Making lemonade

I have a list below of memes I am joining for this week, and to save time I am doing one post for all. They are all fun memes to participate in...I hope you can join in with the fun  and check out some of the participating posts. Special thanks to all the wonderful host and their memes, I hope you have some time to check them out.

I am behind in sharing my photos and jumping all around these are from April 30th. At this time the weather was usually either cloudy, rainy and chilly. The reason for my title, the weather was not going to clear up days so we took our chances and made lemonade out of one of the cloudy days. We were able to do some walking, birding and make it home before the rain started.

Teresa's Friday's Hunt:  The letter V,  Week's Favorite, Sunshine.

Start's with below. I like the Virginia Bluebells in bloom along the river trail.

 Weeks Favorite  is below, I like the mill and the big knotty tree. These trees in the spring are full of warblers and Baltimore Orioles. The birds, it is one of the reasons for being at the park on this day.

Random 5 Friday

1. Rock Run Historic Area with the Grist Mill at the Susquehanna River State Park in Maryland. I was looking for some fence scenes, the fence around the mill is perfect for Tex's Good Fence meme. The Grist Mill was erected in 1798 and in 1958 three hundred acres of this land was donated to the State of Maryland to create a park.

2. "Go all out, don't be embarrassed or scared." I love this shot below with the Great Blue Heron sticking it's head into the water for a fish.

3. We enjoy a spring walk at the Susquehanna River State Park, the wildflowers are so pretty in the spring. Advice from a wildflower: Show your true colors, delight in simple pleasures, celebrate your natural beauty, open up, spread seeds of joy, it's OK to be a late bloomer and be wild and wonderful. Thanks to Denise the host of Today's Flowers!

4. I do try to learn the bird id's. I guessed right on this bird and received confirmation that it is the Northern Rough-winged Swallow. This bird was flying around and under the fishing bridge at the Susquehanna River.

5. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  In our case it was get out for a walk on a cloudy chilly day. The weather was only going to get worse. My Friday Skywatch, a cloudy day at the Susquehanna River.

Did you have fun on my walk?  I hope you enjoyed my post and images. As always, thank you for visiting and for the nice comments. Have a happy weekend ahead!

To see more pretty skies, fences and fantastic photos from around the world please visit the memes below.  Thanks for visiting and for all the nice comments. I wish everyone a happy day and weekend ahead.

Here is a list of linky parties for part of the week, I hope to see you there.

Thanks to Theresa @ The Run*A*Round Ranch for hosting Good Fences.
Thank you to Sylvia, Yogi  and Sandy for hosting Skywatch Friday.
Thank you to Denise the host of Today's Flowers
Thank you to Nancy the host of Random 5 Friday
Thanks also to Teresa Friday's Hunt 
Thanks to Tom for hosting The Barn Collective


Once again a beautiful selection of photographs to fit into all the memes. Love the Heron with his head in water. That is a gogrgeous mill and marvellous fences shots round it. Hope you have a wonderful weekend Eileen and stil have your hard hat on!!
amo sin blogg said…
Yes, I enjoyed your trip :)

Have a nice summerday !
jandi said…
hi Eileen! wonderful soft light in these images! love the bluebells and that heron shot is fantastic!
Christine said…
Yes, Eileen, I thoroughly enjoyed this lemonade walk! Sweet things to see & savour, from that beautiful old mill to the Virginia bluebell, I loved your photos!
Best wishes for a lovely day!
✿ chica said…
Que fotos lindas,Eillen e mesmo nos dias nublados, fizeste uma "limonada"...Conseguiste aproveitar, passear e fotografar! beijos, chica
Yamini MacLean said…
Hari OM
Oh my word - one can wait an eternity for such a shot as that heron one! The mill is wonderful... Hope your week is trundling nicely! YAM xx
Denise inVA said…
Wonderful photos Eileen. The Virginia Bluebells are so pretty, as were the other wildflowers. I’d like to invite you to link up with my meme, Today’s Flowers, which opens tomorrow. Thank you for considering. Lovely old mill and that is indeed a beautiful old tree, an added treasure because of the Warblers and the Baltimore Oriole. Enjoyed your Random 5. Splendid catch on the Great Blue Heron. The Rough-winged Swallow was very cute too, and I loved the shot of the river. Thank you also for ID’ing my Eastern Kingbird. Always grateful for the help and much appreciated. Have a great day :)
You are the expert at making lemonade Eileen ... If you hadn't mentioned it was a stormy day on that one picture , I wouldn't have ever known always share such beauty ...I would never know you ever had a less than perfect walk (or day at home)! Love the flowers and scenery in this post and so impressed you were able to ID the rough winged swallow.
Hi Eileen
The delicate Virginia Bluebell is a lovely meadow flower.
I always love seeing you birding photos too.
Happy Thursday - hard to believe we are near the end of May - almost half the year gone!
Maggee said…
All such pretty pictures. The GBH one is excellent! And the Rough-winged Swallow--great shot! You visit such pretty places, thanks for sharing!
Excelente trabalho com belas fotografias.
Um abraço e continuação de uma boa semana.
TexWisGirl said…
love the mill shots! beautiful! but that heron shot is awesome! :)
First thank you for identifying my Ruffled Grouse :) I always love your photos and you have certainly showed us your beauty. Hug B
It was an excellent walk! Mostly like the photo with The Heron and it's head in water)))
I love the heron photo! It's nice to get good photos for id purposes but more fun to get an action shot! Perfect! Scoot over and let me get a drink! heehee! Hugs!
Sandi said…
I had fun on your walk!

