Weekend Walk, Oct 13

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October 13, 2013

This Columbus Day weekend  has been mostly rainy so I am sharing a previous weekend walk.  Since we have so many fireroads around our neighborhood we can choose to take a different walk each weekend.

 On this day before leaving on our walk, I watched a bike event on our street. I assume they were riding the loop around our lake.

 Some trails have become favorites only because we enjoy the views of the lake. We enjoy a nice walk among the tall pine trees, bushes with berries, the sounds of birds singing and views of the lake.

This trail takes us to our favorite spot for viewing the lake.  There were lots of different berries along the trail, I hope they were berries that the birds enjoy eating.

  Lately I have been seeing and reading on my listserve about the winter birds moving back into the neighborhood and state.  On this day I was able to see some great views of the Ruby-Crowned Kinglet. The Kinglets are winter birds for my area. When agitated their pretty Scarlet Crown is raised. They have a heavy eye-ring, but thin at the top and bottom. They winter in wooded and brushy habitats. It is a tiny bird only 4 1/4 inches.

The highlight of my rainy weekend, was meeting my niece's son for the first time baby Neill.

As always, I hope you enjoy my post and thanks for visiting my blog. I always appreciate your comments.

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TexWisGirl said…
little neill is sweet!

so is that tiny kinglet. i love the nature trails you have to explore. love the ferns you have, too!
Mersad said…
Neill is adorable, and those nature shots fantastic!
Hi Eileen.. lovely baby and great images.. Kind regards..
Poppy said…
Hi Eileen,

What a beautiful little bundle of joy!

I don't know why, but I find berries to be so interesting to look at! They're like little jewels in a treasure chest of necklaces, bracelets and coins, kind of like your forest, gleaming with rich, autumn brilliance!

Gorgeous photos, my friend!

Have a happy week!

I always love walking in woodland by water, lovely photos, the kinglet is such a cute little bird, quite like our goldcrest
Rajesh said…
Beautiful and scenic place with such lovely birds. Baby is cute.
Sue said…
I think Neill edges out the Kinglet for cuteness---what a doll!

And I love those firelanes you walk on--they look so peaceful and pretty.
Joop Zand said…
Of course we enjoy your pictures Eileen.....thanks again.

Greetings, Joop
Brian King said…
You've certainly got a beautiful place to walk! I haven't seen a Kinglet in a very long time. Flighty little birds! Glad you got to see the new baby!
Pam :) said…
Welcome to the world sweet baby Neil:)

You live in a wonderful spot for wandering the trails and birding while viewing that gorgeous lake Eileen.

It was ice to see autumn in your area, Eileen! The bird is so sweet.

Your niece's baby looks so adorable! It is hard to believe how fast they grow--enjoy watching him grow up!
Betsy Adams said…
Hi Eileen, sorry about all of the rain you all have had ALL weekend. We have missed all of that rain --and have had a gorgeous weekend here...

Looks like you have lots of great places to walk in your area. And they are all SO pretty.

Cute baby!!! Congrats to your niece.

Hope you are having a great Sunday.
What a lovely walk ! That little bird is just adorable and you have such great photos of it!

And then there's a baby...AH ! Nothing sweeter or more precious, is there :)
wildlifewatcher said…
Hi Eileen, Congratulations of baby Neil! Wonderful! Glad you have the Kinglets. I have never seen any in person. Maybe some day i will. Have an especially nice coming week!
Faye said…
Always enjoy "taking a walk" with you, Eileen. Bet this spot is ideal at any time of the year. But fall is the most ideal of all! :-)

Am hoping for some new birds to visit my yard this fall and winter. I've upgraded the buffet menu!
Hello Eileen
That is a tiny bird, cute too!
Us women just gravitate to a new baby, don't we? I miss having a little one in the family and find baby Neill so sweet. They smell good too. :-)
Merlesworld said…
A lovely place to spend a couple of hours walking.
The new little fellow looks very peaceful.
Oh what a beautiful walkway! I would love to take a stroll there.
Terri Buster said…
Precious new baby,and a cute little bird.
✿ chica said…
Lindas fotos, pássaros e o bebê Neil, lindo demais! beijos,felicidades e muitas coisas boas pra ele! chica
EG CameraGirl said…
Oh, Neill is very cute! Love the ruby-crowned kinglets. I have seen a few lately here but they are heading south and will not be here long.
Barbara F. said…
What a sweet baby. Congrats to your niece and family. Love the little birdie, too. xo
Giga said…
Spacer miły i ze wspaniałymi widokami. Ptaszk śliczny. Najładniejszy jest jednak dzidziuś. Pozdrawiam.
Walk nice and with great views. Pretty bird. However, the most beautiful baby. Yours.
I was admiring the Kinglets when the sweet baby photo appeared. You have lots of beauty in your life, Eileen!

What a tiny sweet little baby. Babies are such a blessing for the whole family! Love your nature photos my friend! Enjoy your week!
HI Eileen, you always have such wonderful walks and places to take us to, it is always enjoyable to visit. I have been away for 6 weeks touring around my vast country, and am happy to be back at Mosaic Monday and catching up with what has been going on in blogging world.
Have a great week.
what a cute little baby. ( :

have a fun long weekend. still raining here. so chilly too.
podso said…
A lovely post. Of course my favorite picture is the last one! Have a good week!
Beautiful photos - especially of the new little boy - what a treat.
Stewart M said…
Its strange how some paths can become "favourites" for a whole range of reasons.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne.

