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I have another post and more photos from my vacation in the North Cascades, Washington state. This time we are in the Bavarian city of Leavenworth. After riding back to the town of Lake Chelan on the Lady Express boat from Stehekin we hopped back into our rental car and took off for Leavenworth. Leavenworth has been modeled after a Bavarian village and I really love the look. It is located on the eastern slope of the Cascade mountains and is on the Cascade loop and scenic drive. The beautiful Wenatchee River flows next to the city. I was attracted to the city after reading and looking at the Washington State Birding trail map I bought from Audubon of Washington. Leavenworth has many great hotspots for birding. The Leavenworth Nat'l Fish hatchery and the Waterfront Park were two places I decided I had to visit.

In this mosaic, I pictured the American Dipper a lifer for me. The dipper seen on the Icicle Creek likes to hang out in streams and feeds on aquatic insects. Icicle Creek …

Hike to Coon Lake, Stehekin

On our second day at Stehekin North Cascades National Park, hubby and I took the hike to Coon Lake. There is one road in Stehekin and they have a shuttle that makes a few stops along the way to High Bridge. At High Bridge what I call serious hikers can get on or off the Pacific Crest Trail.
The PCT zigzags from Mexico all the way to Canada. We were on the shuttle with some of these serious hikers.  One 62 year old women was starting off again after her hubby came up on the boat bringing her more supplies. I was amazed she was doing this hike on her own. The Stehekin Landing hotel is a place for some of these hikers to take a break from the trail and hiking. We started off taking the shuttle from our hotel which would take us the eleven miles to the trailhead at High Bridge. High Bridge was a beautiful area. The Stehekin River was a pretty scene and we saw trout spawning. I took some shots while standing on the bridge looking down at the water.

Trout in the river

In this photo below …

Cascade Loop

These some shots from our recent trip to Washington state. Hubby and I drove around the Cascade loop stopping in various places. After flying into Seattle we hopped right into our rental car and drove to our first nights stay near Marblemount. This part of the drive is next to the Skagit River and is very scenic. We stopped at the overlook for Diablo Lake which has a beautiful torquoise blue color. Even the rivers were a beautiful shade of blue. The color comes from the surrounding glaciers grinding rocks into a fine powder which creates this brilliant torquoise luminosity. Even on the dreary and rainy day we were there the lake's blue color really stood out.

The rivers and trees were just beautiful.

 Some of my other photos included in my mosaic were of some Cedar Waxwings that were in the nearby trees along the overlook. This was the first time I actually saw some juvenile Cedar Waxwings. They were cuties.  The Cedar Waxwings and the Red Breasted Nuthatches were the most common…

American Pipit- Mt Baker, North Cascades

I found this American Pipit during my vacation to Washington state. It was seen during one of our hikes at Artist Point, Mount Baker. The American Pipit breeds on barren mountaintops and tundra. They have a white eye ring and show a streaky breast.

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