And I loved this part:

"Advice from a wildflower: Show your true colors, delight in simple pleasures, celebrate your natural beauty, open up, spread seeds of joy, it's OK to be a late bloomer and be wild and wonderful."

ah...muchly enjoyed this romp in Mother's nature.
Jo said…
Hi Eileen, what beautiful photos to go with the memes. I love the mill and waterwheel. And of course, my favorite is the heron with its head in the water. Thanks for sharing. Greetings Jo
Ana Freire said…
Another amazing post... with so much beauty to appreciate in each photo...
Wonderful place... and lovely shots!
Great work, as usual, Eileen!
All the best!
Mary Hone said…
That egret shot is great! And of course wild flowers are always beautiful.
Sandra said…
i really enjoyed the walk to the mill, would love to see that in real life.. i love old things and buildings and that sure qualifies.. lovely flowers and so is the lemonade pic at the end...
Sue said…
Hubby and I walk in all kinds of weather, and each one has good points---sometimes on foggy cold mornings, we see the most wildlife.
Have a great weekend, Eileen
Karen said…
I very much enjoyed the photos of Susquehanna River and Park. There is a grist mill similar to that near here in southern Indiana.
Linda said…
What a fun and delightful post, Eileen! I so enjoyed seeing all the beauty you have captured and shared here! Thank you so much!
Debbie said…
ooooh eileen, i am in the same spot. jumping around, plus i can't remember what i have shared here, and what i shared on Facebook. it's not easy to go backward and figure it out!!!

your mosaics and images are beautiful, the mill was a favorite for me. also the heron, yep, that was awesome and perfect timing on your part!!!!!
Linda W. said…
What a cool old mill! Nice action shot of the heron too.
ellen b said…
Hello Eileen,
Beautiful photos. The mill with the fences is so idyllic. The shot with the heron and the splash of water is really cool! Great job!
Hope you are having a good week and have a meaningful Memorial weekend!
Nancy's Notes said…
Now that was some great walk! I'm so happy to have been along for the scenes, they are all wonderful! Love the grist mill!

Happy day,
Tanya Breese said…
wonderful photos and i especially love that heron shot! wow!!
Cloudia said…
Thank you dear Eileen for ministering to our better selves

Beautiful Virginia Bluebells! I love your flower shots ♡

Have a nice Thursday!
What a fantastic walk and some great images.
Loved the delicate Virginia Bluebells.
Grist Mill looks a great place to visit and your Heron shot is amazing.
Have a great weekend ahead :)
Spectacular action shot of the heron fishing, Eileen.

The Susquehanna is a very pretty river.
Blogger Jedidja said…
Beautiful photos. I love the heron pic and ooooh, what a beautiful flowers are your Virginia Bluebells!
Ida said…
Yes I enjoyed your walk very much. The shots of the Mill and it's fence are wonderful. - Those wild flowers are so delicate and pretty looking and it's always great to see your bird shots.
amanda peters said…
All lovely to see but I do like the Virginia Bluebell flower, very pretty.
Amanda xx
Janice Adcock said…
Love them all but that heron shot is super!
RedPat said…
You get around so much and get such great pics, Eileen!
LV said…
What a pleasure it was getting to see so many things, I would never see otherwise.
Caroline Gill said…
Full marks, Eileen, on the superb shot of the Great Blue Heron! What terrific photos.
Earlier times often seem more peaceful. This heritage building has so much charm and it is in a lovely location.
Alexander said…
Great shots of the mill, birds and flowers.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Alex's World! -
genie said…
The way you captured the splashing of the water as the heron was honing in on its dinner. That is a fabulous shot. Also the Virginia Bluebells. They are so sweet and pretty.
LOL at the title of your post! You did indeed make lemonade!
Michelle said…
I enjoyed this walk! Those bluebells are so delicate!
Rajesh said…
Very beautiful shots. I like that mill.
The Heron in action is a great catch. Hopefully, the Heron got a great catch of a fish too!
Have a Happy Day, Eileen!
Peace :)
Mildred said…
I thoroughly enjoyed these photos. What a great collection. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
rupam sarma said…
Good morning. Beautiful pics.
Greetings :)
Lady Fi said…
Such gorgeous shots! I love that one of the blue heron!
Anu said…
Beautiful series of photos. The heron with its head in the water is gorgeous. I enjoyed your post. Have a wonderful weekend!
diane b said…
You made good lemonade. I love the Heron fishing.
Brandi said…
Your posts and pictures always make me want to get outside and take a hike! Just beautiful. Have a great weekend!
Linda Gross said…
Nice pictures of the mill.
Sarah Carletti said…
Hello from South Central PA! Loved your walk. Have a wonderful weekend! :)
Snap said…
Loved the tour of Rock Run Historic Area with the Grist Mill at the Susquehanna River State Park in Maryland. I love old mills. Wonderful wildflowers. The great blue is one of my favorite birds. Have a great week!
magiceye said…
The capture of the heron fishing is amazing!
Wonderful post again, Eilee, the photos of the old mill and the great blue heron are my favorites this time.
Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend!
Hi Eileen,
marvelous photos and collages from the nature, landscape, fences and birds. Your shot of the heron is fabulous !
Have a great Friday.
Best regards, Synnöve
Maggid said…
yep - i really like the mill picture, too . . Swallows!!! Not far from my home swallows have a hang out - although they are not as welcome as i would wish . . it's at the community college - and, i admit enjoying time watching those birds far more than the dreary course i paid for . . giggle.
Denise inVA said…
Hi Eileen, I am back to thank you for linking up with Today's Flowers. I am thrilled that you did that. Thank you, thank you, thank you :) Have a great weekend, looks like it will be a hot and sunny one, fingers crossed :)
Gayle atMuldoon said…
Today's Flowers - Pretty bluebells.
Nancy Chan said…
Beautiful photos. The Virginia bluebells and wild flowers are very pretty. The Grist Mill is a pretty place with the wheel and the fence. The best one is the Heron sticking its head into the water for a fish.
John's Island said…
Hi Eileen, Nice work on joining all the memes! Really nice work on the photos and, yes, gotta love the shot of the Great Blue Heron. Wishing you a happy weekend ahead!
Love your images. I like the old mill too. I have see the roughed wing Swallow too--I had to really research to find out what exactly what is was.
Happy Weekend to you too
Zizi Santos said…
Adoro limonada!
e sua seleção de fotos está belíssima!
o moinho é meu preferido!

