Birding Bombay Hook NWR..Part II

My post for this weeks  Friday Ark   and Camera Critters I have some more birds from my last visit to Bombay Hook NWR. This post and birding list includes the Black-Necked Stilt, Great Egrets, Snowy Egrets, Great Blue Herons, Ibis and what I believe are a Caspian Tern (or is it a Common Tern) adult with a juvie. Also, near the Finnis Pool we saw lots of turtles.

The Black-necked Stilt is a breeding bird at Bombay Hook. So, in the summer months you can almost always see them at the refuge.  They have long slender legs and black and white plumage. They forage by picking prey with their long thin bills.

We watched this juvie tern being fed by the adult. What a cute sight.

Only certain Terns have orange bills and checking out my field guide I see that the Caspian and the Royal Terns have the orange bill. I really had to crop the juvie tern photo and it is fuzzy but I see that the juvie also has an orange bill.  To narrow it down some more the Caspian Tern has black on the tip of its bill. So now I am sure the Tern I saw at Bombay Hook is the Caspian Tern. What do you think?

Edit: I am still not sure of the id's on these Terns. If anyone can help it would be appreciated.

At the time I was birding at the Bombay Hook refuge a White-Faced Ibis was being reported seen.  I saw a flock of Glossy Ibis a distance away and two Ibis that were closer, below is a photo of one of the two I saw. Again, all these birds were too far away for the zoom on my camera but I cropped it closer hoping to be able to id this bird. Now, whether it is the White-faced Ibis or the Glossy Ibis I am not positive because of the fuzziness of my photo. I saw my first White-faced Ibis in Idaho, so it would not be a lifer if it was the White-faced Ibis. I believe they are more rare of a sighting than the usual Glossy Ibis seen in this area.

During the summer months you can be sure to see the Great Egret, Snowy Egret and Great Blue Herons.

I always love seeing the Egrets in the tree and I like how this photo turned out. It was a hot humid day and even the birds looked tired of the heat.

Below, two Great Egrets and a Great Blue Heron.

We usually always see turtles in the Finnis Pool.

To see more beautiful birds and critters check out Friday Ark   and   Camera Critters.  Thanks to the host of  Friday Ark and to Misty Dawn of Camera Critters. I hope you enjoyed my birds of Bombay Hook and thanks for stopping by for a visit. I hope everyone has a great weekend and try to stay cool, I heard it is going to be a hot and humid weekend.


TexWisGirl said…
great array of shorebirds! this ibis is a treat!
Sue said…
Love the header photo!
You certainly get to see a wide variety of birds......very different from what I'm used to. I love coming here and seeing something "new" to me. Thanks!
Bob Bushell said…
The Stilt is a wonderful bird, you caught them all very well.
Wonderful birding (and turtleing ;>).... . I loved all the pictures, but especially marvel at the the tern feeding the juvie. Thanks for sharing!
wildlifewatcher said…
Hi Eileen, Yes, that is a magnificent photograph of the Egrets perched in the tree! I so enjoy reading your wonderful posts. Have a fantastic day today!
terrific pictures!! i really like the egrets in the tree shot!!
AND the turtles!! i love turtles! especially when they're sunning with their back legs straight out...lkike they're trying to fly!
betchai said…
the sight of mom tern feeding the baby tern is so sweet, i have similar one but only sea gull :) it would be nice to see a lot of birds in one place.
Cheryl said…
Love looking at all these shore birds. Such a great variety.
magiceye said…
beautifully captured!
EG Wow said…
he snowy egrets always look so exotic to me even though I have seen them here (last year, nit this). I like to see them in trees too. It was nice of these guys to sit in a tree with no foliage so we can see them so well. :)
ladyfi said…
What wonderful shots!
eden said…
Beautiful photos. You captured them beautifully.
Love the collage...but the one I REALLY LIKE MOST is the egrets in the tree branches. Awesome.
jabblog said…
You see such a wonderful array of birds. The Black-necked Stilt is very handsome.
Hi Eileen, Thanks for giving me a smile today.. I've been grieving since Thursday over the death of a very good friend. We will drive to Atlanta tomorrow for her funeral.

SO--thanks for the cute Birdies..
NatureFootstep said…
I wish....sometimes I think I do nothing but complains. But really, I want them to come to where I live.
Jen said…
As for the tern, I thought Caspian Terns had black legs and Common Terns had orange?

LOVE the tree shot!!
One said…
I've enjoyed bird watching and turtle watching as well. Thank you for sharing!
AVCr8teur said…
Nice to see different types of birds and turtles all in one place.
Calling Ravens said…
Great photos and post!! I hope you have a great week!
Denise said…
I do love to see all those shore birds you've taken Eileen. A very enjoyable post :)
Phil said…
You sure have some great nearby places for birding Eileen. Wish i was a bit nearer to come and bird with you and all that variety.

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