Wordless Wednesday

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Thanks for stopping by for a visit, I hope you enjoyed my juvenile whitehead Redbellied woodpecker. Thanks to the host of Wordless Wednesday.


Perfect for Wordless Wednesday,after all one should not speak when the mouth is full. :) I also like the new header picture.Have a fantastic day.
caite said…
I think I have only seen cartoon woodpeckers..lol
Very nice.
Au and Target said…
terrific picture. And a lovely bird.
Indrani said…
Great captures.
I always struggle with bird photography.
Sukhmandir Kaur said…
That beak looks like it's been hard at work! I've seen fallen trees absolutely riddled with woodpecker holes petty amazing what these little creatures are capable of.
Retro Girl said…
I love woodpeckers - this is great!
Happy WW!

Mine's up
How lucky are you to have pretty birds come visit your home . . . red, blue, gray . . . :-)

The woodpecker must be a noisy one.

Belated Happy Blue Monday!

Pamela said…
I would love to see one of those and add to my lifetime bird list!
AL said…
Tuk...tuk...tuk! That's what woodywoodpeckers says!
Life Ramblings said…
the first capture is awesome.
Gattina said…
A red bellied one ? beautiful !
diane said…
He needs a napkin.
jabblog said…
Great photos - woodpeckers are endlessly fascinating.
Bob Bushell said…
Nice Shots Eileen
Jon Storey said…
Love the header shot!
maryt/theteach said…
Beautiful close-up shot, eileen! Thanks for comment on my WW! :)
Marice said…
I havent seen one personally. Thanks for sharing, that looks big.
I like these photos. You got great close-ups of that hungry woodpecker.
lisaschaos said…
He is pretty sweet! I have never seen a juvenile before. He doesn't seem to mind you either. :)
Carver said…
The juvenile woodpecker is great. The last shot looks like he has suet on the top of his beak.
JamericanSpice said…
I love watching them and yet they are so rare here.
Oh..I Love this...We have had two being fed by their parents..so sweet...Michelle
Jingle said…

6 awards,
Please take anyone or all under your wish!

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