Monday, May 22, 2017

Black-crowned Night Heron


I am sharing another Florida bird with the help of my Flickr photos. This is the Black-crowned Night Heron. We saw these herons in various parks and places in Florida. These shots were taken at the Lettuce Lake Park near Tampa, Florida.

At Lettuce Lake Park there is a boardwalk and you just look down at the birds, most birds were really close.

The Black-crowned Night Heron's have mostly grey and black plumage. They breed in colonies and they live around fresh and salt water wetlands.




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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday's Critters #179

Saturday's Critters #179

Happy Saturday, it's time to share your critters and post. Any kind of critter will do, even a new or old post.. I appreciate everyone who is linking in with this week's critter party.

For those who did not see my last post , we returned home from our visit to Washington State for two weeks only to find out my desktop computer is messed up. The auto update from Windows 10 did not work well. I have been using my mini iPad to comment and visit blogs for now. But, it is taking longer. So I will be visiting, it may just take me longer until I have my desktop back.
Luckily this post was scheduled, I am sharing some more of my favorite sights from the Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland Florida. I hope you enjoy my photos. 

Come for a walk on the trails with me and this Great Blue Heron.

The light is shining just right to catch the pretty colors on this Purple Gallinule.

I believe this is a female Anhinga showing off her pretty feathers.

The Great Blue Herons do like to pose for the cameras.

The Green Heron does not mind striking a pose.

A pretty female Hooded Merganser and her reflection.

This female Painted Bunting was a little shy and tried hiding in the brush along the trail. Can you see her, she is bright green in color?

This is the cool looking Turquoise Long-tailed Skipper seen on the Alligator Alley trail.

Lake Hancock can be seen from walking the trail called Alligator Alley. On this day we saw a group of Brown Pelicans with some Cormorants.

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