Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wingscape birdcam slideshow

I have been collecting some of my favorite Wingscape birdcam photos onto my Smugmug gallery. The birdcam has captured some funny looks on the birds, especially one male Cardinal that does not seem to mind looking right into the camera. I think he wants to be a star.

I hope this works, I have never tried to attach a slideshow to a blog post. I hope you enjoy the photos.


  1. Oh how neat, Eileen... Wish I had a birdcam... I don't have time (or take time) just to stand inside my house waiting for good bird pictures.. Sometimes I'm lucky at getting them and sometimes not....

    Great set of pictures --including the squirrels and raccoon...


  2. Love your porch/deck, your feeders and, of course, your birds! Is that yellow-green bird a pine warbler at your feeder?

  3. Kathie, I do have a male Pine Warbler visiting my feeders. He is a beautiful bird.

  4. THis is fascinating.I bird cam would be the way to go.

  5. Wow that is really cool, I have saw the bird cams and wondered if they worked well, I can see they do.

  6. That's a great slide show Eileen. I'm really interested in this camcorder and I will be writing to you for more info later on. Thanks for the e-mail address. About my hummingbird photos, I asked Kathie from Kathie's Birds, if she could identify it for me and this is what she said:

    "Denise, while I am not an expert, from the photos and the location I think it is a female Anna's. Notice the short tail, short, straight beak, a few spangles on the throat. Anna's are quite common in California and in AZ. They like landscaped garden areas. I would get them in my yard in Sycamore Canyon but they were more common down in Tucson. Female hummer's can be difficult to tell apart but Costa's and Anna's are both kinda short and stubby. Anna's usually have a darker throat and show a few dark pinkish "spangles" on it. Costa's are more tiny and even cuter and have a faint bit of a white eyeline with a grayish cheek path. Both species are seen in California."

  7. Such a great idea! Some of the shots are priceless! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Wow Thats a great show. It is like sitting in your house watching the birds and I see bird cam caught more than birds,

  9. This is a cooool slide show. A lot of bird activities going on on your tree house.

    P.S. Your header shows a lot of snow, beautiful and cold.

  10. The slide show was/is wonderful. Love the variety of birds I can see all at once--almost.
    Good idea and good shots. MB

  11. Fabulous! That Cardinal is a ham, for sure. Thanks -- I miss having bird feeders.


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