Thursday, August 9, 2018

Thankful Thursday

Hello & Happy Thankful Thursday!

For awhile we were in drought conditions and then the rain came. Flooded roads, washed away bridges and some water came in our basement. These are images of our lake, the dam and scenes from the fire road walks. I also included some of the full moon on July 27th. 

Full moon on July 27th, the eclipse could not be seen from our area.

To the lower left of the moon is the planet Mars.

July 26th , looking down at the dam gates open. 

A view of the lake and dam.  

July 26th, the Gunpowder River seen from the Dam. The reservoir 79.7 sq miles and the rural watershed is about 24,000. 

July 19th Prettyboy Reservoir, a blue sky day before the rains came. Our first eagles nest is located across the lake, it is great now we found a second eagles nest closer to our home and neighborhood.

A Swallowtail butterfly on the fire road.

July 19th, a group of Canada Geese hanging out on the lake. 

July 19th, the Prettyboy watershed, next to the reservoir. 

I am thankful for the rain, just not too much rain. 

I am thankful for all your visits and comments. 

Thank you Michelle for hosting Thankful Thursday
Thank you to the hosts of   Skywatch Friday

Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

Thanks so much for visiting and for your nice comments on my previous post. Have a happy day!


  1. Hello,

    Beautiful photos! Too much rain is not good, but too much drought is not good either. Here we need a lot rain.
    The Swallowtail butterfly is so pretty!
    Happy Thursday!

  2. Sorry to hear about the water in your basement. That is never a good thing. Is it finished? Hope not too much damage.

  3. You always seem to find wonderful photo catches to show us.
    Really is amazing, isn’t it, how weather, climate, creates so many stories in our lives.
    I feel thankful for you and your daily, consistency, steadiness . . . something pure about it all.
    July 27 shot of the moon . . . wow, you “knock is out of the park.”
    And I like the moon and mars too . . .
    Water in peacefulness and water roaring, moving, treacherous . . .
    Eagle nest sightings, views . . .
    Happy I have followed you through the years . . .
    Thank you . . . for you.

  4. Sempre nos presenteias com essas lindas fotos e nos encantas! beijos, lindo dia! chica

  5. ...Eileen, another lovely spot, thanks for sharing.

  6. Prettyboy REservoir. What a great name

  7. Great photos. I really admire those moon photos. We have had a lot of rain. 2 and 3/4 inches just yesterday. We continue to wade through the garden, but I cleverly only planted water loving plants. Mostly.

  8. Just something about rushing water (from a safe vantage point) Happy Day!

  9. Thankful Thursday is a great glad you have it. On rainy days I need to think of things I'm thankful for. But mostly our rain is here in summer afternoons and evenings...mostly. It's pretty severe at times, and we (NC) are way ahead of our norm this year.

  10. I am thankful, too, for the rain we have had. We need more, though not as much as you and others around us have gotten!

  11. Yes, rain but not too much.
    What a gorgeous moon!
    Thankful for the beautiful world.

  12. We had a lot of rain here on Tuesday evening and there was a lot of flooding in the city!

  13. I missed the eclipse here too if it makes you feel any better. In my lifetime I've seen many lunar eclipses but I would always watch one more.

  14. I just love watching rushing water, don't you?

  15. Yikes, you got a little too much water. I am thankful for the rain we are getting today but don't need what you got. Love the geese on the take. Happy Thursday.

  16. I love the names, Gunpowder River, sounds like a western I would like to read and Prettyboy Reservoir makes me wonder if it was named after Prettyboy Floyd.... can you tell I read to much... beautiful shots

  17. I love de Moon and the nature.
    All the photos are beautiful.

  18. Lovely surroundings, nature is so wonderful, the world needs you Eileen.

  19. Your last photo is so beautiful, a lot of water, doesn't it make a huge noise as it rushes down, and to have another nest, that is great news.

  20. OH no on the water damage, hope it was not too serious! Such nice photos of the lake and the moon! We've had rain every single day in the form of thunder storms with the heat building up all day! Today it is finally sunny but hot! Hope you get some drying...the west burns while the east drowns.

  21. The butterfly sure is pretty! And we stood outside 3 nights in a row to see DID look bigger and very red! Love your photos!

  22. Another interesting post. Thanks for sharing.
    The Swallowtail is simply enchanting.
    At ours no rain yet - but please just not too much, as you said.
    Have a nice weekend!

  23. Funny how Mother Nature seems to be an "all or nothing" kind of situation. We have received some rain this week and I am thankful for it! I appreciate you linking up this week. Have a GREAT weekend!

  24. You take the best moon pictures.
    Neat shot looking down at the water as the gates open.

  25. like the saying goes "when it rains, it pours"!!

    a beautiful capture of the moon and mars, i think i got a few captures that night!!

    i hope you did not get too much water in your basement, that is such a pain!!

  26. I always love your oon shots eileen and the rushing water is awesome

  27. Another wonderful post Eileen. Woods, water, butterfly.... everything nature gives us.

  28. Great moon shot as always..I haven't taken any for awhile..They all look the same;) Always love water shots..Thanks! The Butterflies are plentiful now but I can't seem to catch them with my camera. I usually don't have it with me when I see one..Must make more of an effort...Have a wonderful weekend..

  29. Oh dear ~ too much rain ~ Gorgeous moon shot and other nature shots!

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  30. Beautiful photos Eileen. Sorry to hear about water getting in to your basement. Hopefully it didn't cause too much damage.
    Have a wonderful evening!

  31. Beautiful walk ... feast or famine with the rain though, gosh that is too bad about the flooding. You're way more calm talking about water in your basement than I would have been! Hope it didn't do any permanent damage.

  32. Awesome photos of the moon as always. The photo looking down at the dam shows the power of the water. I hope you were able to get your basement cleared and dried. I'm sure it is a huge job and not so fun. Have a great weekend Eileen. xx

  33. Amazing photos. I especially liked the photos of the moon and the butterfly, they are magnificent.
    Rain is so important but it is important that it fell in moderation, in excess can also be very harmful.
    Have a nice weekend
    Divagar Sobre Tudo um Pouco

  34. Sorry to hear about the water in your basement … hope it's all cleared up ok.

    That moon shot is glorious, as are your other photographs.

    Enjoy the upcoming weekend.

    All the best Jan

  35. Your photos are all beautiful and you always have the best ones of the moon!

    Sorry about too much rain! Hope that nothing was damaged too much in your basement.

    We are clearly in a time of climate change and extremes. It's been all too clear this summer looking at the weather extremes all over the world :(

  36. We've had drought, but no significant rains. It's so sad. I am loathe to fill my kiddie pool!

    Anyway, hope you have a good one! Thanks for hosting.

  37. the moon image is exceptional!

  38. Exactly when nature gives us rain, please not so much it seeps into the basement! I know that feeling way too much. Whatever happened to the gentle rain and snow of my childhood when we'd beg for a snowstorm and day off from school!

  39. Would love to get some rain here in S CA... but like you said, just not too much!!

  40. You and your camera get marvelous moon shots! Very nice indeed!


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