Saturday, December 20, 2014

Saturday's Critters #53

Saturday's Critters #53

I wish everyone a happy Chanukah, a very Merry Christmas and Kwanzaa and a happy New Year...

Ok, it's time to share your critters.. Any kind of critter will do.. I appreciate everyone who has linked up in the past and for those who are linking in on this week's critter party. And of course I always appreciate my blogging friends stopping by just for a visit..Also, I hope you can check out the post at Annis's I'd-Rather-B-Birdin.  You should also check out Misty Dawn's Camera Critters.

I am sharing some more birds from  Chincoteague and the wild ponies..

At first I thought the bird above was a Green Heron and posted the photo on my facebook page.. But a fellow bird club member told me it is actually the American Bittern..

I read in my birding field guide that the juvenile Black-crowned Night heron has yellow on its beak. So, I am going by that to id the bird above.. The juvenile Yellow-crowned Night Heron looks very similar.

While we were on the beach parking lot, these two wild ponies walked by..they were the same two horses I have on my sunrise photos on the previous post..

A few of the Chincoteague ponies were out in the field.. I think hubby and I counted around 16 horses all together but spread out around the field..

There were birds all over in the shot above.  How many do you see?  I see the DC Cormorants, a Great Blue Heron and Mallard Ducks.

Above more of the Chincoteague wild ponies.. I hope you enjoyed my critter post.. I am looking forward to seeing your critters..

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Thank you for linking up to the critter party. I also appreciate the visits, comments and the support of my blogging friends................... Have a happy weekend!
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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Chincoteague skies

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We completed the huge loop on our way home from the Outer Banks NC driving across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel near Norfolk and then we headed to Chincoteague Island, Va. It was a foggy morning but by the time we made it to Chincoteague the sun was coming out and we decided to stay another night. We had enough points to get a free night stay at our favorite Chincoteague hotel..So I have some more birds and some pretty sky shots for Skywatch Friday to share and of course some fences for Tex's Good Fence party..

Chincoteague NWR Snow geese.

Snow geese and the sunset..

The hotel  is just outside the entrance of the park, we were up early to enjoy the sunrise too.  The Chincoteague ponies were standing along side the road as we drove to the parking lot at the beach..

Sunrise at the Chincoteague beach..

Great Egrets in the distance and a fence scene for Tex's Good Fences meme.

Another shot of the Chincoteague ponies and I see a fence there keeping the horses off the road..But, they still find a way to the road..

Another sky shot for Skywatch Friday.. I though this was a cool scene, a hole in the sky and the jet contrails..

More of the Snow Geese at Tom's Cove, Chincoteague NWR.  I hope you enjoyed my skies and the Snow Geese and the wild ponies of Chincoteague..

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Eastern Meadowlark

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For this week's wild bird I am sharing the Eastern Meadowlark.  It is a beautiful medium sized songbird.. I do not see them near my home very often, due to the farmland is disappearing.. But,  I was thrilled to see not just one but five of them on the grounds at the Bodie Island Lighthouse in the Outer Banks, NC.

They were still a distance away and my photos are not as clear as I would like.. But, I enjoyed seeing them, I could not fit all five in one photo. So I had to take several shots.

The Eastern Meadowlark will stalk thru the grasses probing for insects will their long bill.  They are beautiful birds with their bright yellow underparts and a bold V on their chest..

Till next week's wild bird post.. I wish you happy Birding and have a wonderful week!

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