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Birding the Cemetery

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First, I must say my prayers goes out to all the families involved in the Newtown tragedy. It is so sad!

A couple of weeks ago I was on one of my wild goose chases. I was not really looking for wild geese but I was looking for the reported White-winged Crossbills. They are showing up all over Maryland due to this being an irruptive year.

 It happens that the Crossbills were seen in some hemlock trees at the cemetery where my grandparents are buried. So I was actually able to visit my grandparents grave and look for the birds at the same time.

The Crossbills seem to love these hemlock trees.

The reason why they love the trees is because of the seeds from these tiny pine cones.

If the Crossbills were there, they must have been hiding from me. But, I did see a lot of geese. So my wild goose hunt was successful, LOL.

I saw that there were a lot of Canada Geese at the cemetery pond.

I saw a Great Blue heron  was also hanging around the pond.

I saw a lot of gulls flying over the pond.

I saw a  Mockingbird hanging around the Hemlock trees along with a few Cardinals and Bluejays. The Crossbills were not seen but I will continue my quest to see the Crossbills this winter.

 Hubby thinks it is strange I will go birding in a cemetery but I feel really comfortable there. I do not think my Grandparents would mind if I visit them and look for birds at the same time. On this day I actually took my lunch and sat in my car watching and looking for Crossbills on the hemlock trees.

 To see more beautiful photos and cute critters please visit:   Green Day and Camera Critters and I'd-Rather-B-Birdin. Thanks to the gracious host Fiona of Green Day, Misty Dawn of Camera Critters and to Anni of I'd Rather-B-birdin.  Thanks for visiting my blog and post. I wish everyone a very safe and happy weekend.


  1. So many birds in this post!
    I like them!!
    I'm sure that you'll see the Crossbills,soon! Your Grandparents wouldn't mind if you visit them and look for birds at the same time! :)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I find a cemetery one of the most peaceful places to visit. Quiet, history, stories . . . trees, birds, memories. I think it is wonderful you visit there and remember your grandparents. The Crosssbills will come . . .

  3. Wonderful photos of the pine tree and the birds. Have a nice weekend, Eileen.

  4. i enjoy seeing them in flight. that's great. Canadian geese are every where around here. very loud ones in flight. how do they concentrate?

    have a great weekend. big hugs. ( :

  5. ...actually, one of the cemeteries here in our town is on the list of great birding areas. So, I see absolutely nothing wrong with you and your search for the Crossbills. Beautiful images Eileen...the pond with all the geese is incredibly beautiful. What a serene area, I'm sure.

  6. I think it's a very peaceful place! Happy Weekend!

  7. Olá Eileen, deslumbrante o seu "post"! Amei todas as fotos! As árvores, os gansos, a garça real! A natureza aí é pródiga! Muito bela. Abraços e um bom fim-de-semana. Ailime

  8. A cemetery full of life! Life must go on, it's how nature must have it.

  9. Well I'm sorry you didn't get to see your Crossbills, but you certainly got to enjoy quite a showing from other birds. Just think how exciting it will be when you DO see them. Good luck!

  10. Eileen, sounds like the lunch outing was definately worth it in spite of not seeing the Crossbills. I love your shot of the gulls against the clouds over the treetops.

  11. Nice photo series showing.
    We have not yet seen many Canada geese here has been on several different lakes (Lake Hald / Boiling Lake)
    Thanks for the comment on my blog.
    Wish you a good weekend :)
    Hanne Bente

  12. wunderschön was sich da bei dir alles tummelt

    einen LG zum Wochenende vom katerchen

  13. I think it's perfectly find to go to cemetery and watch for the birds.

    Love looking at geese swimming as they are very fun to see!

  14. Aqui tem udo o que gosto, pássaros!
    e céus maravilhosos!
    São lindas suas fotos!
    tenha um feliz fim de semana

  15. A cemetery is peaceful and quiet. I'm thinking it's a good place to sit and watch and listen for birds.
    Sorry you didn't see the crossbills but from your photos it was a good birding day.
    I really like that mockingbird against the green background. Pretty shot!
    Yes, prayers go out to the town of Newton. A very heartbreaking event.

  16. Heisann!

    Thanks visiting my blog. I did not know anything of Green Day and Camera Critters and I'd-Rather-B-Birdin but my post this morning could have been called White Day and Camera Critters and I'd-Rather-B-Birdin.
    Watching birds at cemeteries is no bad idea!
    I had a heron visiting my garden last summer!

