we have other deck chairs we like.  So the table has become a bird feeder table.. I put seed under the table trying to keep the snow from covering up the bird seed right away. The birds seem to love it..lots of Juncos, Mourning Doves and Pine Siskins.

A view of our deck from my dining room window..

My most popular feeder, Mr Squirrel likes it, female Cardinal with the Chickadees and a Pine Siskin..

I think Mr Squirrel looks cute..

By the afternoon I shoveled the deck 3 times and the snow was still coming down..As you can see above the birds were all over the deck and feeders. I am hoping this is the last big snowstorm and spring is on the way, please.. I hope you enjoyed the photos and mosaics..I thank you for visiting and all the wonderful comments..

Just a tease...remembering warmer days from our trip to Key West , Florida..

I use Pic Monkey to create my mosaics, you can use Pic Monkey free or pay for an upgraded version.
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