Thursday, August 25, 2016



I am sharing some photos from some morning walks on our local fireroad to the lake and shots from around our yard.

The Chickadee and Titmouse were very fussy as I walked by them on the fire road.

A pretty male Cardinal on my deck railing, I hope this counts as a fence shot.

One of our pretty morning glories growing on the chained link fence.

Various images from my walk, the spider's web, a view of our lake, some ferns and a mushroom.

A pretty blue sky with some puffy white clouds for my Skywatch.

My moon shot taken a few days before the August full moon taken on August 16th.

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Here is a list of linky parties for part of the week, I hope to see you there. I have a few fence and my deck railing for Tex's Party and some pretty sky shots.

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

NCR Trail


I have been jumping around with my posts lately these are images are from June. On this day back in late June, hubby and I took a walk on our local NCR bike trail. I am sharing some of the scenes from our walk, the trail, a Common Yellowthroat Warbler, daylilies and a fish.

A Common Yellowthroat Warbler is seen all summer along this trail. It is a cute bird wear his black mask and quite the singer.

The NCR bike trail.

This stream follows along side the NCR trail. Looking over the side of the bridge we saw this big fish, not sure what kind it is?

NCR trail are the initials for the North Central Railway. This walking and biking trail was an old railway that went from Northern Baltimore County into Baltimore City.

Along the bike trail we tasted some wild berries, a rose bush on private property and some daylilies along the river bank.

On the way home a farm and barn scene. I tried to zoom in on the barn and silo but it sits down low on the hill.

Also, sharing some local barns for Tom's Barn Collective. The barn below is a little hidden behind the tree, the brick silo is cool.

 I have not been out on many birding trips lately, I have been reading a lot more. My most recent book was called The Shell Seekers. It is a 1987 novel by Rosamunde Pilcher, a great story by a wonderful author. I highly recommend this book. Back to the birding, I hope to go to the Delaware shore soon to seen the migrating shorebirds.

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