Hashawha Nature Center

Hello, I hope everyone is doing well. We are finally enjoying some warm weather, the past month was kind of chilly.  The rainy weather pattern has stopped. Knock on wood!  On this day we visited one of our favorite parks in Carroll County, Maryland called Hashawha Nature Center. 

Above some of the birds we saw top line the Barn Swallow and an Eastern Kingbird. The bottom row the Green Heron and an Eastern Bluebird. They all posed nicely on the wire that runs across the lake.

It is not often I see a Green Heron perched on a wire high off the ground. It has some feathers stuck to it's beak from preening.

The lake at Hashawha!

Some irises growing close to the lake. The wildflowers this time of the year are beautiful.

Birds we saw during our walk at the park: top row Indigo Bunting, Eastern Kingbird, Tree Swallow, Eastern Bluebird, Song Sparrow, Gray Catbird, Blue Jay, Green Heron

Some barns scenes from the ride home, these are drive-bys and not the best shots with electric poles and wires in the way. But, there are lots of trees in the distance. I hope you enjoyed our walk, I appreciated your company.

I do appreciate your visits and the nice comments. As always, thanks to the wonderful group of hosts listed below.

Here is a list of linky parties for part of the week, Sunday thru Wednesday. I hope to see you there.

Thanks to Tom for hosting The Barn Collective
Thanks to Jesh our host for Seasons
Thanks to Judith our  host of Mosaic Monday   last Monday of the month
Thanks to Monica for hosting NF Trees
Thanks to Michelle for hosting Nature Notes
Thanks to the hosting team of Our World Tuesday!
Thanks to Stewart for hosting Wild Bird Wednesday


Hi Eileen.. Today the weather in Madrid is very windy, but summer arrived .. Nice series of pics.. and have a pleasant week .. A regard from Spain ..
Tony McGurk said…
The Green Heron is a beautiful looking bird Eileen.
gorgeous bloom, so pretty and yellow. i enjoy your mosaics always, so fun! have a lovely week, hope it will be a restful one. ( :
It's lovely to see the different birds you have across the water (I am in France) - we do have irises but as garden flowers, not wild.
Karen said…
You spot so many birds that I have never seen. We have two baby robins in the nest on my window ledge. It's fun to watch them eat and grow!
Love the countryside barns...and the heron with the preening feather. Also, love the bluebirds. Ohhhhhhhh, the wild iris are absolutely gorgeous.
Debby Ray said…
Eileen, these are wonderful shots...you see the most wonderful variety of birds and animals! Enjoy you week!
Excelente trabalho e belas fotografias.
Um abraço e boa semana.
enjoyed the visit. Loved the flutterby below. (I wuv flutterbys)
Love your birds-on-a-wire collage, Eileen.

I was trying to take a video of a male Cardinal on a power line, but he flew off once I started filming after just 2 or 3 notes.

You took some lovely shots of both birds adn plants on your visit to the Hashawha Nature Center. Loved all the collages Eileen.
Celestina Marie said…
Hi Eileen, Love your photography and I am always amazed at the many wonderful birds you capture with your camera. Love the collages. Glad you got a break from the rain. I hope we do this week too. Have a great day!
Christine said…
From small to large, each of your bird shots is fantastic! Lovely to see the Green Heron & the wild irises are so pretty!
I particularly like the first barn, with so many windows & it's Color.
Have a great week!
Michelle said…
Carroll County is a beautiful area. I sometimes miss living in Maryland!
Sandra said…
that is a really nice barn and a beautiful pastoral scene..
Jeanne said…
Such beautiful captures of these birds! Thank you for stopping by my blog, and when i am back from this trip I must get back on your Saturday meme. i always love seeing it ! Such fun
Linda W. said…
Great photos of the green heron!
Lovely photos, the green heron isn't particularly green though is it?
Happyone said…
Another series of great pictures.
Nice one of the green heron!!
SO many wonderful bird captures! It amazes me how you get them all..! :)
Such wonderful bird shots and flowers, Eileen! I too am always amazed at the fascinating birds you see and manage to capture with your camera. Thank you for sharing!
Have a great new week!
Denise inVA said…
Another wonderful post Eileen. Thank you and have a great day :)
Debbie said…
oooh eileen what a great collection of images. awesome birdies, LOVED seeing the green heron and all the beautiful blooms!!

it looks like you drove through "barn country", good captures on the fly!!!!
Our photos said…
Very nice ! I love the green heron !
Jill said…
I love this post, I grew up in Carroll County, Maryland and I spent summer camps at Hashawa :-) Great memories come back to me reading this post. Love the bird pictures too! Have a great weekend!!


I tried to comment yesterday, but it was not possible.
I love your bird photos, and they are so beautiful.

Have a nice new week!
Amy Franks said…
yay we have something in common, irisuses grow here too - so nice to see nature from around the world :-)
Photo Cache said…
Nice to see the green heron up close, because I've seen it in the wild once and too far for my puny telescopic lens.

