Bombay Hook NWR, Part two

I am linking up my Woodpecker with Wild Bird Wednesday and Nature Notes

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

For my post this week I am showing more birds from our last visit to the wildlife refuge.

 We watched the American Avocets stay on the ground while the larger flock of shorebirds would take off and fly once in a while. I think it is just amazing to see these large flocks a birds together.

Again the large group of American Avocets and I am not sure if the others are Dunlins or another small shorebird.

Northern Harrier in flight

A good look at the Harrier's tail feathers.

We had fun watching the Northern Harrier on his hunt. I hope you enjoyed more birds from our visit the Bombay Hook wildlife refuge.

To see more beautiful and wonderful bird photos please visit:
 Stewart's Wild Bird Wednesday and Michelle's  Nature Notes.
Thanks to Stewart for hosting Wild Bird Wednesday and thanks to Michelle for hosting Nature Notes.
I wish everyone a happy week ahead and Happy Birding!


Sue said…
It's always exciting to see large flocks like that.

Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!
EG CameraGirl said…
I've never seen an American avocet. Very cool! I love the photos of the northern harrier. You were quick to get that!
TexWisGirl said…
really cool thick flocks!
mick said…
That looks like an amazing place to visit and the large numbers of shorebirds are fantastic. Great photos.
Pam :) said…
What an awesome sight to see so many birds take off all at the same time.
Love the Northern Harrier in flight.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Eileen.
love all the birds in flight shot. so neat!! have a great one. take care. ( :
Carver said…
Delightful wildlife shots. I hope you and your family have a happy Thanksgiving.
Icy BC said…
That's a large flock of birds!

Happy Thanksgiving..
Brian King said…
Wow, look at all those birds!!! Love the big flocks! Your harrier shots are great! Beautiful bird!
Dina said…
Nice shots! I still haven't seen my first avocet yet.
Mama Zen said…
Those first two shots are amazing!
Amanda said…
Lovely view of the harrier tail!
SandyCarlson said…
These are thrilling. Thank you, Eileen.
Red Nomad OZ said…
I can't help you with the identifications, but I CAN admire and appreciate your wonderful shots of this amazing spectacle!

The big numbers of migrating birds downunder are up north - where it's HOT! One day we'll make it to the full migration.

Have a great day!!
Stewart M said…
Hi there - those big flights of waders are always great to see - not to mention the harrier as well.

Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW - Stewart M - Melbourne
Joop Zand said…
Never seen this before.....great shots Eileen....good post.

greetings, Joop
Leora said…
How beautiful to see them in flight!

Happy Thanksgiving, Eileen.
Bob Bushell said…
A lovely sight to see, the Northern Harrier is a beautiful bird, love it.
diane b said…
Wow those flocks are amazing. Great shots all round.
DIMI said…
Hallo Eileen!Happy Thanksgiving!!Amazing plase and fantastic pictures!!Thanks for sharing them with us!!
so many birds! wonderful pics! :)
orchid said…
dearest Eileen,
Wow, the name "the wildlife refuge" speaks itself; what a large group☆☆☆
Loved the picture of "Northern Harrier in flight"♡♡♡

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
Laura said…
wow Eileen... love the photo of "lift off"... Happy Thanksgiving.
oooooh, GREAT shots eileen!
the pic's with ALL the birds...reminds me of hitchcock's The Birds!! but at least these were friendly birds, right!?? =)

gobble gobble!
i stora drag said…
Fantastic to see so many birds! I don't think I've seen that ever.
And the Herrier is beautiful too!
Greetings Pia
Karen said…
In my part of the world, it's a big deal to see American Avocets. I doubt we'd ever see them in the numbers you were lucky to see.
We have a place here called Hillman Marsh which is known for its shorebird cell. A few years back, I witnessed seeing around 70 AAs and it was a thrill! They were in their beautiful breeding plumage.
Beautiful photos of a beautiful place!

Karen said…
Great captures! I like to watch a huge flock of birds take flight!
Gary said…
Those Harriers are really something!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.
I always love to see big flocks of birds in flight.
Love to see those big flocks of any bird. I haven't seen an avocet for years now -- I'm envious! Love those beauties. Happy Thanksgiving (and thanks for all the beautiful pictures and birding hints).
Wow! So neat to see a large flock of birds like that. Thanks for sharing! Happy Thanksgiving :)
Carole M. said…
wow - such a bounty of avocets and lovely to catch the harrier also; wonderful spot to visit
I like your bird watching trip !
MyMaracas said…
Wow. That huge flock is amazing, and I love the action shots of the Harrier. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Rambling Woods said…
Wow...You do have some great birding areas. I love the harrier photos, but I am always taken with raptors.. Michelle
Gorgeous Harrier Images Eileen. I hope that you enjoyed your day. Happy weekend~
Larry said…
I love watching the shorebird flocks in flight as they turn from dark to light and back again. It looks like you had a great day and got some nice shots of the Northern Harrier too!
Wally Jones said…
Terrific images! Hope your sending the Avocets our way! A beautiful bird. I love the Harrier and appreciate the challenge of getting a good image of one in flight. Nice work!
-- Wally (Florida)
Rohrerbot said…
I love when birds all fly up together! Amazing all the diversity within. The tricky part is finding all the different birds within the flocks. Great shots! One of my favorites is the Northern Harrier. It's like a Hawk and Owl combined:)

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