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On the move

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It is neat to see different birds during their migrations.... like the winter ducks. But, my favorite bird that is sometimes seen in the winter is the Snowy Owl. I have been reading the Jersey reports and HEADS UP  birders a Snowy Owl is being seen in New Jersey. The Snowy Owls breed in the artic but can be found along the Atlantic Coast in the winter months. They are looking for food and they are usually juveniles.

This is my Snowy Owl seen here a few years ago in Maryland. It might be worth a trip back to this spot to see if another Snowy Owl has shown up.

These ARCHIED photos are cropped I was a good distance away from the owl. I wanted to view this beautiful bird so I stayed a distance away so the bird did not flush or feel harassed. I watched this Snowy owl for a while....sometimes it would turn its head and sometimes its eyes were closed.

The Long Tailed ducks are also showing up, hubby and I saw a female this past w…

Just being thankful

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This was the first year in maybe 20 years I did not have Thanksgiving dinner at my house. We were all invited to my sisters house for dinner. I was asked to bring dessert which was my homemade Derby pie and a Pumpkin roll. I am thankful for my hubby and son, my family and my job that allows me to take my vacations. I was even thankful for having a furlough day on Black Friday. Not to go shopping but, hubby and I were able to take a day trip to Blackwater NWR and Hoppers Island on the Eastern shore of Maryland. It was a beautiful day. So below are a couple of  photos from my sister's, we had a nice sighting of the white tailed deer in her backyard. The deer were having their own Thanksgiving dinner. Other photos are from Friday's visit to Blackwater NWR and Hoopers Island.

Some of the Blackwater birds above are the Eagle, Killdeer, swans and lots of Canada Geese.

I am thankful for the simple things in life like watching…

Birding>>>Panama's Pacific Playa Blanca

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Two nights of our Panama trip we stayed at the Playa Blanca Resort on the Pacific Ocean. Our Caravan tour group was able to enjoy the all inclusive resort for two nights. When we were not touring with the group we were able to enjoy the beach, pools, drinks and way too much food on the buffets. Hubby and I enjoyed our walks on the beach. The scenery was pretty and I loved watching the birds. I was surprised to see a lot of the birds I was seeing were the same birds I saw at home during the summer.

My bird list from the resort: Brown Pelicans, Magnificent Frigatebirds, Willets, Whimbrels, Sanderlings, Swallows, Yellow warbler, Tennessee Warbler, Tropical Mockingbird, Little Blue Heron, Black Vultures, Great Egret, Snowy Egret and lots of Boat Tailed Grackles.

Tropical Mockingbird
Yellow Warbler
Tennessee Warbler
One of my favorite herons the Little Blue Heron
Pelicans and Magnificent Frigatebirds flying around this sailboat.

I hope your enjoyed my…


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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, I hope you have a safe and happy holiday!

These shots were from the boat ride we took thru the Panama Canal. It was a four hour ride and a very neat experience to go thru the locks and to learn the history of the Panama Canal. It was cool also to look for birds from the boat. I saw lots of Brown Pelicans, Magnificent Frigatebirds, Blue-footed Booby, Seagulls, Herons, Egrets and some White Ibis.

                                A vew of Panama City from the causeway.

A lifer.... the Blue-footed Booby seen while on the boat ride as we entered the canal
Every day we saw a steady stream of Vultures flying over the Panama Canal.
One of the many Brown Pelicans seen at the Panama Canal.
Bridge of the Americas
I hope you enjoyed my Panama skies and birds and to see more beautiful photos please click on my link Skywatch Friday and Friday Ark
Thanks to the host of Friday Ark and to the hosting group at Skywatch…

Toucan and Monkey Island

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During our trip to Panama, our tour group took a boat ride out to Monkey Island. This tour reminded me of the boat rides we took on our Costa Rica vacation. Very cool! The guys driving the three boats were pretty experienced at finding the Capuchin monkeys. Plus, I think it helped they had some spare grapes on board.

This is the second three toed sloth we saw during our time in Panama. The boat drivers were quick to spot this cool looking critter. It is actually the first time I was able to see a face on the sloth. Usually, it is hidden.

We were warned not to laugh at the monkeys because it could make them agressive. But, as soon as the drivers spotted the monkeys, the monkeys immediately came closer to the boats. I think they knew where the spare grapes were kept. Some of the ladies in our tour group started screaming when the monkeys jumped on the boat. At that point I was laughing hysterically and trying to take some shot…

Panama highlights

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I wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

In these mosiacs are some of the highlights from the first two days of our Panama vacation.

Seeing 7 new hummingbirds was also a treat for me the first day, the Violet-Bellied Hummingbird had the prettiest colors.
In the two previous posts I showed some more of my first day birding the Rainforest Discovery Center and the Pipeline Rd.
The second day included Panama Viejo (Old Panama) ruins and visitors center.

On our city tour I was still looking for birds, you never know when you might see a new bird.
And I did see a new bird as we were leaving the ruins. It is called the Saffron Finch. A pretty yellow bird and another lifer for me.

The Tropical Kingbirds were all over the place.

We also visited the San Jose Church with the gold alter and had  lunch at the Panama Canal's Miraflores Locks. The lunch banquet room at the locks included our own viewing area to watch the ships pass thru the lock…

More Panama Birds

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These are more pic's from my birding outing with Justo of Panama's Just Adventures

Arriving a day early for our tour allowed hubby and I to go out for our day of birding. Justo took us to the Discovery Center and the famous Pipeline Road. I got 30 new lifers from our Panama trip.

These are some of the birds and a sloth we saw at the Pipeline Rd and the Rainforest Discovery Center.

Pipeline Rd sloth,  the first of three sloths we saw while in Panama for the week.

Rufous Motmot a beautiful bird and one of my 30 new lifers.

Social Flycatcher....lifer

Crimson Crested Woodpecker, similiar to the Pileated Woodie I see at home. Near this same spot we saw a Black Striped Woodcreeper. I was sorry to see it fly away before I could snap a pic. Both of these birds were also lifers.

Lots of new Hummingbird lifers, like the White Necked Jacobin another lifer.

The Pipeine Road, famous spot for birding in Panama.

A group of Black Bellied W…

SWF>>>>Birding Panama

For my Skywatch Friday post I have some photos of our visit to Panama's Rainforest Discovery Center. Hubby and I arrived in Panama a day early so we could take a guided bird tour on the famous Pipeline Rd. Our guide Justo of Just Adventures was wonderful and of course I saw a lot of new Panama birds.

We woke up early on a cloudy Saturday morning to meet our guide at 6am Justo was taking us to see the Discovery Center's tower our first stop for birding. So you could see the tower we climbed up to get a birds eye view, I scanned a copy of the photo from THE VISITOR newspaper. We were lucky it was only cloudy,  it is their rainy season.

Hubby was happy to be above the tree line looking at the rainforest below us and I was excited to see some new birds. At the top of the tower we were almost in the clouds, we did manage to find a Bat Falcon and a Black Vulture perched in a tree together. Also, we watched a woodpecker fly away, it was either the Linneated or the Crimson-chested. th…