Thursday, January 11, 2018

Wolf Moon

Happy Thursday,

I hope everyone is staying warm and safe in this cold weather we have been having, I am ready for Spring.  Sorry, if I am repeating myself, but I am not a Winter lover.  The almost full moon on Jan 3rd. This moon is called the Wolf Moon and there will a second full moon on January 31st called the Blue Moon. Both January full moon are supermoons. 

Jan 3rd, I captured this pretty female Cardinal.

The Starlings are not one of my favorite feeder birds, they are pigs and make a mess on the deck. They are pretty with their green and purple sheens.  I was happy to see these birds move on. Here is a Starling fact, they were introduced to Central Park NYC in 1890 and quickly spread.

January 4th the morning of the big storm, we had a dusting of snow. Much of the storm stayed east of us and closer to the coast. 

What is your latest favorite book?  I saw that Jeanie of The Marmelade Gypsy recommended The Red Notebook by Antoine Laurain. I was able to download this ebook and read in one day, it was not very long but I enjoyed the story. I am always looking for good books to read and would be happy for more recommendations. 

I am thankful for a good book to read on a cold winter day.

I am thankful we had heat and a warm house on the super cold days. I can not imagine going without heat, we have much to be grateful for. 

I am thankful for all your visits and comments this past year. 

Thank you Michelle for hosting. Thankful Thursday
Thank you to the hosts of   Skywatch Friday

Thanks so much for visiting and for your nice comments on my previous post. Have a happy day!


  1. Hi Eileen, this time I'm hoping I can photograph the supermoona at the end of January. Well done on your Wolf Moon. I love the female cardinal and incredible to think that the Starlings visit us in South Africa as well. You captured these interesting birds well. Keep warm. Greetings Jo

  2. WOW, great moon shot! I've seen some fabulous super moons in my time but never had a camera with me at the time so they are only documented in my mind's eye. Maybe someday I'll have to paint the pictures to show the beauty I remember of those nights. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Hi Eileen, As I have mentioned before, your moon photos are some of the best I’ve found. Love that Wolf Moon, the photo is super as is the moon. :-) Excellent Cardinal shot too. You have listed some great things to be thankful for on this Thankful Thursday. Thank you for another excellent post. Happy New Year to you and yours! John

  4. I must say I have never noticed Starlings feeding like pigs (I am not exactly sure what that means in the context of birds getting food in the winter), any more than any other birds. Right now American Goldfinches are the most aggressive at my feeders and for every seed they eat they spill several on the ground. Is that what you mean by feeding like pigs? Each bird species fights to secure food in whatever manner they can. Why this should subject them to pejorative observations I have no idea!

  5. Hello,

    Beautiful photo of the wolf moon! Here we also have both snow and cokd weather. I long for spring.
    Happy Thursday!

  6. I'm reading Lilac's a page turner!!!!
    Love the starling many people don't like starlings, but I do.

    Oh, and Bud just walked by the computer and said "I just got mooned". lol

  7. Hello,
    I got a beautiful capture of the Wolf Moon on Jan 1st, but I will post it later on. I will try to repeat the capture on 31st. Thanks for sharing the info. Your female Cardinal is super! Happy Thursday!

  8. Can I suggest one of my own as a fav book?

    SEEker is fun and action packed. I love the characters.

    It will be 78 today, says Intellicast.

  9. Happy New Year,Eileen,
    Such a wonderful photo of the moon in the dark sky.
    Your birds are always beautiful and sometimes they are new for me.Very interesting.
    Happy Thursday to you!

  10. Wonderful Wolf Moon photo, Eileen! So clear!
    Always a treat to see a Cardinal and this female looks so pretty!
    Have a great day!

  11. sweet and beautiful little cardninal and awesome shot of those starlings and their speckled feathers. my hubby is a winter hater, he even hates our Florida winter and that is not even cold. i love our Florida winter but not your winter

  12. ...even the Starlings are beautiful.

  13. Great photos!
    I have read a couple of Christmas-themed books - 'Skipping Christmas' by John Grisham, and 'Christmas Caramel Murder' by Joanne Fluke. Have you read any books by Alexander McCall Smith? I just finished 'The House of Unexpected Sisters.' It is set in Africa, and I enjoyed it very much. I am currently reading Ken Follett's 'Column of Fire' - a novel of Elizabethan England and the conflicts between Catholics and Protestants. It is very long and gets very intense at times, but it looks like we may be snowed in this week-end, so I will have plenty of time to read.
    Have a wonderful day!

  14. I wasn't so lucky, Eileen. We got about 8" of snow. Still have some lingering here and there and the pond is half frozen over. So, yes, you were lucky.

  15. The male cardinals are bright red, but the females are a dull beige. I guess the males need a little more flash to attract attention? ;)

    That moon is incredible. It makes us a little crazy, I think.

