Let it Snow

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This is the first snow storm we had in 2015, about three inches of the cold wet white stuff on January 6. I hate to rub it in but I am SO, SO HAPPY I am retired now. I do not have to worry about setting the alarm, going to work or the awful commute.  I can look out at the snow and if I want go back to bed and pull the covers over my head, lol. Most of the day was spent relaxing and looking out the windows at the snow and my yard birds.. When it snows my birds go into a feeding frenzy..I filled up the feeders a few times that day.

Above are some of my yardbirds top row left side are the Dark-eyed Junco, female Cardinal, Blue Jay and a White-throated Sparrow and silly hubby wrote a note in the snow on the car.. Bottom row on the suet feeders are the female Redbellied Woodpecker and a male Downy Woodpecker..

The Cardinals are a favorite with a snowy background..their red colors really pop..

Our white pine trees in the back of the yard and a few Cardinals and Juncos..

On a cold snowy day, I am happy to stay inside and look out my dining window and watch the birds at my feeders...I caught this Redbellied woodie at the suet, you can see her tongue. Are you a snow lover?  I prefer Spring, Summer and Fall and would not mind just skipping Winter..

I use Pic Monkey to create my mosaics, you can use Pic Monkey free or pay for an upgraded version.
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Bob Bushell said…
Wonderful birds alive in the snowy America. Great images Eileen.
Leora said…
I confess: I do like snow. But not the frigid cold. I am a nasty kvetch in the heat!
Love your woodpecker. Great bokeh in the back, with bits of snow.
Sue said…
I'll take snow any day over hot and humid weather. It's why I moved NORTH. I'm willing to bet snow doesn't bother you nearly as much now that you're retired. I guess I wouldn't like it if I HAD to drive in it every day.
Missy George said…
I use PicMonkey a lot..Love winter..snow is OK..not a fan of ice or wind...No bugs in the winter!!
More great pics Eileen..
eileeninmd said…
Hi Sue, the driving to work and back was awful.. I will not miss the commute..Since I am retired now, it is nice knowing I do not have to go to work in the snow, sleet and freezing rain.. thanks for visiting.. Enjoy your day..
eileeninmd said…
Thanks for the nice comment, Leora!
eileeninmd said…
The no bugs is a good thing! Thanks, Missy!
Irma said…
Beautiful photos of the birds in the snow.
Perfect photographed, Eileen.
Good that you no longer need to work, especially with slippery roads it is lovely to stay home.
Best regards, Irma
TexWisGirl said…
liked your 'i love snow' message. :) great birdies finding food from you!
Karen S. said…
Oh I like his I love snow note- I actually enjoy any message in snow! Even happy faces, they just brighten your day. As do your lovely birds at play and snacking about. Beautiful winter moments and photos of it! Happy first 2015 snow for you all.
Al said…
Very pretty. I love snow, except when I have to commute on it!
Sandra said…
I know you just retired but can't remember if your hubby is retired. i love it so much and have since 2006 Bob since 1999.. the thing is being home all day 24/7 gets to be a bit munch after awhile. he has his little planes and i have blog/computer and that gives us time away from each other.. the last 5 days he was home because of weather. yippee today he went to the park.
i love all your bird shots and your PM collages..
Linda W. said…
Oh, the snow is so beautiful! We don't get much down here in Portland. I really like your last photo of the woodpecker!
wildlifewatcher said…
Hi Eileen, Outstanding pictures - especially of the Red-bellied Woodpecker, which is one of my personal favorites! Have a pleasant coming week!
Your images are beautiful Eileen and I must admit I do like snow (a couple of inches for photographing) but it is frigid cold here and spring surely is my favorite time of year! Thank you for sharing and do keep warm!
Brian King said…
I see you got two of my favorite woodpeckers! Great photo of the junco with the falling snow!
J said…
Wow! Amazing photos! I love the striking "greenish" background tinge. Such a lovely evergreen setting. We are also retired and feed the birds. My pictures will never look like yours, but I'm in 100% agreement about the satisfaction that retirement brings on an icy cold morning!
Nancy J said…
Eileen, lovely photos, super mosaics ( I'll try picmonkey now) but the best of all, retirement, you will wonder how you fitted in your day job. I'm busier than ever, and so are so many younger friends who have left their jobs for various reasons., and find they are so much busier.And maybe best#2, no more driving in snow or ice. Enjoy every day.
Nora said…
Incredible photos...I love the cardinal in the snow! Beautiful Eileen, really nice winter scenes with birds.
DIMI said…
Hello Eileen!!
I love snow but not Winter!
I'm a Summer girl!!
Great images of the birds in the snow!
Wonderful pictures!
Your visitors are so lucky!
You always take good care of them!
Have a lovely week!
Cloudia said…
Always such a fun visit, E!

