Blue Monday, Blue Sky and Bald Eagles

On Sunday morning, my hubby and I went for a walk along the Susquehanna River. It has a nice trail to walk along the river and enjoy the birds. There must have been hundreds of Great Blue Herons  standing on rocks in the river. And in the sky we watching juvenile Eagles chasing each other and some adults flying nearby. The sky and the river were both a pretty blue and the weather was perfect.

Hundreds of Great Blue Heron standing on rocks in the river.

Not the best eagle photos, but my camera only goes so far.

It was fun watching the eagles chasing each other.

I am linking my post to Sally's Blue Monday  stop by and visit the Blue Monday post.

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Willard said…
That looks like a good place to observe wildlife. It is always special to see the eagles.
Limar said…
What a beautiful place, and very nice pics! Ps. I LOVE your header :)
Lots of lovely blue :) and I like the birds as well!
Joyful said…
Fabulous photos. I like the lone kayaker too.
Wow I would be thrilled to see so many green herons. You saw eagles too. Wow!
SmilingSally said…
What a great Blue Monday post, Eileen! I clicked on the second picture and saw the blue herons more closely.

Happy Blue Monday!
Eileen, this is just SO neat! I would love to see eagles play!

Happy Blue Monday...


Sheila :-)
soaring high—
bald eagles gliding
through the sky

(I'm well acquainted with the Susquehanna, having lived in South Central Pennsylvania for 20 years!)
Manang Kim said…
A good place to walk and relax. I like to hear different sound from birds, frogs etc. Thanks for sharing!

Blue snake
That many Herons in one of course the eagles are always a joy to watch,so majestic.
Wow, the eagle shots are spectacular. Well done
nuts said…
i zoomed in and saw soem Herons standing on the rocks. How lucky of you to actually witness this amazing view of nature.
Tracy F. said…
I've never seen more than 2 blue herons at a time. What a beautiful spot to enjoy nature.
Kilauea Poetry said…
Very majestic - especially in flight Eileen! If I slipped into this place they'd have to pry me out! The previous one and your header is still incredible to me. Is that like a large patch of them? Generally you don't see quite that many together. My son plans on doing a pond with koi like his Aunty. I know why!! Love the pinks-(and the eagles, lol))
Indrani said…
Bird watching is one of the best time pass, I wish I could do it more often. You have such wonderful captures.
Eden said…
What a beautiful place! Great captures of the birds in flight. I love your new header so much.

Happy Blue Monday
Elaine said…
Another lovely place to visit! I've been having a hard time nudging my hubby out of his shop, but we need to take a few jaunts before summer is over.
diane said…
It must have been awe inspiring watching those great eagles.
Denise said…
Looks wonderful Eileen, exciting to see the eagles also.
An English Girl Rambles
Eileen, what an amazing place. You share the best walks with us!
The Eagles are fabulous, but just to see hundreds of Blue Herons in one place would absolutely make my day! We used to walk by a Great Blue rookery when we lived in Oregon; it was always fun to check on the progress -- but I'd say that maybe 6 adults was the most we saw at once.

Thanks for taking us along on your walk.
Mary said…
What perfect photos for Blue Monday. They've given me wanderlust. I hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary
anecdotes said…
I love bird watching. Most of the time I don't know the names of the birds, but still enjoy it.
BTW, I just had to giggle at your comment at my place...if you have time, go back and look at those pics. Ginger is a she...not a he...TeeHeeHee.
Fantastic pictures. The sky, the is all so majestic!

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