Saturday's Critters #170

Saturday's Critters #170

Happy Saturday, it's time to share your critters and post. Any kind of critter will do, even a new or old post.. I appreciate everyone who is linking in with this week's critter party.

We will be packing up for our trip home to Maryland, so I will be visiting your post and commenting ASAP. Depending on our internet service of course. For now, I have more Florida photos to share from one of our Circle B Reserve, I hope you enjoy.

I will miss visiting the Circle B Bar Reserve, if you are ever in Lakeland Florida I highly recommend a visit.  An early morning look at a Wood Stork in a tree top.

A pretty look at an Anhinga.

A view of the Circle B reserve, a gator swimming along and a tree full of birds.

Bald Eagle perched on top a dead tree, near the nest.

I think this Great Blue Heron has a lot to say.

A Tricolored Heron and reflection.

 Two Red-shouldered hawks.

My video of the Sandhill Cranes flying around the Circle B Reserve.

As always thanks for the visits and the nice comments. I also thank everyone who is linking up and sharing their critters.. Happy Saturday, have a great weekend!

To see more beautiful birds and cute critters, check out these two memes below.

Also visit:  I'd-Rather-B-BirdinThanks to the gracious host: Anni.  Also check out Camera Critters. Thanks to Misty for hosting this fun meme.


Ohhh the wood stork - and the reflections - and the sand hill crane video - I listened over and over. One of the highlights of our trip to Wisconsin for Don's 50th high school reunion a couple years ago was the masses of Sand Hill Cranes - they were everywhere and I think I took photos of all of them. :-) Wonderful post.
Mosura said…
I will miss Circle B Bar Reserve as well. I've enjoyed your posts about this site and the magnificent array of wildlife.
Thank you, as always Eileen,loved seeing the heron especially.
Nancy J said…
Beautiful birds, the reflection shot is a stunner. Have a safe trip back home.
I would love to visit Circle B as there are wonderful birds to see like you have shown us today. thanks for hosting and I hope you have a marvellous weekend.
NatureFootstep said…
love the photo of the Anhinga :)
Have a safe trip back to Maryland and see you soon.

Monica at NatureFootstep
Lea said…
Wonderful photos! The third one is my favorite.
Have a great week-end!
✿ chica said…
Conseguiste mais uma vez fotos deslumbrante nessa reserva! Gostei muito!Ótimo fim de semana! bjs, chica
Mildred said…
I wish you safe travel. These are pretty photos; I especially love the stork.
Tom said…
Eileen, as always great critters, but my favorite is the view of the Circle B reserve, with a gator swimming along and a tree full of birds.
Memaria said…
Amazing photos and video!
Have a great weekend!
rainfield61 said…
Such a beautiful golden light.
rainfield61 said…
Have a happy weekend.
Have a safe trip back to Maryland.
Love the Anhnga best today....
Christine said…
What a grand finale of your Florida visit, Eileen! These are spectacular photos and I love the reflection shot of the Tricolored Heron and the Great blue heron! Beautiful!
Thanks for hosting and safe travels home!
Sandra said…
have a safe trip and I know you will miss all these bird preserves
rupam sarma said…
Hello, Beautiful bird pics.
Have a nice weekend.

Wonderful post and photos! I love the big birds like egrets and herons.

Happy Weekend!
The first shot is a great one and the eagle is awesome! As always, you have chosen some great birds, and taken great photos. Have a super day!
Jo said…
Oh Eileen, your Anhinga is heart-stoppingly beautiful. Thanks for sharing these photos and for hosting this meme. Are you going home to other house for the summer? Somewhere I missed why you were in this area. Greetings Jo
Nick V. said…
Lovely bird shots, Eileen, and I enjoyed the video too!
Thanks for hosting.
Nancy Chan said…
Have a safe and smooth trip back to Maryland. Great photos of birds and I pick the Anhinga as my favourite.
Yamini MacLean said…
Hari OM
OOhh safe trails home! (I must have missed the bit about the extended stay away - an 'overwintering'???) You have certainly stored up lots of fabby shots and memories. Home is home though... YAM xx
carol l mckenna said…
Eileen ~ more gorgeous wildlife photography ~ thanks,

Wishing you a lovely weekend ~ ^_^
magnoliasntea said…
Lovely photos, Eileen. Love those cranes, especially.
Have a great weekend!
about time for me to stop by make me eager. Safe travels home
Debbie said…
WoW!!! great captures of everyone up high, beautiful light!! i will miss your walks and pictures from florida. have a safe trip home, and as always, many thanks for hosting!!

i had trouble with the video, it wouldn't load past 4 seconds!!!

and don't worry about leaving a comment for me. my post is same old - yard birds - nothing exciting!!!
Great shot of the bald eagle.
gorgeous Eagle. they were speaking on the news about a bald eagle nest and folks walking or driving on private property to see these birds and getting in trouble. wondering why they just did not set up a video so folks could see them instead, kind of wild and silly too. what folks will do to see an eagle. we have them in our backyard constantly ... such gorgeous birds. very quiet. just watching. happy weekend to you!! ( ;
Liz said…
A great series Eileen!
Quite an array of big birds. I have never seen a Wood Stork before.
William Kendall said…
I have a great fondness for those herons- watching them, they have infinite patience.
Daniela said…
Amazed more and more at your stunning shots, dearest Eileen,
I'm sending you blessings of joy,
may your weekend be as pleasant as ever !

