Wednesday, November 26, 2014

NCR Trail & more

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

These are some photos from our walk on the nearby NCR Trail.  It was an old railway and has been turned into a bike-hike and running trail..Sometimes we see horse back riders too.  I am also sharing some moon and sky shots for my Skywatch Friday post..

We saw a few woodpeckers like the Redbellied Woodie above.

A section of the trail crosses the stream but I took this shot mainly for my Good Fence post.. I hope this works as a fence photo.

There were lots of berries around and some yellow colors still left on the trees..

Some more autumn trees and contrails in the sky above..

I like the jet trails in this shot, a pretty blue sky during our walk on the NCR trail.

Another shot of the Redbellied woodpecker.

Another section of winding stream, a fence, more pretty red berries..

The moon shot is from Nov 8th.. a pretty almost full moon. I hope you enjoyed our walk. Thanks for coming along..

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Thanks to Theresa @ The Run*A*Round Ranch for hosting Good Fences and thanks to Sylvia, Yogi  and Sandy for hosting Skywatch Friday.   I wish everyone a safe and happy long weekend.

Monday, November 24, 2014

More on the Bald Eagles

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For this weeks Wild Bird I am sharing more photos of the Bald Eagles we saw at the Conowingo Dam and the Susquehanna River in Maryland..

As many of you know I have had some computer problems lately..I have not been able to visit everyone's blog post and make comments.. I believe I am back to normal now. I am using Google Chrome because the IE-11 was not compatible with blogger and my computer was reformatted..I lost some photos and documents.  I do hope everyone is backing up their computers. I learned it is not good to keep too much on your computer. I have been using my backup external hard drive and deleting photos from my files..

An adult Bald Eagle in a tree above the parking lot..

During the month of November this spot below the Conowingo Dam seems to be a gathering spot for the migrating Eagles.. As many as a hundred or more Bald Eagles and juveniles Bald Eagles can be seen during a day's visit..

A juvenile Bald Eagle with a couple of Black Vultures..

A juvenile Bald Eagle in a tree above the parking lot..

There was a contest going on with the professional and amateur photographers taking the best Bald Eagle photos... This shot above show some of the photographers and their equipment..

Hubby and I walked further down the trail next to the river,  this Eagle was sitting on some rocks in the middle of the river. I hope you enjoyed my Bald Eagle post..

Wishing all my USA blogging friends a very HAPPY Thanksgiving..

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Thanks to both of our hosts... Michelle for Nature Notes and our host Stewart of Wild Bird Wednesday.  Happy Birding and have a wonderful week!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Testing...just a test

Just doing  a practice run... I hope to have everything back to normal for next week's critter party..

I missed visiting everyone's blogs... I hope to be back visiting soon...

 Hubby and I visited the Conowingo Dam at the Susquehanna River last weekend to see the Bald Eagles..

Happy Weekend everyone!!!