PS; I almost feel well today - thankfully!
Our photos said…
Beautiful photos!
Greetings, RW & SK
orchid Miyako said…
Dearest Eileen;
First of all, so sorry for my recent absence.
Wow, LOVELY and CUTE baby "Neill"; Congratulations♡♡♡
"Columbus Day weekend", kind of sweet to read things from your custom. Sorry for the weather, though.
I am gaining weight a lot recently; if only I had this marvelous and refreshing walk way,I would have no hesitation to take a walk(^^;)

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
Irma said…
A wonderful place for walking and cycling, Eileen.
The baby is so sweet.
Greetings Irma
DIMI said…
Hallo Eileen!!!
You sure had a wonderful walk!!!What a beautiful place!!!Great pictures!!!
Very preety birds!!! What a cute baby!!! Congrats to your niece!!!!
Have a lovely new week!!!
Mia McPherson said…
Eileen, I love this post. You have so many wonderful areas to walk!
Wonderful photos and Mosaic of your weekend walk. Congratulations for the sweet baby.
Best regards, Synnöve
You have such a beautiful place there for a walk, and the baby is so precious looking!
Neil is adorable!! And what a wonderful walking path!! Believe I'd make a bench and just sit and admire your lovely lake view!! Lovely photos!! Always!
Phil Slade said…
Shame about the rain Eileen. It is so frustrating when you look forward all week to Saturday and Sunday and then it just pours down. You do have some lovely walks to enjoy and some little beauties to look at. Hope your week is better.
Bob Bushell said…
Nice little baby, and the countryside around you, superb.
ladyfi said…
What a wonderful walk - and such a sweet baby.
Aww -- Baby Neill is a doll. And thank you for sharing a bit about your lovely area, Eileen.
My name is Riet said…
Hi Eileen. I always love your photo's and there is no exception today but little Neikl steals the show.
Have a nice week.
Such a beautiful bundle. The shots of the birds and walk are gorgeous xx
Montanagirl said…
Nice photos, and that Baby Neil is adorable!
It is so pretty there! Love all these shots. Especially baby Neill. What a cutie!!!
Love the new baby ~ Great shots as always ~ Happy Week to you ~ carol ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)
Sylvia K said…
Such a beautiful place to walk and superb captures as always, Eileen! And what a handsome young fellow Neill is! Such a sweet pic! Thanks for sharing ! Hope your have a great week!
Glenda/MidSouth said…
Thanks for sharing your walk, and that precious baby.
Photo Cache said…
sweet angel!

i have always enjoy bike races and someday i hope to be able to photograph the race.

Findlay Wilde said…
I'd really like a walk in that wood/ From Findlay
Cynthia said…
Sweet little kinglets and sweet little baby boy!
Stephanie said…
Great series of photos, and cute baby.
mick said…
Beautiful walk and birds - and such a cute baby!
Kerri Farley said…
Congrats on the new addition to the family!
What a lovely trail to walk!!
and I love your RCK :)
DeniseinVA said…
Brilliant photos Eileen and how exciting to meet the wee one. Adorable baby! Congratulations to all!
Al said…
I would also enjoy views of that lake. And congratulations to your niece!
Debbie said…
Eileen, you have an awesome place to walk. I love being outdoors as much as I can, especially this time of year!!

We didn't get any rain this weekend.....lucky us!!
Indrani said…
The nature trail pics are inviting! I want to backpack now. Great compilation in the mosaics.
Bi Ti said…
Thanks for sharing the beautiful walk and your beautiful baby relative Eileen. Have a great week!
Yogi♪♪♪ said…
Baby Neil is certainly a highlight. I love your trails and views.
Joyce Olson said…
Lovely treasures to behold. From sweet baby dear to the dearest little Ruby-Crowned Kinglet. I love your forest and all of the glorious colors.
Lorrie said…
Such a great place to walk, or ride a bike. Neil looks a little darling. So sweet. Enjoy your week, Eileen.
Leovi said…
Yes , delicious photos, I especially like the forest !
Jenny Short said…
Perfect little Neill, welcome to the world. Beautiful post, Eileen. I want to walk with you. xo Jenny
Helma said…
A stroll Eileen and I also see that you first winter birds are back again. beautiful pictures you have taken it. The highlight was the meeting with the son of your cousin. What a sweet boy :-)
Brittany Ruth said…
Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving that nice comment on my Capri post! Glad I could inspire. Take care.

Brittany Ruth
What a lovely walking trail and cute little bird. Thanks for taking us along.
Little Neil is just precious!
Catherine said…
What beautiful surroundings! Love the Ruby Crowned Kinglet shots...
Jori said…
What a precious baby! Love your bird photos too!
Those fire roads make amazing places to walk..and the birds as always are perfect. When I was working, it seemed like every long weekend it rained. Of course it was in Oregon (LOL)....your adorable great-niece made up for the rain tho!
George said…
I'm sorry about the rain over the weekend. Hopefully you'll have better weather this coming weekend. If all the fire roads in your neighborhood are this interesting and beautiful, you have plenty of choices.
NatureFootstep said…
lovely birds and beautiful baby. :)
Hi Eileen that looks like a wonderful place to take walks and lots of birds to see with lovely water scenes. Great shot of baby Neill. Congratulation.
Betty Manousos said…
little neill is sooo adorable!! that photo makes my heart melt.
great scenery and such beautiful birds!
thanks for brightening my day,
big hugs!

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