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I have a list below of memes I am joining for this week, and to save time I am doing one post for all. They are all fun memes to participate in...I hope you can join in with the fun  and check out some of the participating posts. Special thanks to all the wonderful host and their memes, I hope you have some time to check them out.

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! God Bless our Veterans and  our country.

I am sharing some of our blooms and birds seen in our yard or in the woods next to our house.  The Pink Lady Slipper a wild orchid is found growing in the same spot every year.

We found a few Pink Lady Slippers along the fireroad near home.

A pretty Scarlet Tanager can be seen in the woods next to our home.

Our Clematis is starting to bloom.

Wild pink azaleas in the forest next to our home.

A pretty Rose-breasted Grosbeak seen on 5/15/16

The Red-bellied woodpecker seen right outside my dining room window. The male is on the feeder dropping crumbs for the female on my deck. Bird watching from the windows has been happening a lot lately. We have had many rainy days this spring.

For Tom's Barn Collective I have a local barn, over the years it has sat empty. It is somewhat a famous barn for us it was used in the movie Runaway Bride which was filmed in our area. This barn is just across from my son's old elementary school.

Thank you for visiting and for the nice comments. As always, thanks to the wonderful group of hosts listed below.

Here is a list of linky parties for part of the week, Sunday thru Wednesday. I hope to see you there.

Thanks to Tom for hosting The Barn Collective
Thanks to Jesh our host for Seasons
Thanks to Judith our  host of Mosaic Monday   last Monday of the month
Thanks to Monica for hosting NF Trees
Thanks to Michelle for hosting Nature Notes
Thanks to the hosting team of Our World Tuesday!
Thanks to Stewart for hosting Wild Bird Wednesday


Vilt og vakkert said…
Heisann.... this is a busy time of the year, living outside, living inside, joining memes, doing everyday life, preparing feasts.... good for all we can merge chores ???? ( Is this the right way to express myself?)
Wish you a happy week ;:OD)
What an interesting observations and findings!! Have a good day!
Janneke said…
Wow, you have ladyslippers growing in the wild along the road, so special.
Mildred said…
Hi Eileen, These are such gorgeous pictures. I love the Pink Lady Slippers; so delicate. What a lovely variety of birds and your photos are exceptional. That's interesting about the barn in the movie. Have a great day.

I really liked your post very much today! The Ladyslippers are so beautiful, the Azalea and the Clematis too :)

Have a nice Sunday!
Marco Luijken said…
Hello Eileen,
Wonderful pictures. Great flowers.
But It's so nice to see these amazing colored birds. Fantastic.
Yesterday there was a woodpecker in my garden and I was trying to photograph him. When I was outside he was gone and when I was one minute inside the house, he was there again..pfff..!!

Kind regards,
Yamini MacLean said…
Hari OM
And again I am in awe of the variety... that tanager is just beyond words gorgeous! YAM xx
Sandra said…
I saw Runnaway Bride but don't remember the barn, if i watch again will look for this beauty... i love the lady slippers. and black and white with pops of red is my favorite color scheme..
Blogoratti said…
What lovely photos, many thanks for sharing and do have a nice week!
Missy George said…
Nice series of pictures, Eileen...Hope you are having a good weekend..
Barb said…
Those Lady Slippers are a real find! I'd love to see the azalea blooming in the forest. Love all your red-decked birds, too.
TexWisGirl said…
gorgeous tanager!
Happyone said…
The pink lady slippers are really pretty. I've heard of them but have never seen one before.
Martin Kloess said…
Wonderful pictures. Appreciate you sharing.
Cloudia said…
A good feeling emanates from all you gift us!
Pat Tillett said…
Lots of nice photos Eileen! Love those birds.
The Yum List said…
Some beautiful colours in your photos today. :-)
Had no idea that the Lady Pink slipper is a wild orchid! So beautiful. Am envious if you have all these flowers in your yard! This woodpecker is beautiful too,and neat to have a famous barn in your area! Have a great week and many thanks for being a part of SEASONS with your photo. Always looking forward to see you back!
Michelle said…
Lovin' that Lady Slipper!
Nora said…
Many lovely photos in this selection. Of course I love all the birds! Your birds have so much color.
Gunn said…
You have lots of birds I have never seen here in Norway. Nice images, and some birds have these bright colours that I like:)
Lea said…
Wonderful birds and flower photos
Love the barn, too!
Have a great week!
Ahhhhh..that Lady Slipper is a gem! I've seen them in botanical gardens but never in the wild! It's so delicate but beautifully formed and blissfully named!
Jo said…
Hi Eileen, such beautiful images. I love the Pink Lady Slippers and the Scarlet Tanager is STUNNING. Thanks for sharing. Greetings Jo
I love those Pink Lady Slipper photo's and I love the pink azaleas ... well pink is my favourite colour! But all your photo's are lovely, so nice to sit at my keypad and see them, thank you.

