Thursday, August 13, 2009

Morning hike at the nature center

One of my favorites the Green Heron

The Green Heron is one of my favorite herons. A long time went by before I was even able to see one. The Green heron blends in well with their surroundings making it so hard to find them. Now since seeing my first Green Heron I am able to spot them a lot faster. I see them everywhere now, why did it take me so long to see my first Green Heron. Maybe I am becoming a real birder.

The lake at Hashawha

Hashawha is one of our favorite places to go hiking, there are several trails we like to walk. This time we took a longer loop trail that takes us by several ponds, a nice wooded area, the raptor center, fields, a stream and ends near the lake.


We watched birds all along the trail. The Catbirds tried to be secretive but I was able to spot them right away. The Indigo Buntings were all singing so they were easy to pick out. I also came across a juvenile Common Yellowthroat Warbler, it was making small chirps while climbing around some tall grasses in the field.

Bunny on the trail

Bunnies, turtles and frogs seemed to all be out enjoying the day too.

Swallowtail butterfly

I also enjoy seeing all the different butterflies and the flowers we saw during our walk. Monarchs and the Swallowtail butterflies seemed to be everywhere along the trail.

The flowers were beautiful too. One of my favorites is the Cardinal flowers that were growing near one of the ponds.

It is so nice to be able to take time on the weekends to enjoy nature and take a walk. The work week can be such a drag. Enjoy the flowers, butterflies and the birds!

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