With utmost gratitude,
sweet friend

krishna said…
the Anhingais so gorgeous.. yesterday I saw beautiful egret, but I couldn't position my mobile to take picture, as I had so many things in my hand..
Linda said…
Great video, Eileen, and your photos are absolutely gorgeous and dreamy! I hope you have a great weekend, I love and appreciate all your posts. :)
Breathtaking said…
Hello Eileen!:) All your photos didn't load, but I love the one of the birds in the tree with the gator, and the Great Blue Heron image.
Have a great weekend!:)
Jeevan said…
Love the sound of bird you captured in the videos... beautiful photos on the birds and the you got great light on the talk of great blue heron and reflection of tricolored
Bob Bushell said…
Absolutely stunning Eileen, especially the Anhinga.
Cat Lover said…
Oh, that must be so hard to do, leave that paradise! Have a good trip home.
Love the photos!
RedPat said…
Fabulous shots, Eileen! I hope it isn't too cold when you get home!
amanda peters said…
Great set of photos all lovely birds...
Amanda xx
Martin Kloess said…
What marvelous images. Thank you for sharing these moments
Our photos said…
Wow, very nice ! I love the bald eagle.
Beautiful last looks at the Florida Reserve. Gorgeous shots, Eileen! Have a safe trip home!
Jenn Jilks said…
I'm loving your photos with greenery and birdies! We're still so cold.
happyone said…
Always nice to see your critters.
Have a safe trip back to Maryland and please bring spring with you. : )
Ranten said…
Hei Eileen! Thank you for your lovely pictures and have a happy sunday!
Stewart M said…
Nice set of birds. Still half asleep as a result of too much travel here! Roll on bed time!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
Hello Eileen.

Lovely photographs, especially the tricolored heron and reflection.
Have a good trip back home.

All the best Jan
Safe travels back to Maryland! I've enjoyed your photos from that corner of the world - I honestly don't know how you decide which ones to post, they are all amazing!
Rose said…
Oh, my, sure have some fantastic photos here...and I enjoyed the video, too.
Linda W. said…
Great bird photos! I'll bet you're sad to leave Florida.
Linda said…
I love the bird sounds in your video! Your Florida birds are spectcular but i am looking forward to seeing Maryland posts again.
Fantastics birds and shots.. happy Sunday.. :-)))
Lynne said…
Wonderful photos and video . . .
Safe travels Eileen . . .
Karen S. said…
Good morning, not so sure if my link went through, but I tried. I hope your weather is better, our storm is over again, but I hear there may be another one by the end of the week. Darn it. I like your critters not in winter, they look so warm and happy in their world. Take care.
Phil Slade said…
Hi Eileen. Looks like your Internet connection is working OK. Maybe you are back home now? You have had a wonderful time in Floirda, finishing on a high with your birds and landscapes again. Thank you for allowing me to join in again today. Hope the week ahead goes well for you.
Such lovely birds. Have a safe trip back home, Eileen.
Missy George said…
The Woodstock is beautiful...Great picture of the Anhinga..Safe travels..
PS...Hi again Eileen. It's good to read you're now safely home in MD. And, I want to thank you for linking in at I'd Rather B Birdin'.....take a good long rest; you deserve it after that drive!!
Hello Eileen,this looks like a lovely place. The Anhinga is interesting, and new to me.....and your header is beautiful and springlike!
Thanks for hosting and sharing....
Have a great week!
Great photos! Greetings!:)

Lynn said…
Amazing photos! I am sure you will miss the area - it's about to turn very hot and muggy, so you were there at a perfect time.
Denise inVA said…
Wonderful captures Eileen. I had forgotten what they sounded like so to hear them in the video was really neat. The last time I saw them was in Yellowstone a couple of years back. Awesome birds. Thank you and have a great week :)
Safe travels Eileen! I'm glad you loved your snowbird adventure in Florida. Lots of people heading home from here too. We will be here a couple more months ...I kind of like it when it gets quieter.... I think it's a lot busier here than where you were. I still hope to get up there before we go home.
I'm glad the party was still going on...I forgot to link up! I love the eagle exciting! Hope you have a good trip North. Hurry back! Hugs, Diane
orchid Miyako said…
Dearest Eileen; Great visit to Circle B Bar Reserve♪ Iwish I could see tricolored heron to add my capture list p;-) wonderful reflection. Wow, hawks on top of the tree, happy for your wonderful time, Dear friend. I enjoyed the video as well(♡^.^♡)
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*
Hello Eileen, I am late as usual adding on to your critter meme, but my goodness, what wonderful photographs you have posted. The Wood Stork and the Anhinga are breathtaking, but every single image is spectacular! I also loved the video, with pink skies, free flight and wonder in your Hubby's voice too. :)
Dianna said…
What beautiful birds you have shared. I love the Bald Eagle...and how fun to see a wood stork! I think a Blue Heron is such a unique bird, too.
GreenComotion said…
Hi Eileen-
Great shot of the Anhinga and other guys.
Wonder what the Gator was up to :)
Thanks for hosting.
Have a Happy Day!!
Peace :)
edenhills said…
These are wonderful images! Love the second one, and it's a bird I had never heard of. I'm always impressed with your knowledge of the birds you photograph.
Hi Eileen,
awesome photos of this huge birds ! No more words.
Best, Synnöve

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