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Birding Chincoteague

My post for Scenic Sunday

MY post on the Chincoteague ponies is here
On both days during our visit to Chincoteague we hiked on the marsh trail. The 1/2 mile marsh trail is restricted to foot traffic only and offers excellant views of the freshwater ponds and habitat and has an elevated observation deck.

Cattle Egret

Green winged teal

I believe these are Dunlins but, I could be wrong. A lot of shorebirds look alike to me. I am still learning by looking at the beaks and leg colors to help iding these birds.

I liked watching the large group of Dunlins take off in flight only to land a short distance away.

By the elevated observation platfrom we saw large groups of Green Winged Teals and Northern Shovelers, Mallards, Black Ducks and Canada Geese.

There were also large groups of Northern Shovelers

There were many Tree Swallows flying about and around this birdhouse.

I hope you enjoyed my scenic view of Chincoteague, it is one of my favorite parks to visit. Please check out Scenic Sunday for more great photos.  Thanks to the host of Scenic Sunday and thanks for stopping by my post.


  1. You have taken some lovely photo. I am familiar with the tree swallows.

  2. That's a beautiful trail, and the raised observation deck is a good place from which to catch your lovely photos.

  3. Eileen,
    My favorite is the Tree Swallows photo. The landscapes are nice too.

  4. Beautiful Eileen, I love waterbirds and waders and also struggle to id them, as I'm still learning. What a lovely hike you took us on. Have a great Easter weekend. Jo

  5. A wonderful place for a nature lover! The authorities did a good thing restricting the premise to foot traffic.

  6. Could only enjoy it more if I was there ;)

  7. looks like a great place for quiet viewing! love the tree swallows shot!

  8. While you were at Chincoteague, did you catch a glimpse of the wild horses? It has been a dream of mine, since reading Misty of Chincoteague as a child, to go there to see the wild horses.

  9. Great swallow shot! Maybe you will see some baby swallows poking their heads out soon!

  10. Looks like another great place to go birding nearby Eileen. Those walkways are just great in giving an elevated view of everything. Like the Cattle Egret shots - such a successful bird the world over.

  11. I can see why it is a favourite.The scenes are beautiful.

  12. come here and I will take you to our wetlands. Went yestersday and saw lots of pukekos, and 100s of flying little birds,

  13. Eileen,

    Very beautiful post !!! Your photos with birds are lovely!!!

  14. Definitely on my list of places to visit.
    Beautiful post!

  15. Hi Eileen, The pictures are super. I love those of the ducks! Have a great Easter today!

  16. Hi Eileen, Great pictures... I especially like that last one.

    Happy Easter to you and yours.

  17. You captured some beautiful bird shots. I love the marshy park and it looks like it would be a good place for a walk.

  18. That elevated footpath looks wonderful! I'm not much of a waterfowl person, but your photos are great. Love the one of the swallows, wow-you really captured that blue!

  19. Beautiful shots Eileen - I love your Mosaics as well as all the photos you take... it's fun to see that part of the world again. What a super way to spend an anniversary... thanks for sharing your love of nature and your talent...Hope you had a great Easter


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