Friday, January 24, 2014

Birding is fun

 January 24, 2014

Today my post for January is up click here for my  birding-is-fun-in-florida   I would love if you could visit me there. Just click on the link above.

My post for  Birding is Fun is a review on my Florida trip back in April 2013. I shared my Florida lifers and more. I hope you can stop by and check out my post.

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  1. Great post Eileen!!!I really enjoy it!!!So many beautiful birds!!Excellent shots!!!Wish you a happy weekend!!Hugs!!!

  2. Hi Eileen, Great post. So happy you had an excellent time seeing the various birds here in Florida. I still have never seen some of the birds on your FL list. Hopefully I will. By the way, we are going to get to go to Ding Darling in a few weeks. Looking forward to that a lot. Have a super good weekend and stay warm!

  3. Eileen, if you see my comment on the Birding Blog--you will see me saying hello to you and to Chris (Rohrer). I had gone to HIS blog --and hadn't realized at first that it wasn't his (with you as a guest host). Anyhow --that is my crazy explanation.

  4. Great post I never tire of seeing your geat pictures

  5. I've seen all these birds around here, except for the Hooded Merganser. Nice photos!!


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