Birding Pea Island NWR

For my Camera Critters post  I have some shots of the birds and ducks I saw birding the Pea Island NWR in the Outer Banks. 

The Northern Shoveler and the Tricolored Heron were hanging out together.  The Northern Shoveler male has a green head, white breast, rusty sides and a spatulate bill.

This is not the greatest shot of the Northern Shovelers and the Tri Colored Heron, the sun was setting and the lighting was terrible.

The Pied-Billed Grebes were hanging out in the pond opposite of the Shovelers and Herons.  The Pied Billed Grebe is suppose to be shy and is known to sink out of sight when spotted but these guys stayed out in the open.

The American Coots were in the same pond as the Pied Billed Grebes. The Coots have whitish bills and swim around on ponds diving for aquatic vegetation.

This Pea Island NWR shot has various birds up close and lots more in the distance. The Egret, I believe is a Great Egret and there are some Cormorants on the Osprey nest.

On this little island we spotted an egret, tri-colored heron and a great blue heron. There are four birds on this shot can you find them all. You can click on the image for larger viewing.

I am not sure about this shorebird, it was walking along the grass near the trail

This Eastern Meadowlark was a real treat to see,  I do not get to see them often.

Below, this Yellow Rump Warbler was refusing to look at me.

I hope you enjoyed my Pea Island birds and thanks for stopping by.
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EG Wow said…
I enjoyed this very much, Eileen. You know so much about birds. I hope to learn a lot more myself in the coming year!
diane said…
Pea island looks a great spot for birds. Such a variety and you know almost all of their names!!! I like the little
Yellow Dumped Warbler.
rainfield61 said…
The Eastern Meadowlark comes with more patterns and colours, is a beautiful bird.
Beautiful pictures. Such a lovely range of wonderful birds. You're very luck to be able to see them all. (Herding Cats)
☆Mama Ko☆ said…
You still have great photos and cleat to see. nice shot.
Isn't it just so exciting to run into so many birds all at once.

Come on out to the Skagit Valley for the winter. LOL MB
Lovey shots and so many different kinds. I do miss the shore birds being so far inland! I have always lived near the coast.
Tricia said…
nice captures, e! i'm new to the birding community & didn't realize there were different herons, good to know. i'm going to have to read up on it.
any news on that mean guy that takes the kayak over & disturbs the birds?
Kerri said…
Very nice! I want to get to Pea Island at some point!!
chubskulit said…
They are beautiful Eileen!
NatureFootstep said…
When I see your shots I miss going birding. So much to see and learn and right now Sweden is almost empty of birds. :( Great shots Eileen!
Lovely bird and scenery shots as usual.
mirage2g said…
I don't get out that often to learn more about birds, so thanks for sharing your knowledge of them...have a lovely week ahead!

Elaine said…
What a wonderful variety of birds you saw. Pea Island looks like a great place to go birding.
Shahz said…
Great Pictures... Thanks for sharing...:-)
Lina Gustina said…
Birds surely love the place :)
Willard said…
I always enjoy the waterfowl photographs.
eden said…
Beautiful creatures and great captures. I enjoy all your beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing.
lisaschaos said…
You found so many fine feathered friends! I always have trouble catching the meadowlark!
Coy said…
Nice collection of birds! Pea Island looks like a great place to visit, thank you for sharing.
Abraham Lincoln said…
Looks like you found an ideal place for bird pictures. Nice.
SquirrelQueen said…
You find some of the most amazing places for birding Eileen. That little Yellow Rump Warbler is so cute even if he would not look at you.
Sara Chapman said…
The meadowlark is a beautiful sight, and someday I'd like to see it, and especially hear it!

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