Sunday, September 28, 2014

Weekend Walk_Sept 21

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 For this week's post I am sharing some scenes from last weekend's  walk at the Hashawha Nature Center.. It is a local park with some great trails and usually lots of birds to see.  I believe someone ask me in a previous Hashawha post what was the meaning of the name.. Hashawha is a Native American term meaning "old fields".  Hashawha is a participant in Program Open Space, Maryland Acres for Wildlife and is a registered tree farm. A restored wetland with a boardwalk is open to the public for recreational purposes.

A Belted Kingfisher and a Green Heron were the highlights of the bird sightings..

The Green Heron looking fluffy and maybe wet, it preened for quite a while.

The dragonfly looks like a Blue Darter,  a view of the wetlands and an Eastern Painted Turtle.

The Clouded Sulphur and various wildflowers seen during our Hashawha walk.

A pretty Clouded Sulphur..

I hope everyone enjoyed my weekend walk and photos..

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday's Critters #43

Saturday's Critters #43

Happy weekend everyone! I am looking forward to seeing everyone's critters this week..I appreciate everyone who has linked up in the past and for those who are linking in on this week's critter party. I am sharing some more of my Colorado critters.. I hope you enjoy them..

The Pine Siskins are cute birds and easy to id with the yellow on the side of their wings and tails. I was tickled that our hotel in Estes Park had a line of these pine trees with all the pine cones at the top. The birds were loving the seeds from the cones. I could stand on our balcony and just snap away at anything that moved..HAHA.

A female Red Crossbill was a lifer for me.. We walked ( I was birding) a few mornings at the Matthews-Reeser Bird Sanctuary in Estes Park.  It was part of the trail that loops around the Estes Lake.

The female cow elk and the bull elk seen on the parking lot at Estes Lake.

A young elk or calf.. not too far from the adults.. I use my zoom lens on all photos. I am not getting close to or in the way of these wild animals.

I would say this man is too close, but did he know what was behind him.. The people were checking out the females and some young elk on the other side of the car..

The white car is our rental car, hubby laughed at me because I would not walk back to the car until the Elk moved away.  I was not getting close to him.

Picnic anyone?

I was told that this bird could be a lifer also, the female or juvenile Cassin's Finch.  They have a forked tail and the male has the raspberry color like the Purple Finches. It can be confusing with the Cassins's Finch, Pine Siskin's  and the square tipped tailed House Finches all being seen in the area. I may have some better photos of this bird, I have to look some more..

This post is just about the 2nd or 3rd day in Colorado and the Rocky Mtn Nat' Park.  LOL, so sit back and enjoy the show..more elk to come...

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Colorado Part III

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So far, I have only shown photos from the first couple of days  of our vacation on Colorado.. I have so many more photos of scenery, animals and birds. I hope you do not mind tagging along on my trip once again..

 We stopped at the Grand Lake Lodge for lunch, this is the view from the front porch. I see I found a good fence around the swimming pool.

 A view of the pretty sky and clouds,  gorgeous mountain scenery. Does a rock wall count as a fence?

 I like this view of the mountains, the tundra plants and the fence.. I was snapping all kinds of fences in the Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park..

I am not sure if this is a crow or a common raven.. But, we found a few of them near the Alpine Visitor Center..

This was a trail located at the Medicine Bow Curve overlook.. Hubby and I walked along some, I was looking for the White-tailed Ptarmigan.  No luck finding the bird.

 This trail is called the Tundra Communities trail...located at the Alpine Visitor Center.. elevation 12,000 feet..The White-tailed Ptarmigan can be found there in the winter.. hiding in little snow caves..The sky on this shot above is beautiful. 

 A small lake scene along the Trail Ridge Road. In the corner of the photo you can make out another fence for Tex's Good Fence post..I told you I was finding all kinds of fences in the park..

I am not sure what kind of bird this is, we saw a flock of different birds moving along the trail we were walking on..It seems to have a rusty colored breast, too much for a bluebird or a robin?

We were on our vacation during the time of the supermoon.. This photo I believe was taken a day before the actual full moon..

I hope you enjoyed my post and photos
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