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Saturday's Critters #303

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I promise, these are the last of my Iceland photos. Our last day in the city of Reykjavik. We walked around the Tjornin Pond for the second time during our trip. There were lots of ducks, geese, pigeons and swans. The Tjornin Pond  is located in the middle of the capital city, Reykjavik Iceland. I felt very safe walking around this city.  Below, me and my shadow with the Whooper Swans at the Tjornin Pond. 

I enjoyed seeing the Whooper Swans as we walked the path around the pond. 

This Gull, possibly a Mew Gull was seen in the Reykjavik harbor.

 More photos of the same gull above, the id could be wrong. 

There were a lot of Black-headed Gulls on the little island. 

This little island was in the middle of the Tjornin Pond, I call it Gull Island. 

The Black-headed Gulls along with some ducks snoozing.

I am pretty sure these are Mallards, they were seen all around the pond. They all have their heads hidden, camera shy I guess. 

The next two photos are more of the Whooper Swan.

A view of the Tjornin Pond, Swans, ducks and the building is the Reykjavik City Hall. We heard a lot about Iceland hot dogs, we figured we would have to try one before we left. There was a hot dog stand not too far from the pond.  They were good, I have not had a hot dogs in years. We were eating bad this day,  later we had treats from a local bakery/cafe. 

 I had help with this duck id, Eurasian Wigeon and is a lifer.

I thought this was a Greylag Goose but with the pink on it's bill could it be the Pink-footed Goose?

Pink-footed Goose or Greylag Goose? 

I maybe late commenting, my son's wedding is later this afternoon.  I will visit everyone ASAP.  

I appreciate and thank everyone who links up their post and for all the wonderful comments !

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  1. Hello,
    First I saw the pictures and I thought, hey, these birds are common in my city too! Then I read: Iceland! And then I realised I saw that little white church by the pond too. It's Reykjavik! I've been there once. Lovely place. Have a good weekend.

  2. I like your shadow shot. One day I must remember to take a photo of my own shadow. White swans are beautiful and so are all the other feathered critters. Happy weekend!

  3. Hello and happy wedding day!!!
    The second shot is simply idyllic!
    Enjoy yourselves a lot for all weekend!...

  4. Enjoy the wedding day Eileen. Yes, that's a Pink-footed Goose - escape or vagrant I guess. Thanks for the link-up today.

  5. Hello Eileen,

    I have enjoyed your beautiful photos from Iceland. Your second photo is so pretty! Lovely birds.
    Have a wonderful day in your son's wedding.
    I wish you a happy weekend!

  6. Hello Eileen,
    Beautiful pictures of the duck swans and geese that you made in Iceland, the last one is not a Greylag Goose, in my opinion.
    I enjoyed your blog.
    Do you want to add my link, I still can't do it.
    Best regards, Irma

  7. Very nice photos! The only white gulls I have seen were both back in New Jersey-- the Ivory Gull and the Iceland Gull. I'm no expert but it is not an Ivory and it may well be the Iceland Gull. Both are rather compact like this one,and Ivory has a dark bill.

  8. Hari OM
    Congrats on the wedding! Definitely pink-foot goose. I am inclined to think that is not a Mew Gull (which has very clear black tail feathers) and lean more toward an ID of Larus Glaucoides; Iceland Gull, with much paler colouring all over and a grey/black bill tip. YAM xx

  9. the goose is NOT a greylag one. It must be a pink-footed. The mew gull should have dark feathers at the back I think. Looks more like an Icelandic but that would be rare I think. Gulls are the most difficut to ID. :(
    The Wigeon is such a sweet bird. One of my favrites. :)
    Thanks for taking me along onother Icelandic trip. I have walked along this lake too :) Did you not see any eiders??

  10. Go away and enjoy the wedding and don't even think of blogging today. Best wishes to your son and his bride-to-be.

  11. Muito lindos os gansos e patos e os cenários que nos mostras! Perfeitas fotos! Lindo fim de semana,beijos, chica

  12. bring on as many Iceland photos as you have, i have very much enjoyed seeing what that country looks like and every photo was a shock to me, and i never knew how beautiful Icleand is.

  13. Hi Eileen
    I love the second shot, it's beautiful. Lovely seeing all the gulls and I enjoyed your Iceland photos very much. Thanks for sharing and hosting. Have a wonderful time at your son's wedding.

  14. Lovely photos of your Iceland visit Eileen, as well as all the birds.
    Enjoy your son's wedding.

  15. What a wonderful place, with so many ducks, I love these places.
      I see that we read blogs regularly, so ... do you want to follow us? I follow you now.

