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I have a list below of memes I am joining for this week, and to save time I am doing one post for all. They are all fun memes to participate in...I hope you can join in with the fun  and check out some of the participating posts. Special thanks to all the wonderful host and their memes, I hope you have some time to check them out.

Happy Spring, our daffies are finally blooming. I am linking up with Denise at Today's Flowers.  Thanks Denise for hosting.

I am sharing some local birds and scenes from around our neighborhood.

Above on a local farm is a family style restaurant (they have the best Maryland Crabcakes) located in our neighborhood, it is on a large property and they have a few ponds that attract the Canada Geese and various ducks.

Restaurant patrons have been known to feed the Geese and the ducks at the local pond.

One of the three ponds at the family-style restaurant and their big white barn. The restaurant is close enough to home that we have ordered carry-out and eat at home.

Somewhere in the trees behind this farm is an eagle nest, over the years I have never been able to find the nest. I have seen the eagle flying over the ponds and on the ground.

Another local neighborhood barn, I assume the middle photo is a Birch Tree and a favorite the Red-bellied Woodpecker.

The Red-bellied Woodpecker is a regular visitor to my yard but I can see her in the woods next to our place too. I hope you enjoyed my post. As always, I appreciate the visits and your nice comments.  Have a happy new week ahead!

As always thanks to the wonderful group of hosts listed below.
Thanks to Tom for hosting The Barn Collective
Thanks to Judith our  host of Mosaic Monday
Thanks to Monica for hosting NF Trees
Thanks to Michelle for hosting Nature Notes
Thanks to the hosting team of Our World Tuesday!
Thanks to Stewart for hosting Wild Bird Wednesday


Denise inVA said…
Wonderful post and a happy spring to you. I would like to invite you to share those pretty daffs with Today's Flowers. They are really lovely. If you have the time the link is:

No pressure, just a thought :)
Sandra said…
looks like a place we would like to eat. We do take out more than eat out, it is cheaper that way, we don't buy drinks and no tips...i don't think i have seen a restaurant that has a big barn or ponds and geese.
Country Gal said…
Wonderful sunny spring photos ! Thanks for sharing Happy Spring and have a great day !
Donna Heber said…
Beautiful photos and love your woodpecker. I hope as things warm up I will see our friends return.
Yamini MacLean said…
Hari OM
The idea of farm carry-out appeals! Love the woodpecker... have a great week! YAM xx
Jodi said…
Great shots, Eileen. Happy spring! My daffodils are blooming too; the littlest ones are in full bloom but the taller kinds are just budding out. I picked a couple bunches yesterday to enjoy inside as well. :-)

By the way, the tree in your center photograph is a sycamore.
Martin Kloess said…
Thank you for this wonderful escape
Alexa T said…
Dear Eileen,
Happy First Day of Spring!
The scenery is fabulous with so many birds and daffodils for sure they talk in their language about Spring... I would love to see such scenes... but what can I do? Fortunately i have these chances to walk and see through your camera lens...
best regards and many thanks, as always!
Florence said…
Sounds like a great place to eat (and feed ducks...)
Love the red-bellied woodpecker.
Leora said…
What a stunner - your red-bellied woodpecker. The geese look happy. I really like those light green roofed barns - would be a great scene in a painting.
Linda W. said…
Yup it's spring here in Oregon too. We also have daffodils blooming and flocks of birds singing everywhere. Makes me smile!
Michelle said…
How nice to have crabcakes ready for take out! I miss those from when we lived in Maryland!
TexWisGirl said…
beautiful blue sky. like the farm area.
Your Red-bellied Woodpecker is very handsome and your daffodils just gorgeous.
Have a great week Eileen :)

Nice to see your daffodils! Lovely spring flowers :)

Happy Springtime!
Lynne said…
Nice pics Eileen . . .
I really love seeing all white barns, house, sheds at a farm site.
This one looks very nice . . .
The Yum List said…
Those daffodils really do put me in the mood of spring. :-)
Tom said…
What a great neighborhood Eileen. That white and green farm is spotless! Thanks for joining the party this week and I hope that you will be able to return real soon.
Marie-Anne said…
So many ducks and geese in the ponds!!!!!
I just love this woodpecker...he is so cute!!!
A very happy Spring to you, dear Eileen!
Many hugs!
Denise inVA said…
Hi Eileen, I came back to thank you for sharing your daffodils with Today's Flowers. You made me happy!
Cloudia said…
You make me LONG for MD Crabcakes!!!!!
Linda said…
Beautiful photos, Eileen! Happy Spring! :)
John's Island said…
Hi Eileen, I sure like your neighborhood! Great pictures of the Red-bellied Woodpecker! Hope you've had a good weekend and wishing you a fine week ahead!
Sandi said…
Look at that bird! So magnificently painted. Ah...God is an artist.
✿ chica said…
Que tua primavera seja tão linda quanto tuas fotos ! bjs, chica
Irene said…
Gorgeous captures!