Hope you have a good Memorial Day, and good wishes for this new week ahead.

All the best Jan
Tom said…
Eileen, this is so much beauty here, thanks for sharing. The weathered barn is still stand strong and straight. Enjoy your week.
Magnifico e belo trabalho com fotografias fabulosas.
Um abraço e boa semana.
podso said…
Beautiful pictures this morning! It's so interesting how places become famous because of movies, not because something really happened there!
orchid Miyako said…
Dearest Eileen; Wow,the Pink Lady Slipper a wild orchid sure is SO magnificent, really happy to be able to see them♡♡♡ Beautiful flowers, I LOVE the elegant Clematis with purple color. The cute colorful Pink Lady Slipper is one the wishing to see list♬♬♬
Wishing you a Happy Memorial Day and comig new week☆☆☆

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*
Denise inVA said…
The flowers are spectacular, especially the lady slipper as it is so hard to find here, and the birds always lovely. That is a wonderful barn image too. I am remembering all or Vets this day. Have a great week.
Linda Gross said…
Love all your bird and bloom pictures.
Pink ladyslippers...they are so delicate and lovely! It's been a long time since I've seen any. We came across some in the wild on our land in NC years ago! Enjoy your day! Hugs, Diane
Tomoko said…
You have many birds as always. Your red bird is so beautiful.
Have a good day!
Ana Freire said…
Stunning images, on this sequence, once more, Eileen!!!
But I have no words, for the second one!... I never saw a bird like that, with that gorgeous color!...
So many different species!!!
A post to appreciate, in the smallest details... Love all the images!
Have a great week ahead, Eileen!
A big kiss!
Rajesh said…
Very pretty flowers and beautiful blooms.
CountryMouse said…
Such pretty flowers. I hope you are enjoying Spring. Those lady slippers are interesting and the colours on those birds are so vibrant. Have a great week!
you know I've never seen a lady slipper n person, only online. want 2 check it off my list 4 sure. what a beauty. ( ;

happy Memorial Day!
Grantham Lynn said…
Gorgeous shots! Have a great week.
I know I saw that movie, but I can't remember the barn -- that is my problem with books and movies -- I forget the details and would be a terrible trivia player. It is an interesting old barn, even if were not a movie star!! I love the wild azaleas -- I've seen wild rhododendrons in Oregon, but never azaleas, they are really lovely. And your birds, especially the rose-breasted grosbeak (someday .....)
Donna said…
Fabulous birds and blooms...I especially love the wild lady's slippers...very rare and the scarlet tanager!
Have a great week!

and LivingFromHappiness
Sarah said…
Lovely photos of these gorgeous flowers and birds.
Betsy Adams said…
Love that Tanager... What a gorgeous bird. AND the wild Azaleas are SO pretty. I've never seen those before I don't think.. Gorgeous.

Happy Memorial Day. Let's never forget those men and women who served and gave so much for our FREEDOM.

I'd be in heaven with the pink lady slippers near by Eileen and I like the wild azaleas too.
Have a good week!
Hello Eileen, stunning birds and gorgeous flowers! It must be lovely to have wild azaleas growing in the forest. :)
Thank you for sharing! Have a lovely new week!
Hi Eileen! The blooms, birds and barn is perfect! We've had a beautiful weekend, haven't we - Onward to summer we go!!
Christine said…
Hello Eileen & thanks for sharing more wonderful sightings on your journeys & even all those sweet bird friends you see from your window!
The lady slippers are so so pretty, I don't think I've ever seen any in person.
The old barn is weathering well & what a famous past it has!
Have a lovely week!
Our photos said…
Wow, that is really nice !
Fun60 said…
What a fantastic series of photos.
carol l mckenna said…
Oh Wow~ Gorgeous floral shots and I love the sweet and colorful bird photos!

Happy Week to you ~ ^_^
I've yet to find a pink lady's slipper. Love the colorful tanager and grosbeak! The old ban is so charming.
You have pink Azaleas in the forest.....wonderful.....the Lady Slippers are lovely too!

