Friday, August 26, 2011

Warbler Confusion

My post for The Friday Ark  and Camera Critters.

Fall time can be a confusing time for iding warblers. The summer males turn a duller color and then there are the first year warblers and the females, so many different versions of the same bird. They can make your head spin trying to id these cuties.

Last weekend during a walk here at the reservoir I came across this little yellow bird. And if Hurricane Irene does not ruin my weekend I will be out there looking for more fall Warblers. I have been following my listserve for Maryland and these lovely warblers are showing up everywhere.  So get out there and go BIRDING!!!!

After help from some of my facebook friends this bird above was id as a juvenile female Hooded  Warbler. I have photo of the male Hooded Warbler below.

 My first thought was a Prothonotary Warbler because it was close to the lake. These warblers have been known to nest close to water.

My picture above is the Prothonoary Warbler from Magee Marsh

This is a summer male Hooded Warbler, the same bird as my first picture of the female Hooded Warbler.

And for more comparison on little Yellow birds I have below a pretty Yellow Warbler. This bird is easier for  me to id because it has reddish streaks going down its front.

I hope you enjoyed my little Yellow Bird post and to see more critters

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Thanks to the host of the Friday Ark and to Misty Dawn for hosting these fun critter memes.

I hope everyone stays safe from Hurricane Irene and not to mention the earthquakes and aftershocks we are feeling on the East Coast. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Birding!!!!!


  1. I've never seen a hooded warbler. The male is quite handsome!

  2. What beautiful birds these are Eileen. I love that yellow color. THis surely is a bird that you can't miss for its color is very clear.
    Have a safe weekend!

  3. Keep safe. If the birds go into hiding then you need to as well. They are lovely birds. So yellow. Great shots too.

  4. I sometimes have to use Stokes book on Warblers to properly ID them.

  5. wow. they are brilliantly beautiful!

  6. Very pretty birds:-) I love that bright yellow.
    I hope all of you keep safe from Irene.

  7. Love your shots of the warblers, Eileen. I have only seen ONE warbler that I know of bit it got away before I could ID it exactly. I hope you can go birding this weekend and that Irene stays way off shore.

  8. beautiful bird shots, i seldom see yellow bird here, and if I do, what joy it is.

  9. They are very pretty little birds. They pack such much beauty in such a little body.

  10. Loved your warblers. Stay safe, Eileen and *see* you soon!

  11. Hi Eileen, I am hoping that the storm won't give you a lot of trouble. Thinking of you and your community this weekend. I love the shots of your Warblers! Excellent! Have a safe and really good coming week! I am not blogging for a few weeks but will check in with my blog friend's posts here and there.

  12. Such beautiful birds & wonderful captures.

    We're battening down the hatches. Stay safe.

  13. Such lovely yellows! Beautiful little creatures.

  14. Great set! I especially love the second shot.

  15. Too much horrible weather on your coast. Be safe.

    The warblers are absolutely incredible. Wonderful post. (I've only ever seen them in Texas when we stayed there.)

  16. nice shots
    like the second one

    My Camera Critter is here

  17. Keep safe!

    Such delightful shots!

  18. Absolutely stunning!!! I especially like the 3rd one down, it's like he twisted his head just for show off his beautiful markings.

    My Week's Summary & Shadow Shot

  19. That's one fine collection of yellow birds! Hope you didn't have any damage from Irene.

  20. These are very beautiful birds and your photos are wonderful.
    I hope they are all still there after Irene.

    Just stopping by to see if you are O.K.
    I saw on TV that Maryland was hit badly by Irene, I hope nothing bad happened to you.
    Have a nicer week!

  21. Such beautiful yellows, I love your second shot. I have never seen a warbler in this area.

    I hope your weekend was uneventful in regards to Irene and the aftershocks have stopped.

  22. The yellow is lovely and they are each so striking! Glad you could id them. What a pretty cheery header too..wishing you a wonderful evening-

  23. Beautiful birds with lovely yellow.



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