Happy spring, and happy Easter!
Montanagirl said…
Beautiful post and photos!! Love that Red-bellied Woodpecker!
Happy First Day of Spring -- I just wish it felt like it! :-)

What a beautiful farm, and place to grab a bite to eat! There's nothing like these local places to enjoy! We have a favorite too, and hardly ever "eat in," I'm always picking it up!

I hope you're staying warm and have enjoyed your day!
bettyl-NZ said…
Daffodils are always a great sign of spring being around the corner. Your animals are great to see, especially the lovely woodpecker.
Rose said…
I love that first the feel of it. And you got some great barns that second one best for some reason.
Anu said…
Beautiful spring flowers!
Nice photos. I like particularly photos of the Red-bellied woodpecker.
Hi Eileen,
marvelous photos of sunny days and the springtime beginnings.
Best regards, Synnöve
Sue said…
Nothing says springtime like daffodils--that burst of yellow is so needed after the dull shades of winter. Happy Spring, Eileen
Cathy Keller said…
Happy Spring to you too!! I just wish it would arrive here. You have some beautiful pastoral scenes!! Wishing you well!
jandi said…
happy spring! lovely daffodils! and gorgeous woodpecker! that place looks so serene!
Lovely photos, Eileen! The cute Woodpecker is my favourite.
Happy Spring!!
Stewart M said…
And Happy Autumn! Great set of pictures. Love that woodpecker.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
Excelentes fotografias.
Belo trabalho.
Um abraço e boa semana.
How lovely and lucky you are to have a farm ...and good restaurant ... so close to home. Beautiful scenery and birds too! You really do live in Paradise!
riitta k said…
You have beautiful vast landscapes over there and your bird photos are always fantastic.
Nice place to be on the first day of spring :)
Dina Lettre said…
We call daffodils "Jonquils" in this part of Georgia...but, by either name, they are glorious! LOVE when they've randomly popped up on the side of the road. :)
Debbie said…
your daffodils are beautiful....i am afraid to go outside and see what mine look like (snow)!!!! the red bellied is sweet, it looks small, but perhaps just puffed up!!

a nice set of critters and rural views, have a great week eileen!!!!
Tomoko said…
For sure,those birds are enjoying spring! Your daffodils are pretty!
Have a good new week,Eileen.
Happy Spring to you to Eileen, what a lovely greeting that first image is, and your daffs look lovely.

Brilliant variety of images for us all to look at and enjoy. Thank you.

Hope you have a lovely week ahead.

All the best Jan
Nice to have a good restaurant so close to home and to see all these birds as well. I love the Woodpecker.
your spring blooms r so happy. colorful. enjoy your week. hoping for good weather. ready 4 real spring temps. ( ;
Daffodil appearance is always a cheerful thing.

Lovely woodpecker, glad you have a nice source of crabcakes!
What a delight to see your daffs blooming...welcoming spring!

Happy Spring!

Donna@Gardens Eye View
and LivingFrom Happiness
Lorrie said…
The open fields are so pretty with barns and buildings scattered around. Daffodils are most welcome at this time of year. Great photos. Good luck finding the eagle's nest.
Linda Kay said…
Delightful to see the farm. We always had geese back in Illinois, and only occasionally see them in Texas.
Happyone said…
Nothing says spring like your beautiful daffodil picture.
Christine said…
Lovely spring scenes, Eileen! The farm is a jewel there! Loved the woodpecker shot too!
Enjoy your week!
Giga said…
Certainly nice on a warm day to sit in the restaurant, eat and pdziwiać birds. In the beautiful place you live in nature. Best regards and wish you a lovely spring ..
Daniela said…
My sweetest Eileen,
you know, our woodpeckers are quite different, not less amazing than yours, but ... well, I must confess that I'm so fascinated when I see all these differences in our Nature !
Thank you again and again, wonderful friend of mine !

Hope your week is off to a great start, I wish you much love for your days to come,
sending love to you

Missy George said…
Lovely pictures..The woodpecker looks fat and happy..Nice to have a good restaurant so close to home..HAve a happy week
ladyfi said…
Wonderful spring shots!
Fine!!! Charming pictures.. Happy spring to you too...
Rajesh said…
Very lovely images. I like them all.
Mary Cromer said…
The look of you blog the past little while has shinned so beautifully, love your newest look to it. I am so not brave. What a neat farm and to have crabcakes that are that yummy, I am jealous, well a little bit ;) Those Bald Eagle nest can weigh tons and so they need a very strong tree to hold them. Happy Week!
Janneke said…
That red-bellied woodpecker is a beauty and completely different from the woodpeckers we have here in western Europe. Must be nice to have a farm restaurant close to your home,
Regards from Holland,
looks like a lovely place for a meal and to see the birds. The woodpecker is very handsome
Photo Cache said…
Even before I've seen one in person, the woodpecker is one of my fave birds. You guessed it, I watched a lot of cartoons when I was young and one of them is Woody Woodpecker :)