  16. Congrats On The Wedding Front!!!


  17. They certainly have no shortage of swans and gulls! I hope the wedding goes well!

  18. The photos are gorgeous - love the swans. I can't imagine living is such an idyllic place, but I wouldn't mind trying it out. ;) Good wishes for a beautiful wedding. Have a great day!

  19. The wedding will be lovely. And so is Iceland and those wonderful ducks!

  20. So many wonderful birds! Iceland looks like the perfect place to live...and no crazy leader to deal with! I think it's a pink footed based on the color on the beak, but these days many hybrids abound also. Great you got your Eurasian Wigeon, I did see one right here in SC he was a long way from home. Congrats on your son's wedding, that is MY WISH one day to have a happily MARRIED son! :o)

  21. Nice photos:) I wish full happiness for your son:)

  22. A lovely set of photos from Iceland once again this week, Eileen! Congratulations on your son's wedding, may he and his bride have a happy life together.

  23. I think the ducks are snoozing! Fabulous trip to Iceland.
    Have a great weekend, thanks for hosting.

  24. Felicitations on the happy occasion of the wedding, Eileen! Much happiness for everyone involved.
    Love those swans on the water...

  25. ...Eileen, I'm in the woods again with a slow connection and can't link. Here is my post, thanks for hosting.

  26. What a happy day. Enjoy the wedding and again congratulations to the happy couple.
    Beautiful photos.

  27. gull island seems like the perfect name for that pond area. congrats on seeing a lifer, the eurasian wigeon is beautiful!!

    i will be thinking of you today....congrats on the wedding of your son, it will be nice to have a daughter in the family!!!

  28. Last Days can be bittersweet. So glad you captured great photos to remember the trip.
    Enjoy being mother of the groom. Happy Day.

  29. I love your photos of Iceland. I could do with more really.

    Of course the birds are always a highlight.

  30. I've enjoyed all your Iceland photos (and I wouldn't mind if you posted more!) Lovely swans! Congrats to your son.

  31. The photo of the gulls with the homes in the background is beautiful! It would make a neat picture puzzle. Blessings to your son and your sweet family! Enjoy your day!

  32. Hello Eileen
    great that you could make and made this trip to Iceland. I often hear about it and also from others. And now with you I also saw and see very beautiful photos of this beautiful country. You will have great memories of this for a very long time :-)
    Greetings, Helma

  33. Congratulations and happy occasion. This was very enjoyable journey thank you

  34. A lifer, that would be so good to get one in Iceland. And the building, right in the water? It must be a thriving population there, Have a wonderful day for the wedding, congrats to the happy couple.

  35. I'm sure that you are having a wonderful day at the wedding, Eileen! Thanks for taking time to host us and to post some more great Iceland pics!

  36. Enjoy the wedding!

    The swans are quite peaceful.

  37. Hi Eileen: I didn't have time this morning when I left my earlier comment, but I have been checking on the gull. The picture does not make it 100% certain for me, but it is either an Iceland Gull or a Glaucous Gull, and I am leaning towards the latter. Maybe you can find out what the relative abundance is at the time of your visit and that would probably help. I suspect that right about now you are basking in the success of your son's wedding - or still waiting for it to happen! The ID of a gull is probably far from your mind!

    1. Thanks David, I will check ebird and see what was listed for the day or around that time. I appreciate your help!

  38. Excellent photos! Congratulations to your son.

  39. It's the Pink-footed Goose, you were lucky Eileen. In Reykjavik lovely.

  40. I love seeing photos from different places esp. places I've never been. These are wonderful, Eileen.

  41. Hi! Your photos are very beautiful. Among them, I especially like the second photo. Thanks for sharing.

  42. Thanks everyone for the nice wedding wishes. The wedding was wonderful, a fun time for all! I appreciate all the comments!

  43. Oh the elegant swan! How very lovely! Thank you and have a grand day!

  44. So pleased to read that the wedding was wonderful.

    Loved all the photographs within this post.

    All the best Jan

  45. Best Wishes to your son and his new wife ~ And of course, your feathered friends photos are awesome ~ like the pinked footed goose ~ ^_^

    Happy Day to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  46. All the birds are beautiful and how elegant and lovely the swans are.
    Amazing photos.
    Hugs and all the best

  47. Very late commenting ... I have loved your Iceland trip! Congratulations to the bride and groom (and his parents!)

  48. Hi Eileen!

    En stor dag för familjen när någon av barnen gifter sig, det blir ett minne för livet.

    Härliga bilder på fåglar, en del är helt okända för mig.

    En trevlig vecka önskar jag dig!

  49. You really got some great shots...the gulls are interesting. I have really enjoyed your photos from these days.


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