Hillsborough River State Park


These images are from Nov 7th 2016, I am way behind sharing my Florida photos. On this day hubby and I visited the Hillsborough River State Park.

Cool looking fungi

The boardwalk trail.

Anhinga about to enter the river.

An alligator resting on the river bank.

A sunset skywatch from our back yard.

My list of simple things for Thankful Thursday:
Walks on the beach
Seeing pretty flowers blooming in the winter
Clear skies to see the moon.

I hope you enjoyed my post and photos. Thank you for your visit and comments on my post. Enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

Thanks to Michelle for the meme Thankful Thursday

I am also linking up to Skywatch Friday, I hope to see you there.
Thank you to Sylvia, Yogi and Sandy for hosting Skywatch Friday.



Beautiful photos from Florida. It looks so exotic with palms and aligators. I'm so glad they don't live here ;)

Have a nice Thursday!
Noushka said…
Hello Eileen,
Lovely post with very beautiful photos!
Again you are lucky to live close by such wonders, I have to travel many hours to photograph birds or animals!
The sunset is really spectacular!
Keep well and enjoy you day :)
Belas fotografias e aqueles cogumelos são magníficos.
Um abraço e boa semana.
Jo said…
Hi Eileen, I love the anhinga drying its wings. The fungi looks hard and woody. We used to have similar in Tanzania. Have a great day. (I think I'll join Thankful Thursday through your post) Greetings Jo
Tom said…
Some pretty nice sights!
The sunset is amazing as The sunset is amazing are your bird photographs. HAPPY NEW YEAR Eileen and thanks for commenting and linking me in while I was in Malawi
Sue said…
Hi Eileen--I just LOVE that boardwalk--looks like a great walking spot, but oh,--those alligators. I'd be scared to death!
A wonderful selection today. Are you still using your SX40? I just can't get the moon like you do? Happy day.
Sandra said…
the bridge was there, but not the boardwalk. I was there twice but that was 10 years ago.. and we did not see any wildlife at all. what time do you get there. I think we got there around 8 am...
now you're in my backyard.
Michelle said…
Great photos and that gator...yikes!
Debbie said…
beautiful peaks at the wildlife in florida - the skies aren't too shabby either.

the boardwalk trail is gorgeous, a place i would enjoy walking!!!
Cloudia said…
I love enjoying your eye and heart, Eileen!
Giga said…
View of the third picture is fabulous. Regards.
LOVELY Eileen!!
You are in a wonderful area of Florida!! Hope you have been able to visit St. Augustine with the lights!! Have been watching the local heron this morning in the lagoon!!
Just fantastic photos. From the Boardwalk trail with the various green palms, to the alligator resting! You capture so much beauty, Eileen. Have a great weekend ahead!
Linda W. said…
Lots of great photos - love the sunset and moon pics. And also the alligator!
amo sin blogg said…
Great pictures of birds, alligator.
Beautiful colors and beautiful mushrooms.

Happy New Year from Anne-Mari
Great bridge and very cool looking fungi! I'm with you on being behind. I've yet to finish posting photos from our trip to Nova Scotia back in July! Many days there is nothing new to take a photo of and it is nice to revisit our past travels.
Enjoy your day!
Linda said…
Eileen, I absolutely love your header, and this is truly a gorgeous series! Thank you so much for sharing, and Happy New Year to you. :)
Marco Luijken said…
Hello Eileen,
A wonderful post with nice pictures.
That crocodile is a very big one.

Kind regards,
happyone said…
Love that foot bridge.
Nice picture of the alligator and beautiful sky pictures.
RedPat said…
I love the bridge shot!
Al said…
So pretty - I love the boardwalk through the swampy trees.
Christine said…
Hello Eileen! Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photos ! The first shot is amazingly beautiful!
I love the pretty pink tinged skies and the moon shot is stunning!
Best wishes!
thomas said…
beautiful new year glow
Lovely! The sunsets are spectacular- and what pretty scenery for your walk!
Your photos are always outstanding, Eileen! Love seeing all the sights and the amazing shot of the alligator. They give me the creeps - Lol! Beautiful skywatch photos! xx Karen
A lovely selection.
Glad you weren't too near to that resting alligator!

All the best Jan
The Yum List said…
The bird looks so majestic in the first shot sunning him/herself.
Missy George said…
Wonderful photos..Love the first one and the boardwalk..Great scenery..
I love those "swampy" shots... the alligator and the bridge. Wonderful half-moon capture too!!
Sonja said…
Another appealing post. It's certainly hard to keep up to date when you're out and about seeing so many different things.
Martin Kloess said…
Amazing day you had. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Wishing you more great days
Rose said…
I would love to see those Anhingas here...or go to where they are. Love that walk/trail. Looks so appealing. Enjoyed your post as usual.
Yogi♪♪♪ said…
Your moon shots are always superb. I love your alligator shot and that boardwalk shot is causing me to add that park to my bucket list.

Have a great New Year!!
Andrea said…
Many subjects to see and shoot in this area. But i love that moon!
Nancy J said…
Sunset and a partial moon, true beauty.
Wow, Eileen, the boardwalk trail and the bridge photo look like something you'd see in a travel magazine or movie - The whole series is like being transported to another world. Beautiful and amazing!! ...Except that alligator, he scares me a little!! :-)
Amy Franks said…
What an awesome spot to visit. what is the name of the bird in the first photo?
Photo Cache said…
Love the mushroom shot and the anhinga.
Great trip and beautiful collection of photos. Breathtaking sunsets well captured!
Lady Fi said…
What fabulous shots!
jandi said…
what a place! fantastic images! have a beautiful weekend!
That boardwalk does look inviting Eileen, and I was amazed at all those mushrooms - wow!
Gorgeous blazing skies too :D)
NatureFootstep said…
gorgeous sky of course but this time I prefere your boardwalk and it´s surrounding. Love the bridge and cormorants.
Phil Slade said…
Hi Eileen. Thanks for that slightly different look at Florida. The landscape looks almost prehistoric with the swampy views, alligators and anhingas. Love it.
Sussi said…
such a beautiful photos!
Great sky and wonderful shots of the animals in Hillsborough River State Park.
Lea said…
A very interesting series of photos!
The fungi photo is my favorite of this group.
Have a wonderful week-end!
carol l mckenna said…
Great sky shot and wonderful nature shots as always ~ thanks ~ Alligator is something!

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year ~ ^_^
rupam sarma said…
Beautiful pics.
Amazing sky pics.
Nancy Chan said…
Great shots of the Anhinga and the cool looking fungi. The alligator is scary but I love the sunset.
Anu said…
Wonderful bridge! Great photos!
Happy New year! I have been enjoying all the photos you share from Florida on fb, Eileen and these are particularly wonderful! That tree full of fungi is amazing as are the views from the lush and exotic looking park.
Alexa T said…
Beautiful images and aspects from Florida! amazing fungi, moon and sunset! Greetings!
Such a great post; I am thankful for all those things too.
Red Rose Alley said…
That bridge is so cool. You take the most wonderful picture of nature. It has been calling me lately, and it brings me much peace.

Ana Freire said…
Another stunning sequence of images...
What a lovely Park... and with some tropical views... as they seem!...
I love all the photos!
All the best!
orchid Miyako said…
Dearest Eileen; I like the scene cormorant drying his wings☆☆☆ Anhinga looks a bit different from Cormorant. Yes, the way the fungi has grown is really amazing. Your sky scene is always Fascinating♡♡♡

ps, I'm happy that you know what zodiac year you were born now♪
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

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