Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Common Redpoll

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This was my second try for my latest lifer..the Common Redpoll.  I always watching the Maryland listserve and saw that the Common Redpoll was still being seen at a local park in Montgomery County, Maryland.. I went once and missed seeing this bird by 30 minutes.  I had to give it another try for this cute bird.

A brownish grey-finch with dark streaks and a red patch on its head. This is a female, the males have more red on their breast. It looks a little like the Pine Siskin to me..

A partial migrant moves southward in late autumn and stays until mid March or April. As you can see it is a seed eater.. From what I have heard there have been more sightings of the Redpoll in the Mid-Atlantic states..

This bird seemed to like hanging around some other birds like the Pine Siskins and Golfinches which are seen above..

I was happy to add this cute Redpoll to my life list, which is now at 448 lifers.

I hope you enjoyed my wild bird post.. Till next week's wild bird post.. I wish you happy Birding and have a wonderful week!

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Around the yard_Jan 24

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I am sharing some photos and scenes from around our yard for the past week.. We seem to be having snow every couple of days..Luckily it does not hang around on the street but the trees and grass looks pretty.. Since I do not have to go to work now, I can say let it snow...and not worry..

One of the best things about snow is watching my yard birds.. They seem to love our trees and of course the feeders..The Blue Jays are a rowdy bunch when they arrive..

I think they are waiting for me to put out some peanuts for them.

 A few captures of the sky over the past week.. I love seeing the pretty crescent moon.

One evening we had some colorful skies, I ran out and took a few shots from the driveway. I see four birds way high up in the sky, maybe four geese?

More from around the yard, we have some large pine trees in the back of the yard, a cute squirrel, Mr & Mrs Cardinal and  puffed up Mounring Doves..

Another find the Junco photo..Can you see the Junco in the Pine Tree? I hope you enjoyed the photos and mosaics..I thank your for visiting and all the wonderful comments..

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday's Critter's #58

Saturday's Critter's #57

It's Saturday and it's time to share your critters.. Any kind of critter will do, even a new or old post.. I appreciate everyone who has linked up in the past and for those who are linking in on this week's critter party. And of course I always appreciate my blogging friends stopping by just for a visit.

These are some birds we saw last week at the Edwin Forsythe NWR in NJ.. Even though most of the water was frozen we did see some ducks and geese at the wildlife refuge..

A pair of Hooded Mergansers...

I believe these are Dunlins in flight and a couple of American Black Ducks..

A few male Hooded Mergansers along with a couple of female Hooded Mergansers. The females have those crazy "hairdos'. The Mergansers were seen in various spots along the wildlife drive.

I am pretty sure these are the Gadwall ducks..I do not mind if you need to correct any of my id's.. I can honestly say I know I have made id mistakes in the past..

A Northern Pintail is having a talk with the Gadwall ducks..

Above maybe an American Wigeon along with the gang of Gadwall ducks..Except for seeing some duck hunters we enjoyed our visit to the wildlife refuge... I hope you enjoyed your visit and my photos... As always I appreciate your nice comments..

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