Liz said…
A fabulous series of images, Eileen!
Villrose said…
I love the Virginia Bluebells, and the great photo of the Blue Heron!
Missy George said…
Great pictures of the old mill...That picture of the Susquehanna is very typical of how it looks in most places..Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend..
Jill said…
Just lovely!! A familiar area to me! My parents used to own property in Susquhanna and recently sold it a few years ago. Such a beautiful place! Have a wonderful weekend!

Mama Zen said…
Lovely photos, Eileen!
Happyone said…
Wonderful and beautiful photos. My favorite is the Heron sticking his head in the water. Great capture!!
NatureFootstep said…
lol, love the old mill and the splashing heron :)
Have a great weekend.
Ohhhhhhhhhhh, lordy, that GBH catching a fish shot is just hilariously perfect. I so love it. Great timing Eileen. This has to be one of your best ever.
Merlesworld said…
What a wonderful old mill.
I too like the picture of the crane with his head in the water.
Nora said…
as always lovely photos and yes, I enjoyed the walk!
Pauline W said…
I'm going to see if I can keep that image of the headless heron in my mind all day. Fantastic!
The Yum List said…
The area around the mill looks so lush and green.
A wonderful walk, Eileen! Love the grist mill, all the pretty wildflowers and great shot of the heron! Have a great weekend! x Karen
Just so lovely to look at and enjoy.
The heron shot was amazing, but my favourite is the mill with the big knotty tree - just a delight.

All the best Jan
Tomoko said…
Yes, I too like the stone building with a mill. The shot of the heron sticking in the water is perfect! That made me smile(*^_^*)!
Have a good day.
Gunilla Bäck said…
Wonderful photos! I enjoyed your walk very much. The heron shot is awesome!
Jim said…
Your pictures are great, Eileen, as usual. Thank you for showing us, the Sesquehanna River Park looks like a nice place to visit. I like the river picture, is that a highway bridge extending from side to side of the picture?
I especially like too the old mill. We had a lot of those sitting around in New Hampshire, some right beside the river. I would have liked to have seen yours back in the day that they ran water to the wheel. You may have seen pictures of that?
Amazing heron photo Eileen.
thomas said…
Wow! A great old mill
Sylvia said…
Eileen, you posted some great shots. I love the old mill. Thanks for sharing. Sylvia D.
Marie C said…
Such an incredible old mill! And I loved your "headless heron" ! :-)
Pat Tillett said…
Great photos of what looks to be a nice place to visit.
orchid Miyako said…
Dearest Eileen; Thank you SO much for sharing such gorgeous pictures; beautiful mill and flowers♪ I really smiled (big hands, hope the right word) for the 'Blue Heron sticking it's head into the water'shot; what a great photo with great timing♡♡♡
And I really appreciate your sweet comments despite my absence.
My husband still seems to have high explanation for my late parents' house and being with him helping for what he wants to do (painting etc), haha (^^;)

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*
edenhills said…
Beautiful series of images. I love the photos of the mill. The flowers are wonderful! I love bluebells, but I'm afraid I lost all of mine to the dog digging. Thank you for sharing and linking up to Friday's Hunt. Have a great Memorial Day and week ahead.

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