Saturday, August 29, 2009

Morning walk at the river

Hubby and I went out for an early morning walk, I like to go early to see the early birds. We usually go to the lake on a fireroad which is close to our house. But this morning we decided to go to the river for our walk. First Stop was to see if the Dam was overflowing. We had lots of rain yesterday!

Hubby was happy to see the dam was overflowing, he likes to sit in the rapids further downstream for what he calls a massage. Apparently the water is not as cold for him when it is overflowing than the water that comes from the bottom gates of the dam.

After checking out the dam we drove to the park parking lot close to the river. We walked until we were at the rivers edge where we were able to watch some kayakers practicing their rolls.

We walked on the trail until we got to where the water was on the trail. We had to turn back or try walking in the water. I knew that wasn't going to happen.

At the bridge we watch a kayaker help a couple with their overturned canoe. They seemed alright and were actually laughing about being dumped in the river.

My hubby just enjoys hiking and I enjoy looking for the birds while I am hiking. This mornings walk started off with a very loud Pileated Woodpecker and a Cuckoo. This trail along the river is mostly mountain laurels and in some spots hemlock trees and some wildflowers and a variety of ferns. I have to say I heard more birds than ones I actaully could see. I did see some medium size brown birds moving about the trees, I believe they were some kind of Thrush.

Black and White Warblers were moving quickly in the trees along the rivers edge.

After hiking the rivers trail, hubby and I went separate ways. he took another trail to see the river at another spot and I took a nice flat trail in the woods that crosses under power lines. I was hoping to see some birds in the fields near the power lines. All I could see were some Turkey Vultures soaring above, some Bluejays, Crows, Carolina Chickadees were fussing and I could hear a hawk. I had a nice walk but was a little disappointed with the birding. Oh Well, maybe tomorrow I'll have better luck.

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