Worth a Thousand Words
Lois said…
Beautiful photos. I especially like the Green Heron!
rupam sarma said…
Helloo :) Beautiful pics.
Karen said…
Terrific shots Eileen, love that green heron!
Very enjoyable views and birds, great pictures!
Have a nice week!
Lady Fi said…
What beautiful photos!
A lovely walk - love the green heron and all the sweet birds and flowers. Such pretty countryside! Hope you have a good week, Eileen. x Karen
Rajesh said…
Beautiful place with so many variety of birds and flowers.
Stewart M said…
Great set of pictures and for once it contains a bird I have seen within the last week - admittedly I was in Scotland when I saw it, but it does not happen very often.

Keep an eye out for which bird on this weeks WBW!

Thanks for the comments while I was 'on the road'

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
s.c said…
Your photo's certainly gives a good picture of the surroundings here.
Fun60 said…
So many birds that I would never see in the UK. Pleased you name them for us.
lotusleaf said…
A place full of peace. The wildflowers are very pretty.
Your photos are postcard perfect, Eileen.
You capture the most magnificent creatures!
Have a lovely Tuesday,
Andrea Priebe said…
Another beautiful series and you certainly covered a lot of ground. Love the bird pictures all of which we have in this area, but still have to travel some to see them. None of them at my feeders, in other words. You do a splendid job with your photos and collages, Eileen. It is always a pleasure to come visit you :)

Andrea @ From the Sol
Lovely shots, Eileen. We are having rain rain rain now and chilly temps to go along with the rain. Hope the week brings back the sun.
Bob Bushell said…
They are pretty birds, beautiful images Eileen.
Frank Boxell said…
Obviously a splendid location for the variety of bird life and the wild flowers.
Jorunn Johansen said…
Fantastiske fugler og herlig naturbilder ☺ ha en fin dag☺
Ida said…
What a pretty lake.
Such a nice selection of birds. I loved that they were posed so nicely on that wire. I think the Green Heron is a cool looking bird.
Also enjoyed the farmland shot at the end.
NatureFootstep said…
If I was younger I might try to move to your area. So much to see and so beautiful. :)Your land is still alive.
Phil Slade said…
A set of wonderful pictures Eileen. The landscapes are amazing and it's easy to see you had a lovely clear day. Needless to say I love the bird pictures too, especially that Green Heron on the overhead wires. Have a lovely week.
Birgitta said…
So lovely bird and nature photos!
Robin Whiskers said…
My name's Christmas and I'm a Dachshund running for mayor of Blogville, a pet blog community! My blog address is www.pawprovince.com and we'd appreciate it if you stopped by and maybe joined our blog with Google, too! Thanks so much!

Your new pal,
TexWisGirl said…
love the green heron. and the farm country. :)
Laura. M said…
Nature new. It's all photos Eileen. Great pictures, friend.
Thanks ♥ ;)
Buena semana.
Un beso.
That's a lot of windows in a barn, but maybe one so big needs lots of natural light. - Margy
bettyl-NZ said…
My, what a wonderful place for photos!!
magiceye said…
Beautiful sights captured
Ruth Rieckehoff said…
Great to know you are getting good weather at the other side of the country. We are experiencing what we call June Gloom. All mornings are gray and foggy. Hope everything starts to clear out once we hit July.
Joyful said…
Awesome bird shots, Eileen. I tried leave.g a comment on your other blog but I am not a member.
Nancy Chan said…
Lovely country view and all the green scenery. You have captured some great birds images. Have a great day!
Gattina said…
I love the barns !
Small Kucing said…
Looks like the birds and plants are loving the warm weather 😀
Minoru Saito said…
Hi! The birds are very cute. The flowers are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
✿ chica said…
Lindo tudo! Vim agradecer e deixar um bjs praiano,chica
Irma said…
Hi Eileen,
Wonderful blog with birds and nature, beautiful collage.
Best regards, Irma
Rambling Woods said…
Surprising to see a green heron on a wire and I love to see them here on the pond... Lovely post Eileen....
Zi Santos said…
Feliz por estar aqui!
Adorei as imagens dos pássaros, do celeiro !
Nunca vi uma garça tão linda assim!
de olhos bonitos!

Adam Jones said…
I love that Green Heron. Wonderful pictures.
A Casa Madeira said…
Sempre nos presenteando com belas imagens;
I loved the park, the birds, the flowers. I also noticed the feather in the bird's beak.
I found it very beautiful vegetation in the water. Bright and beautiful leaves. This is a tour that I greatly appreciate.
Kisses Eileen.
Wonderful mix of photos.
Ailime said…
Hi Eileen, I loved walking with you through these tracks around Lake surrounded by beautiful green vegetation. Wonderful landscapes and the barns are beautiful. Hugs and good week.
What a beautiful place and a lovely set of photos, Eileen!
Thanks for taking us all along for the walk.
Have a Happy Week ahead.
Peace :)
Wow this is really awesome . Would like to visit once
Latane Barton said…
Hi Eileen, I saw two of your birds just recently. You get to see so many... me, not so much. But, I saw the green heron and a barn swallow and was thrilled.
What a glorious selection of images, they are great.
Love the flowers, love the birds, love the barns but my favourite is the lake at Hashawha ... fantastic!

All the best Jan
Maggee said…
Great shots of plenty of birds! Weather has been awful here too... still is! Haven't been out birding in weeks! Just though my windows! Thanks for sharing!
Ana Freire said…
I love the barnes...
And beautiful images, of so many species of birds...
A wonderful Park, indeed!
A big kiss!

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