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Sunday morning warbler walk

This morning, I talked hubby into getting up early to go on a warbler walk with me. I knew the warblers have been passing thru and I know of a local park where warblers seem to hang out on their way south. This park is very birdie especially early in the morning. I ran into some other birders from the bird club I belong to, so I am not the only one with warblers on their minds. In the past at this same park I have seen the Prothonotary warbler which was a very nice surprise. So I never know what I might see here. This is a picture of the Prothonotary Warbler I saw last spring.

The walk started off with a few Northern Cardinals, a lot of Robins, and this bird below which I believe is an Eastern Phoebe.

We walked along the trail which follows along a stream this area was very birdie but the birds stayed high in the tree tops and it was difficult to focus on them due to the leaves and they were constantly moving. A Great Blue Heron was fishing in the stream. The Robins were everywhere, …

Morning walk at the river

Hubby and I went out for an early morning walk, I like to go early to see the early birds. We usually go to the lake on a fireroad which is close to our house. But this morning we decided to go to the river for our walk. First Stop was to see if the Dam was overflowing. We had lots of rain yesterday!

Hubby was happy to see the dam was overflowing, he likes to sit in the rapids further downstream for what he calls a massage. Apparently the water is not as cold for him when it is overflowing than the water that comes from the bottom gates of the dam.

After checking out the dam we drove to the park parking lot close to the river. We walked until we were at the rivers edge where we were able to watch some kayakers practicing their rolls.

We walked on the trail until we got to where the water was on the trail. We had to turn back or try walking in the water. I knew that wasn't going to happen.

At the bridge we watch a kayaker help a couple with their overturned canoe. They seemed alr…


Pictures taken at Chincoteague Island, Va last weekend. For more great sky pictures go my SkyWatch Friday link.

Chincoteague Island, Va

Chincoteague Island Trip report, August 21 and 22, 2009
It was nice to get away and spend two days at Chincoteague Island, Va. The majority of our time was spent at the Chincoteague National Wildlife refuge which is mostly known for the wild ponies. The weatherman tried to scare us with the threat of Hurricane Bill but, the weather turned out beautiful.

We also saw hundreds of Black Skimmers, at times they seem to put on a show for us. They would all fly up together and circle the area and then just land back down. They were especially fun to watch while they were skimming over the water with the beaks just touching the water.

My favorites of the herons were sighted.... the Green Heron and the Little Blue Heron and we also saw the Tri-colored Heron. I have tried on numerous birding outings this summer to see a Little Blue Heron and I was finally pleased to see so many of them at Chincoteague. They are beautiful birds.

There were also some Glossy Ibis mixed in with Semipalmated Plovers…

My yardbirds...Past and Present

I can truly say I am addicted to birds and birding. I am always looking out my windows while at home. I can not pass a window without looking for the birds. You never know when there might be a new yardbird. My last new yardbird were a pair of Cedar Waxwings. WOW, they are beautiful birds.

Seeing the Rose Breasted Grosbeak in my yard for the first time was the bird that started me into the world of birding. It is a gorgeous bird.

With the help of my wonderful husband we have landscaped the yard with the birds in mind. Hubby did all the work I mainly picked out the flowers and bushes that would attract wildlife to our yard. It has worked and now I am enjoying all the birds and wildlife that visit. We planted berry bushes to attract more birds. I picked out Holly bushes, Blueberry bushes, Winterberry and some Blackberries. We also have some wild berries growing in the yard too. I do not think my yardbirds will go hungry.

The Eastern Bluebirds that nest in my yard are just one of my favorit…

SkyWatch #57

View from my deck at Prettyboy

Morning hike at the nature center

One of my favorites the Green Heron

The Green Heron is one of my favorite herons. A long time went by before I was even able to see one. The Green heron blends in well with their surroundings making it so hard to find them. Now since seeing my first Green Heron I am able to spot them a lot faster. I see them everywhere now, why did it take me so long to see my first Green Heron. Maybe I am becoming a real birder.

The lake at Hashawha

Hashawha is one of our favorite places to go hiking, there are several trails we like to walk. This time we took a longer loop trail that takes us by several ponds, a nice wooded area, the raptor center, fields, a stream and ends near the lake.


We watched birds all along the trail. The Catbirds tried to be secretive but I was able to spot them right away. The Indigo Buntings were all singing so they were easy to pick out. I also came across a juvenile Common Yellowthroat Warbler, it was making small chirps while climbing around some tall grasses …

Daytrip tp Shenandoah National Park

Yesterday, my son and his girlfriend, my hubby, and I spent the day at Shenandoah National Park. We drove along the Skyline drive enjoying the wildflowers, butterflies and looking for wildlife. I was looking for the Black bears. Sometimes we are lucky to see a Black Bear along the drive.

Along the Skyline Drive there were many different wildflowers. The milkweed plants were plentiful and attracted the beautiful butterflies. I saw Monarchs, different Swallowtails and some butterflies and moths I still need to id.

We walked the looptrail on the Limberlost trail. The Limberlost trail has become my favorite trail at Shenandoah. The Limberlost trail is an easy walk and very pretty. After the walk we drove further down the Skyline Drive to the Big Meadows camp store by this time we were ready for lunch. After our lunch we walk the Lewis Falls trail. This trail was very steep, definitely not one of my favorites. I did see some birds on the trail which was the only part of this walk I enjoyed. …