Ailime said…
Olá Eileen, a neve proporciona momentos maravilhosos!
Pensa como eu. Depois de estar reformada uma das vantagens quando neva ou está muito frio como aqui em Portugal, podemos voltar para a cama e ficar assim muito quentinhas,))!
Excelentes fotos!
podso said…
You take such wonderful photos and there is nothing quite a beautiful as a red cardinal against the white snow! You too have a good week.
Sara D.B. said…
Beautiful photos, as always!
Have a nice new week!
Well it sure knows how to snow there and I am glad you are inside taking these lovely shots of birds.
Great pictures as usual.
Birds are very nice.
Happyone said…
Yes, when you don't have to go anywhere you can just enjoy the snow. : )
Lovely photos as always.
Ailime said…
Eileen, thanks for your visit!!
You can see "my" blue sky and sea here:
Recently I put my photos in this Blog!
Have a great week!
My son was here yesterday just cracking up at a little squirrel, head covered in snow, sitting on a table on the porch outside, peering in, waiting patiently for me to see him and go get some peanuts.

Lovely photos as always and glad that you are enjoying the snow :)
Your birds in the snow photos are lovely, Eileen! So crisp and clear! I'm curious as to what camera you use and if you use it on a manual setting? I have so much yo learn about using manual settings on my camera. :)
Pamela Gordon said…
Beautiful photos Eileen. Your bird photos are so pretty and I'm glad you got to enjoy a bit of snow. Visiting from Mosaic Monday. Have a great week. Pamela
Isn't it fun standing at the window for as long as you want? Every day too! You always get a great variety of birds at your feeders.
Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Eileen.
Lynne said…
Wonderful photos Eileen . . .
I think you are LIVING some Happy Retirement Days!
Keep it up girl!
Our photos said…
Wow, those colorful birds in the snow ! Very nice !
George said…
Being able to 'enjoy' snow from the inside of a warm house is one of the joys of retirement. I'm glad you enjoyed your first snow of the year and got these pictures to share with us.
It sounds as if you and your husband really enjoyed this first snow, and your being retired! Keep that!
The Yum List said…
Oh what timing for your first paragraph - my first day back to work today! It's a hard one. :-)
I love all your snowy bird images!
Congratulations on your retirement! It is a nice feeling to not have to get out in the mess on the roads. We are having freezing rain tonight. I would much rather deal with snow than ice. Thankfully, I have no where I need to go.

Mary Cromer said…
Hi Eileen, oh just keep rubbing it in, it is so much fun...YES! I did it some 7 years ago as far as watching my grandson daily for 5 years, excepting weekends. Before that, my last working position was some 11+ years ago and I do enjoy it, but never can catch up ;) Lovely yard birds and I am like you, nice for the photos from inside with a mug of hot tea, or cocoa ready~
Michelle said…
Those are some good photos. I enjoy a little bit of snow. So far, we really haven't had any here in KY. I had some woodies at my suet feeders this afternoon too.
Lorrie said…
Gorgeous photos, Eileen. I love the snow falling around the birds. Glad you can stay home and enjoy doing what you want to do.
Rajesh said…
Wonderful winter images with lovely birds.
The Furry Gnome said…
Yes, I'm a snow lover. When we wake up to fresh snow (6 times in the last 10 days, 4-6" each time), I look forward to getting out and firing up my big snowblower! I must admit though, when it hits -20C, for several days, I'm ready to seek warmer climes!
Great photos of the birds with the snow swirling around! I love snow, and we haven't gotten any yet. Sigh.
Hi Eileen! I love this series of photos, you captured the snowfall perfectly! --And what great eats you have at your house for your birds! :-)
Just lovely birds in the snow. I prefer to not have snow - rain is fine with me, but I do love being retired - for 6 years now - and like that I can do whatever I want each day.
Always a pleasure to visit and see your bird photos.
Diana Taylor said…
What a wonderful array of bright and beautiful birds you have in your garden. I would love to have Red Cardinals in my garden over here in the UK - they are the most spectacular birds, especially as you say against the white snow.
EG CameraGirl said…
I think snow is beautiful but it nice not to have to be anywhere at a specific time when the roads are slippery.

The birds at my feeders go into a frenzy just before a storm hits. I don't know how they know it's time to chow down.
Of course I love all the birds, but the cardinals with the junco is my favorite photo. And don't tell the other birds, but Cardinals are my favorite. :-)
Happy New Year Eileen. I LOVE visiting you because I feel like I am outside (but I am warm and dry) watching those lovely birds up close. Your images are so vivid and full of life.

great shots. I just love all birds. I wish we had cardinals out this way. Tons of Flickers though.
Congratulations on retiring Eileen!!!!
I retired in April 2010 and I can still remember those first days, no alarm, no panic deadlines and no motorway frenzy!!!
As you know I was invited back at the end of 2013 and I'll continue for most of this year!