Enjoy your week Eileen,
wildlifewatcher said…
Hi Eileen, I have never seen any Grosbeaks or Scarlet Tangers - I sure hope I do some day. Love the woodpecker! Have a great coming week.
joanna uk said…
Such pretty things around you and all at their peak now. Enjoy them while it lasts.
Small Kucing said…
I do love looking at those beautiful flowers. The birds also so pretty over there.
Lady Fi said…
Lovely shots - those pink slipper flowers are delightful!
Loved the old barn today...and your male tanager is tops!! Well, in case you didn't know by now, I always enjoy each and EVERY photo you share.
Mary Cromer said…
Oh My Eileen, I have not seen Lady Slippers in forever. They are so pretty and tiny, yes? I love your assorted birds and flowers and the barn is also wonderful. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Mine was pretty quite and long, but got to take a ride yesterday. I may be able to drive tomorrow, and I will be thrilled. Happy week~
Meta said…
Så mycket vackra fåglar du har i närheten. våren är en underbar fågeltid. Men inte bara det utan alla blommor som också slår ut nu
Ha det gott i veckan
kram Meta
Debbie said…
eileen...i feel like i would know your home, if i drove by!! the azaleas are gorgeous, i have never seen one with such beautiful blended colors!!!

i have never seen a scarlet tanger, ever, let alone in my yard. such a pretty image, i always appreciate them more if they are in a natural setting (always harder to capture)!!!

i may have to plant some clematis, seems they are mostly purple and that they come back pretty easily each year!!!!
Hi Eileen,
fabulous photos of the beautiful flowers and colorful birds. Amazing !
Best regards, Synnöve
Lots of pretties today- love the barn, the flowers and the birds. Have a great Tuesday!
Bob Bushell said…
They are the best. The birds are fantastic Eileen.
Gayle atMuldoon said…
Thank you for the Lady Slippers. Haven't seen those in a long time. Happy Day.
The Lady's Slipper are brilliant shots and I also love the brd images. Very colourful.
amo sin blogg said…
You are so clever with the camera,
gorgeous flowers and colorful birds.

Wish you a nice June
Findlay Wilde said…
Such fantastic birds. Brilliant pictures.
Adam Jones said…
I love the Grosbeak shot Eileen, and a belated Happy Memorial Day.
The Ladys Slipper is gorgeous as are all of your wonderful flowers.
Amazing birds!! I'm always amazed by the beautiful colours of the birds where you live. I would be so very happy if they popped into my garden :)
Have a wonderful June :)
Nancy's Notes said…
What an awesome post again!! The incredible array of birds, flowers and everyone you set your sights on are always such a treat!!! I love your blog!!!
John's Island said…
Hi Eileen, Another excellent post here. Did you know I actually learn quite a bit from your blog. The names of the flowers and birds ... you are great at telling us this. Wow, the wild orchid is beautiful! And the Clematis ... what a great shot! Hope you are having a fine week! Thank you for sharing!
likeschocolate said…
Great job capturing the woodpecker. The bird is stunning.
NatureFootstep said…
"lady slippers" what a great name for that flower. :)

Thanks for linking up to TnB
edenhills said…
Beautiful! I love those orchids. I would love to see a tanager in real life.
lovely birds and blooms. A rose breasted grosbeak apparently visited Shetland just before our holiday up there, would have loved to have seen that!
Boa tarde, maravilhosa selecção de fotos das lindas flores e aves.
Resto de boa semana,
Alexa T said…
So lovely red bird and beautiful blue clematis! beautiful pictures as always with various aspects from nature...
Have a sunny week of june!
Latane Barton said…
Your birds all have a touch of red on them... love that. Makes them easy to spot, too.
Karen S. said…
Oh my gosh Eileen how lucky are you to have found the Pink Lady Slippers which just happens to be our state flower in Minnesota but rarely do I find one, just by the side of the road! Beautiful red coloring on the birdie and that barn is wonderful. Take care, see you with good fences tomorrow!
Rambling Woods said…
Blooms and birds make everything better...Michelle
jandi said…
That red bird is amazing! I love the wild orchid- so pretty! Have a lovely day!
All so beautiful and nicely photographed.
Have a Happy Week ahead.
Peace :)
Maggee said…
The wild azaleas are stupendous!! Love them! My clematis is just starting to grow finally--I bought it in March, but like you... the weather is awful! Too too much rain! Thanks for sharing!
Gunilla Bäck said…
Lovely birds and flowers. The lady slippers are wonderful.
Red Rose Alley said…
Oh my, this Scarlet Tanager is striking! Love the woodpecker too. We have many woodpeckers at the trail that I go to, but they are called red-headed woodpeckers, and most of their head is a round fluff of red. They make me laugh when they peck away at the trees.


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