Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday's Critters #75

Saturday's Critters #75

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone!

It's Saturday and it's time to share your critters.. Any kind of critter will do, even a new or old post.. I appreciate everyone who has linked up in the past and for those who are linking in on this week's critter party. And of course I always appreciate my blogging friends stopping by just for a visit.

For my critter post I am sharing more from our visit to the North Point State Park in Maryland.

Peek-a-boo, a Little Blue Heron with some friends (bottom  left) a wood duck and another Little Blue Heron..

A Little Blue Heron with a Great Blue Heron

Great Egret in flight.

American Robin bathing.

I like this pretty sky and Downy Woodpecker. I hope you enjoyed my birds and critter post.. Thank you for the visits and for all the nice comments.. As always I appreciate your participating with my critter party..Have a happy weekend!

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

North Point State Park

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Happy Memorial Day weekend!

For this week's Good Fence and Skywatch Friday memes I am sharing our outing to a local Baltimore County park called North Point State Park. Local birders were seeing lots of Little Blue Herons and an American Bittern... They have a great trail and a nice view of the Chesapeake Bay.. included are some sky shots, fence shots and of course my birds..

We started our day early so we were able to catch this neighborhood sunrise. Still a little dark out but can you see the fence along the road.. I love a combo sky/fence shot...

The start of the trail at North Point State Park, another shot for my Good Fences.

One of the many Little Blue Herons..

The American Bittern was too busy hunting for food and was not shy at all.

Another American Bittern photo.

A look at the sky from the trail..

How many Little Blues do you see?

Little Blues everywhere, even in the sky.

A view of the Chesapeake Bay and the sky..

I did say the Little Blue Herons were everywhere.. Standing high on a dead tree..

Another look at the bay, includes the fence and sky. A pretty spot for a picnic, birding or just a walk..

I am ending this post with one of my favorite subjects the moon. I hope your enjoyed this post and my walk, the bay and birds. Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comments..

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Thanks to Theresa @ The Run*A*Round Ranch for hosting Good Fences and thanks to Sylvia, Yogi  and Sandy for hosting Skywatch Friday.    I wish everyone a happy day and weekend ahead..

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

King Rail

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For this week's wild bird I am sharing the King Rail seen at the Swan Harbor Farms park in Havre De Grace, Maryland. My persistence paid off, this was our third trip to this park to see the King Rail.  The third time was a charm and not a strike out. It was not a lifer for me, but it was the first time I was able to get some photos. It is usually a shy bird but this King Rail came out into the open a few times while we sat in the blind and watched.

 I read on our listserve that this bird was being seen in the open on a few different days. I can not say enough how happy I am to be retired so I can go now and see these cool birds whenever I want..

A funny head on view of the King Rail. They are rufous above and below and they are found in fresh water marshes year round.

I hope you enjoyed my wild bird post. Till next week's wild bird post.
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  Happy Birding and have a wonderful week!