Your birds are always of great interest to me - I'm amazed at the variety of species you can see in one day.
I'm so very appreciative of everyone who looks after our little feathered friends during winter, your efforts and kindness ensures that the species continues - thank you!
When we go overseas this year I'm hoping to buy a new camera duty free - any suggestions in the $NZ1000 range would be much appreciated – I can’t take distance photos with my little ‘point and shoot’!
Shane x
DeniseinVA said…
How lovely that you are retired. More time to enjoy those wonderful birds of yours. Congratulations again Eileen. Your photos are a treat.
I still have that same feeling of "retired" relief, Elaine. Loved my job but it was the having to get up no matter what and the commute (mine was by bike, so a pleasure in good weather but not so much when it rained and had to take the bus when it snowed). Anyhow, all to say, "Happy Retirement!" And, must add that your photos are wonderful.. so colorful and so full of life.. every single one of them!
Gattina said…
Yes, nothing is worse when you have to get up for work and drive in snow ! We still sit only in the rain. Your pictures are very nice !
eileeninmd said…
Hello Shane, if I were you I would look into the camera I have or the updated graded CanonSX50 or Canon SX60..On Amazon it is US $549. It has awesome zoom..
Nice Redbelly. I had visits every morning for the week at the W.V. house, but never when I had the tripod and remote in action. So the only pic I got was a fuzzy one through the window. (And none at all the day a big Pileated managed to situate herself on the little suet feeder. *sad face*)
Mama Zen said…
These are beautiful!
Sylvia K said…
Beautiful birds and delightful captures, Eileen, as always!! Thanks for sharing the beauty! Stay warm!!! And have a great new week!
Phil Slade said…
Your snowy bird scenes are wonderful Eileen. I have to agree that being finished with the life of work is just the best thing ever. I hope it doesn't snow too much, a day or two is enough

Leovi Leovi said…
Lovely birds, full of tenderness, nice picture! Yes, they can fly with snow!
Pat said…
Wonderful shots of the birds in the snow, happy to find the filled feeders.
Linda said…
I love the snow, Eileen, and your photos are gorgeous and bring so much joy. Thank you so much for sharing.
Ela said…
Nice to see these lovely birds !
Beautiful shots !
Fun60 said…
What a joy to have the time to just sit back and enjoy.
Carver said…
Beautiful shots of the snow and birds.
colleen said…
I love me a winter wonderland. It seems to clean the slate so I can renew.
maryaustria said…
Such wonderful shots of all these birds! Great!
I'm glad you didn't stay in bed all day, even tho I wouldn't have blamed you! Such wonderful birds and the cardinals do look amazing in the snow!
i totally agree with you on I LOVE SNOW. sure wish i could get some here in VA. i would be so so happy. love the birdies in the falling snow. you are so kind of feed them. what fun!! ( :

i have a critter to link up this weekend. i can't wait. enjoy your week!!
Bethany Carson said…
Beautiful photos of the birds in the snow! The cardinals' colors really contrast stunningly. Apparently the birds really appreciate the treats you put out for them!
David Gascoigne said…
Great series of birds. Snow has its benefits when it brings in the birds.
Isn't it wonderful?! Retirement. Congratulations again!!!!
Indrani said…
Lovely lovely captures. Nicely presented too.
ladyfi said…
Your snow photos are magical!

Digging out the car after a snowstorm is the worst.
Birgitta said…
So beautiful photos of these lovely birds in snow!
Jane of Levant said…
Hello Eileen how amazing are your pictures and your birds - so pretty - we have a snowstorm outside at the moment and our feeders are full - lovely blog - Jane UK
Cardinals show up so pretty in the snow. I like summer time best and enjoy living in Florida most of the year. We're watching our feeders this morning...goldfinches and bluebirds...with chippers on the ground. Hugs!
Beautiful snowy pictures and birds...I am with you about the snow...so glad I don't HAVE TO drive in it every day now....
carol l mckenna said…
Photos make winter look very magical! Wonderful!

Happy Week to you,
artmusedog and carol
Su-sieee! Mac said…
Lovely photos of the sweet birds. I have yet to see a cardinal in person. Hopefully, when I do, I won't get so excited I scare the bird away. Congrats on your retirement! I look forward to that sooner rather than later.
oh bliss to be retired and staying in bed if you want, or just sitting and looking out the window if you want, instead of dealing with the daily drive to work through the snow. Oh happy days! Enjoy Eileen! It looks like your feathered friends are enjoying your bird feeder. That cardinal is such a showy fellow. Have a great week Eileen - and I am sure I have said it before - but happy retirement!
Betty Manousos said…
gorgeous photos of the birds in the snow, eileen!!

i love snow, too:))
have a nice day!

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