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Sunrise & more

Linking up with NF Winged   and  Skywatch Friday

These are some shots from this past weekend, Memorial Day in my sister's yard, a Downy Woodpecker the moon two mornings after the full moon and a sunrise on my way to work.

For NF Winged this week I am sharing two juvie Brown Thrashers seen in my sister's yard this past weekend. They look like they are being well fed.

I think they are so cute! It's diet is mostly insects, fruits and nuts. The female lays 3 to 5 eggs. The nest can be found in dense bushes or low in a tree. 9-13 days after hatching the nestlings begin to fledge.

This may be one of the adults also seen on the ground, my sister throws seed out for the birds, deer and other critters.

The Downy Woodpecker landed on the tree above our heads as we walk up the trail. I could hear the baby woodpecker sounds coming from the hole right below the Downy's tail.

A butt shot, you can see one of the woodies foot holding on the outside while leaning in to feed the baby w…

The Wood Stork

I am linking up with Wild Bird Wednesday and Nature Notes

For this week's wild bird  I am posting about the Wood Storks we saw while vacationing in Florida. They were mostly seen in the Everglades National Park and some in the Corkscrew Sanctuary. I have mentioned before it is one of my lifers from Florida.

The Florida Wood Stork a long legged wading bird and is listed as an endangered species.

They are about 45 inches tall and their wing span is about 60-65 inches. Their head and neck area are missing the feathers. They are mostly white except for the lack on the primaries

Wood Stork rookery in the Everglades National Park.

Love this shot of their large wings stretched out..  Due to adverse water management practices in Florida the nesting Wood Storks have shifted their nesting colonies. The Everglades restoration project includes the needs of the Wood Stork and their nesting success

The Wood Stork is a highly colonial species nesting in large rookeries and feeding in flocks…

Sharing the Beach

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend....God Bless and special thanks to all the veterans and our military men and women.

The Memorial Day weekend is usually the start of summer vacations and trips to the beaches. I wanted to remind bird lovers and beach lovers to help protect and still enjoy the shorebirds and the cute beach nesters.

This week my post is on some of the birds that nest on beaches. Since it is time for the beach nesting birds and summer is almost here my post is about protecting the beach nesters. There are some great tips for all beach lovers that are easy to follow.

 The Black Skimmers, American Oystercatchers and the Terns are all birds that nest on the dunes. I have seen them at Cape May, Maryland Beaches like Assateague and at Chincoteague beach. I believe these birds nest on beaches up and down the eastern coast of the US.

 I saw this Florida Audubon poster which has some great tips on how to protect the b…

Bald Eagles

I am linking up Camera Critters and I'd-Rather-B-Birdin.

Happy Memorial Day weekend.  God Bless and Thank You to our Veterans and soldiers!

These are some shots of the Bald Eagles hubby and I saw last weekend in Delaware. Most of the Eagles were seen at Bombay Hook NWR and one on a field as we were driving to the wildlife refuge.

We saw this juvie Bald Eagle land on this field, it captured something to eat twice as we watched from the side of the road.

This eagle was perched along the side of the wildlife drive in Bombay Hook NWR.

Also seen at Bombay Hook this Eagle was sitting on top of one of the mounds where we usually see ducks or geese sitting.

A cloudy gray evening, this Bald Eagle was perched on a dead tree limb in Bombay Hook NWR.

A few more critters we saw during our visit to the wildlife refuge.

I hope you enjoyed my critter post. I hope everyone has a happy weekend. Thanks for stopping by and I always appreciate your comments. To see more beautiful photos and cute …

Around the Yard

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This weekend is Memorial Weekend, I wish everyone that celebrates a safe and happy holiday.

Just sharing some of the skies and scenes around my yard. And of course, I have to throw in some of my yardbirds.

Above you can see the Great Blue Heron's butt, it is in the nest across from my neighbor's yard. I see the herons fly across my yard and then I will hear the clucking and chatter from the baby herons. I have also found a second nest not too far away. 

Above are a couple of male Cardinals and a male House Finch.

Lots of red in this post, above is one of my favorite birds the Rose-breasted Grosbeak.

The sky and trees around my yard this evening. 

Around the side of our yard are the big rhododendron bushes.

93 % full moon Waxing Gibbous on May 22 this shot was taken around 7:55PM

Thanks for visiting my post and  blog and I always appreciate your comments.

Happy Skywatching  to everyone!

To see more pretty skies from around the…


I am linking up with Wild Bird Wednesday and Nature Notes

My prayers go out to the people of Moore Oklahoma.

This week's bird is the Oriole. Luckily I have seen different species of Orioles the last two weeks. These are the boys of summer. At the local park there were lots of Baltimore Orioles and during my last trip to Bombay Hook I was able to see the Orchard Oriole.

The Baltimore Oriole. The Baltimore Orioles can be found at backyard feeders, they like oranges and grape jelly and the sweet nectar found in the hummingbird feeders. Adult males are flame orange and black.

1st summer male Orchard Oriole, this male is similar to the female except for the black throat patch.

Orchard Oriole, is the smallest North American Oriole. The rich chestnut color can be so dark the bird can appear black.

I saw a lot of Orchard Orioles at Bombay Hook NWR.

My favorite shots of the Orioles are of the Orchard Oriole on this wheat colored grass.

I hope you enjoyed my Oriole post and  photos.

A walk in the park

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 I have mentioned previously how hubby and I enjoy our walks on the weekends. And with the birds migrating thru the area I try to pick a different place for our walk on the weekends. So, last Sunday hubby and I took our walk at Cromwell Valley Park in Baltimore County.

A pretty Barn Swallow

 Female Eastern Bluebird

Cromwell Valley Park was acquired by using funds from the Maryland's Program Open Space project. Previously it was land owned by three different property owners which consisted of  two farms and a Christmas tree farm. The park is 426 acres of rural farm land, fields, woods and orchards and is an excellant habitat for the wildlife. Cromwell Valley Park is also is one of the local hawkwatch stations.

Male Eastern Bluebird

 Baltimore Oriole.

A patch of wildflowers that we walked past.

My walk at the park was a large loop trail next to the fields, thru the woods, over the stream, between the barns. My mission to see a Bobolink t…

The Rookery

I am linking up Camera Critters and I'd rather-b-birdin

These shots are from a few weekends ago, hubby and I visited the rookery in York Pa. It is not too far from where I live and I like to watch the progress of the heron and egrets on the nest. I've posted about visiting this rookery on previous years.

The rookery is located in these pine trees which surround a man-made lake in the middle of the city of York Pa. It is a busy place, with children playing and fishing and some people just walking the loop around the lake.

If you go there look closely in the pine trees you will see the nest. Each tree we looked into we saw the egret and heron nest. Some trees had multiple nest of both the Night Heron  and Egret.

Black Crowned Night heron above us in one of the pine trees.

This Night Heron was walking on the branches in the tree just above our heads.

The Night Herons are another one of my favorites.

There is something cool about the BC Night Heron's eye.

The lake had these …