Friday, September 24, 2010

Hike to Coon Lake, Stehekin

On our second day at Stehekin North Cascades National Park, hubby and I took the hike to Coon Lake. There is one road in Stehekin and they have a shuttle that makes a few stops along the way to High Bridge. At High Bridge what I call serious hikers can get on or off the Pacific Crest Trail.
The PCT zigzags from Mexico all the way to Canada. We were on the shuttle with some of these serious hikers.  One 62 year old women was starting off again after her hubby came up on the boat bringing her more supplies. I was amazed she was doing this hike on her own. The Stehekin Landing hotel is a place for some of these hikers to take a break from the trail and hiking. We started off taking the shuttle from our hotel which would take us the eleven miles to the trailhead at High Bridge. High Bridge was a beautiful area. The Stehekin River was a pretty scene and we saw trout spawning. I took some shots while standing on the bridge looking down at the water.

Trout in the river

In this photo below you cna see all the fish swimming along the rivers edge

Stehekin River at High Bridge

Hairy Woodpecker on the trail to Coon Lake

This cute squirrel dropped in to visit with us

View of scenery from the trail

Chipmunk critter on the trail

View of Coon Lake,  a very pretty place to end our hike. Supposedly a very birdie area.
Birds I saw were an unidentified hawk and tons of nuthatches.

More view of the mountains from the trail

We finished the 1.3 hike to Coon Lake and met the shuttle to take us back to our hotel.
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  1. Beautiful! That's a great way to spend the day.

  2. Wonderful hike, you saw so much of interest, like the woodpecker, chipmunk and fish wow.

  3. It is certainly great to spend some good time at this heavenly place.

  4. Thanks for your comment - It's beautiful. Here I'd like to stand and fish.

  5. Bellissimi posti per fare escursioni e meditare !
    Buona giornata... le trote sono buonissime cucinate !!!!

  6. It looks great hiking country. Yo must be fit and so too the 62 year old. What a challenge. Was she going all the way to Canada.


    Thanx alot for these great shots!!


  8. Lovely scenery along your hiking journey! Fascinating series of shots!

  9. So many gorgeous shots and two really cute critters.

  10. wow, gorgeous scenes, Eileen! What a beautiful part of our country to explore!

  11. Having such a national park must be worth its weight in gold ;-)
    Great photos and text!

  12. These are wonderful shots. Beautiful scenery and the animals and birds are fabulous. So clear. And they're very cute. Enjoy your day.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  13. so much to see in your post. The chipmunk is so cute and the scenery so great. :)

  14. you must be having a blast exploring. I love that chipmunk. I have tons of squirrels and then tend to keep the chipmunks away. Nice views.

  15. Wonderful scenery you have here !

    Thank you so much to visit my blog : )

  16. What a fabulous place - so much to take pics of - great scenery shots and critters.

  17. you always post the greatest pictures!!!!
    love the squirrel :-)

  18. Beautiful place. The water is crystal clear and great shots of the squirrel. Love all your photos, Eileen. Thank you for sharing.

  19. Great landscapes. Also love the chipmunk!

  20. Beautiful landscapes. Also love the squirrel and chipmunk!

  21. Lovely photos, Eileen! I love the place. It is so beautiful. The chipmunk is so cute.


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