    Have a nice weekend ;:OD)

  17. Lindo demais!Adorei! beijos,chica

  18. what a beautyful post! all those birds give a feeling of liberty.

  19. Even if the Crossbills were hiding, you obviously had a good day at the cemetery... Great set of photos.

  20. I hope you locate the Crossbills soon! The cemetery is a peaceful place to observe the birds! Nice to see so many Geese!

  21. A beautiful place to go to for bird photos.

  22. Great series!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  23. Lovely bird shots and hopefully you'll find those crossbills soon. I'm on the lookout for waxwings just now.

  24. i'll bet if your grandparents really did know you were on a wild goose chase (yet not for geese necessarily), IN the very same cemetery where they're buried...they would be elated!! LOTS of birds hanging around there. obviously the birds like the peacefulness too!! =:)

  25. looks great with all the canadians. :)

    We had a lot of wet snow falling today. Not fun at all. :(

  26. Hallo Eileen!Nice to see so many geese!Amazing shots ,and fantastic pictures!Have a lovely weekend!

  27. Wow, there were a lot of geese there! Great photos! I think your grandparents would be happy to see you doing something that makes you so happy :)

  28. I love it when a wild goose chase comes together :)

    the very first shot is wonderful, the way the row of trees is framed is so great

  29. So great to have an unexpected find like that!!! The Canada Goose is a rare vagrant to Australia - so I'd be happy to just see ONE!!!

  30. Eileen, I think your pictures prove the point to hubby. The cemetary looks so tranquil, undisturbed and bursting with the habitat and so foods birds love. Its a shame all our birding spots aren't so well respected by visitors.

  31. Wow, that's a lot of geese. Beautiful photos as always, Eileen. Thank you for sharing.

  32. Great series of beautiful photos!
    Love to see all the birds.
    Wish you a great Sunday.

  33. Birdwatching in the cemetery looks like it was a splendid success. Thank you for sharing your photos, I especially like the second one of the geese. They are very attractive birds, even if they do get a "bad rep" for leaving their waste behind in city parks

  34. Well even though you didn't see the Crossbill you certainly saw lots of others.

  35. Yes, I'd say your wild goose hunt was a success, too! Great pictures! Beautiful trees, too!

  36. Yes … that sickening tragedy has been on my mind, too. I understand your comforts when visiting the cemetery. It is a place to visit loved ones that have passed but also to feel the abundance of life that is all around.

  37. very nice photos eileen, looks like a nice spot. I haven't seen a mockingbird in a while, love the shot.

  38. Very beautiful photos...and they are taken in the cemetery..interesting!!
    And so many birds!!
    Have a great week!

  39. Just look at all the beautiful birds. The geese are my favorite and I enjoy watching them.

  40. Good Morning Eileen,
    wow..the cemetery is always a beautiful place. Clean, neat,pine trees,park,greeny. For sure your Grandparents wouldn't mind for your visit..they will be very happy.

    so many birds..amazing place.
    thought very nice place also for contemplation ;)
    wishing you a great weekend

  41. Successful wild goose chase, CHECK! I'm at thrilled if I see anything with wings!

    That pond looked pretty full, good eye on the heron, they are easy to miss these days! Love the new header, so pretty!

  42. Eileen so now I know where my cardinals have flown to! None around here since October!!
    I feel peace when I visit a cemetary..lots of history if one reads the head stones.

    In case I run out of time to make the rounds today I wish you the Happiest Christmas ever and may you have many more treasured moments with your camera in the coming year! Peace on Earth.

  43. I think there's a character in an Iris Murdoch novel who asks that people don't put flowers on her grave but rather put out food for the birds so the birds will feed near her grave.

  44. A beautiful post Eileen. Graveyards are known for their serenity, and birds as well. What a beautiful place that is. I'm sure your grandparents would love it that you are visiting and birding at the same time. Good luck with theWhite-winged Crossbills, I'm sure you'll find them.

  45. You had very lucky, to saw so many birds!
    That place is wonderful, full of life, it doesn't really looks as a cemetery... :)

    Have a nice week, xoxo

    Felipa - Portugal

  46. Beautiful and serene place. The White-winged Crossbills that I saw in the Chicago area also were attracted to the hemlock stands.

  47. I know....I feel the same way as your husband does, but being that birding is serious business, it does become a required visit:) Exotic warblers and other little birds don't care if it's a cemetery or not.....wherever the trees and pine cones are...that's where they will go:)


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