Worth a Thousand Words
Our photos said…
Very nice ! I love the woodpecker !
Hula La said…
Great that little woodpecker! Yes, Spring has Sprung! YAY! Aloha
amo sin blogg said…
Wonderful photos of springsigns..
Nora said…
I really like how you combine the photos together, like the woodpecker and where the tree is. I also see eagles around my new house and can not find the nest either. So frustrating. Glad you have spring. Your blog is looking really amazing!
carol l mckenna said…
Yes, that woodpecker is awesome! Always wonderful nature photography and lovely collage presentations too ~

Happy Week to you ~ ^_^
You live in a beautiful part of the country, Eileen! I can see it is beginning to green up and the spring is arriving. I see many eagles but never see their nests either--they must hide them out of sight if they can. The far restaurant sounds very nice--I'm sure the food is so fresh and delicious
Ruth Rieckehoff said…
Happy Spring! Hope you have tons of opportunities to photograph flowers, birds and other type of animals. I am very enthusiastic about my upcoming spring escapades.
Pretty nice rural setting around you Eileen and the thought of crab cakes is making my mouth water. When I see that many geese in the lake I can imagine what it's like in the surrounding grass. We have a problem with them at our nearby lake because of the manmade beaches offering good accessibility to the land.
Rambling Woods said…
This is a happy spring nature post..thank you for linking in Eileen..
Bushra Muzaffar said…
The place looks so serene...ideal for birding. Daffodils are lovely. Have a great day, Eileen!
rupam sarma said…
Awesome photos.
Cheryl @ TFD said…
Happy Spring, Eileen! This looks like a fantastic place for a restaurant. It sounds like it's my kind of place! I enjoyed your beautiful photos and I hope you find that eagle nest sometime! They are such awesome creatures and I'm so happy they have made a comeback. We see them pretty often around here now. Love the woodpecker, too, also one of my favorite birds. Have a nice week!
Zizi Santos said…
Eu sempre digo, você mora num lugar maravilhoso!
belas fotos!
feliz primavera!
Pondside said…
Just the thought of Maryland crab cakes.......even late at night I'm feeling peckish!
Beautiful scenes, Eileen! That farm with the restaurant is so lovely. I can imagine all kinds of excuses for why I would need to go there.....burnt the dinner, honey - didn't have eggs - need to get out.....Lucky you! Love seeing the pretty woodpecker, too. Happy Easter Week! x Karen
Happy spring! I LOVE those pictures - especially the picture of all of the ducks and geese on the pond :) amazing
orchid Miyako said…
Dearest Eileen; Happy spring to you, too♪ Oh, I really loved to visit the family style restaurant and try the Crabcake(^_^)v the Red-bellied Woodpecker looks very cute♬♬♬

Thank you SO much for your kind comments, I really appreciate your visits♪ I think I'll be able to get back the normal life style soon:-)
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*
Caroline Gill said…
How lovely, Eileen, to have that barn facility near your home. It looks a great place. I love the red-bellied woodpecker, too! Thank you for your kind comments on my post.
Marie C said…
You live at such a beautiful farm! Great photos of the countryside. Lovely!
ann said…
Here I am way down here at the bottom. Slow to get around to visit. I am always in awe of the beauty of your countryside. I just remember my niece lives in Maryland. Elk Springs? Elk something. Happy Spring.
Wonderful post. This looks like a wonderful place for a restaurant. I also enjoyed all the photos of the farm and woodpecker by the old local barn. It looks like such a peaceful place.
I do love seeing Woodpeckers as they are a family we don't have in Australia. It's good to see the spring flowers too.
What wonderful pictures!!! We just got another dump of snow last night and so are freshly whitened out again, and just as my irises were starting to poke their noses out! Sheesh. But it's coming, and then I will be out there more with my camera too. At least some of our summer birds are back home, and that is a refreshing sight!
Enjoy your week and have a Happy Easter!
wildlifewatcher said…
Hi Eileen, What a lovely place. Love that Red-bellied Woodpecker (you knew I would like that one). Have a great Wednesday tomorrow!
Amy Franks said…
lovely lovely daffodils, such a welcome of Spring for you. I have red tulips sitting in my plant pots on my deck outside waiting for early winter so they can flower :-)
Boa tarde, chegou a maravilhosa primavera com lindas flores cores, as fotos são magicas e trazem o aroma.
Feliz primavera
J said…
Your photos really capture the "awakening phase" of spring! Lovely! And my fave is the busy little woodpecker! awww!
Happy Easter time to you and yours. Enjoy the rest of the week
Neat images
Helma said…
These are again beautiful pictures Eileen.
Spring pictures are very nice but the woodpecker in the last picture has stolen my heart :-) Have a nice week.
Greetings, Helma
Happy Spring to you Eileen!
Love the daffodils:)
Ana Freire said…
Lovely photos, to celebrate the coming of Spring!
You live in a enchanted place, Eileen!
Always beauty, in so many ways all around!...
A big kiss!
Great pictures, I've been enjoying seeing the red bellied woodpecker in my yard in Kentucky. Now I have had a female and male Downy woodpeckers. I'll be posting these soon.
stardust said…
Hello! I felt like that faint scent of daffodils wafting from the top image. The Red-billed woodpecker is so charming. How lucky you are able to see them in your yard.


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