Thursday, January 27, 2011

Some of my winter birds.

I get to see some pretty birds in the winter months at my feeders. The Pine Siskins and the Red Breasted Nuthatch are two of my favorites.

A few years ago I was host to at least a hundred Pine Siskins. They ate a lot of seed but it was so much fun watching so many on my deck and at my feeders. This year I have been seeing may 4-5 Pine Siskins maybe a little more at times. And sometimes  I can see at least 3 Red Breasted Nuthatches at one time.

Below, there are three Pine Siskins on this feeder with a Goldfinch on the feeder below.

One of my favorite webcam shots has the Pine Siskins on the feeder and the Cardinal in flight

The Red Breasted Nuthatch is one of my favorites.

I have been lucky to have a Pine Warbler visit my feeders for the past few years. His bright yellow color sure is a pretty addition to my yard. Sorry, this photo was taken thru my dining room window and is not the best quality.

The Pine Warbler is posing pretty for the birdcam on this shot.

Some of these I took with Canon and others are from my birdcam setup on my deck. I hope you enjoyed my winter birdies.

Some people have asked about my birdcam which was bought at Amazon.  Here is a link Wingscapes Birdcam .  It takes 4 d size batteries and is weatherproof. It gives you three choices for foccus distances, which is also great.  I also have the arm which swivels around is can mount on a shephards hook. I have been really surprised and happy with the photos.


  1. These birds manage to find their source of food in the winter.

  2. So many sweet birds at your feeders Eileen. I love the warbler in the last shot, never seen one around here. I'm also very interested in your webcam and would like to get one for closer shots. Would you mind letting me know which one you have, where you can buy them and is it set up inside or outside?

  3. This is like a slice of heaven to me..what beautiful images! Your header is gorgeous too! Had to I just noticed this on my link:)

  4. You have a wonderful assortment of winter birds Eileen. I enjoyed looking through your photos. I echo Denise's comments and am also wondering about the environment around your feeders ... city or country? How long have the birds been going to your feeders?

  5. The bird cam does a good job of getting the shots.

  6. Love your winter birdies :) Great shots, such sweet visitors!

  7. Hi Eileen, You are so lucky to have a camera on your deck... I'm sure I miss so much --when I'm in here (computer room) blogging instead of watching the birds... ha

    Love your winter birds... Thank Goodness that you/we are feeding them this time of year especially.


  8. Birdcam thats neat. Wow you have plenty of snow as well as pretty birds. (do they make much mess to clean up?)

  9. You have a wonderful variety at your feeders! I LOVE them!!

  10. HI Eileen, Great shots of the birds! I think your Warblers are beautiful! I notice how similar the Pine Siskins are to the Goldfinches. Thank you for the information about the birdcam. Have a lovely day!

  11. Beautiful little visitors - they make us realise how much they rely on feeders during hard weather.
    Sorry to read about your thumb - hope it's going to behave itself from now on :-)(Well, from 31st January . . . )

  12. Oh che dolci questi uccelli !
    per fortuna che hanno da mangiare !!
    Buona serata :)

  13. Your birdcam seems to be working well for you! I don't think it would do too well in our cold here, but might be fun to try in the summer. Hope your thumb is soon back to functioning normally. Having had a badly sprained thumb in the past I know just how awkward it is to not have the use of your thumb.


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