  16. Your photos get better all the time, E!

    If you want to, you can download my Hawaii novel FREE as an Amazon Prime member - otherwise it's like $4 ;)
    "Aloha Where You Like Go?" Just click on the book cover over at my blog. LOVE YA! Aloha

  17. Hello Eileen!
    I don’t ether like Winter!
    Waiting for Spring too!
    Wow!Great capture of the moon!
    Love the Cardinal photo and the Starlings too!
    Wonderful pictures!
    Stay warm and safe Eileen!
    Have a happy day and week ahead!

  18. Aren't all birds messy at the feeder? Or maybe it's just my squirrel that seems to tip much to the ground. Well, the starlings may be messy but they are awfully pretty -- I've never seen one here at Lizzie Cosette's Birdbath Bar and Grill. I'd notice that one for sure!

    Beautiful photos -- hope you liked the Red Notebook enough to make it worth your while. It IS short. (And sometimes that's a big plus!) A beautiful love story. Thanks for the mention!

  19. I could live without starlings in my life, but hopefully they are of some value to someone or something. LOL

    I'm not sure what type of books hold your interest, but I read only books that have some historical value (without glorifying debauchery), besides being highly entertaining. One of the best books I've ever read is The Hidden Hand by E.D.E.N. Southworth. We have a hardback copy that has been read over and over. Reading a book more that once is something I rarely do. It's that good. It's available online for free at several sites.
    Have a lovely day!

  20. I too have some shots on wolf moon but I unaware it was wolf moon until read yours… Excellent capture overall and loved the bird’s shots. Hope I not miss shooting the second full moon of the month.

  21. Hari OM
    I tend to think of starlings as being the cockroaches of the avian world; they have a purpose, they are even attractive in their own way - just not company one wishes to keep!

    I had some LOL moments from reading Narrow Dog to Carcassone. YAM xx

  22. My grandfather ALWAYS complained about the starlings eating more than their fair share from the feeders. LOL

    My newest finished book is Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman. I enjoyed it a lot!

  23. Happy Thursday morning, Eileen. I'm just back from the grocery store and thought I would check on your weather today. Our temps are in the 50's right now, and threatening to drop drastically around 2:00 pm with possible snow, and/or possibly not snow! So, I shopped early in order to be prepared. The Wolf moon was very pretty this month, and I look forward to seeing the Blue Moon later on. Your moon photo has such good detail-you can detect the roughness around it and the pits. I will have to keep watch out for any starlings in my yard. They are a pretty bird. Maybe I need to get some of the suet cages, but, usually, no birds that come my way will touch them, and they get bad.

    I love the cold weather, but, I do hope it warms up for you. Have a very nice and warm weekend, Eileen!

  24. The wolf moon is super,:) forgive me for that. Great shot. Such a sweet cardinal. I have to say winter is not my favorite season either. Hang in there and stay warm.

  25. Your capture of the moon is incredible!

    I recently read a new edition of Grant's memoirs. It had been years since I last read his account. He was as good a writer as he was a general.

  26. Such pretty shots. And here I am hoping for colder weather...

  27. I need to be ready for the 31st Blue Moon, Some snow, are your mornings getting lighter earlier? We have had ample heat from nature itself, but the firewood stack is so reassuring for the coming winter. your moon photo is superb.

  28. You took an amazing picture of the moon..

  29. The starlings look so wonderful in the sun but they are rather aggressive around food!

  30. Nice shot of the moon! Didn't know it had a name. :)

  31. Lovely pictures of the birds and the moon! It is winter in Bergen also, but I long for spring! Happy weekend!

  32. Eileen? It is warm here in Florida (but you already know that). Wish you were here! Your birds are happy that you are there I'm sure ... your feeders provide them a necessary stop for nourishment in that terrible weather.

    The moon is beautiful -- I can't seem to get decent moon shots lately.

    Take care, stay warm and cozy.

    I read a lot of mysteries ... since I seem to have permanent beach brain from our constant warm weather it is hard to concentrate on complicated novels. But right now I am also reading a novel recommended on PBS called 'Sing, Unburied, Sing" I'm not sure if I can say I like it -- it is so sad -- but the writing is excellent.

  33. Some awesome shots, Eileen. Thanks for sharing :)

  34. Hello Eileen, thanks for sharing the cute cardinal especially, your bird shots are always lovely to see. I'm not a big fan of winter either, especially driving in it. Being cozy and watching is okay! Seems even today's snow is not going to build many snowmen either, that's sad. I haven't had lots of time to read since December, but my desire is to read Fire and Fury once it gets here. Not going to read it on kindle, I need one I can highlight like crazy! Enjoy your day and think, spring is coming, spring is coming. (Shucks it's still January too!)

  35. I actually like Winter, send the cold weather to us :-)

  36. A beautiful moon, loved your images.

    That female Cardinal looks great too.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

    All the best Jan.

  37. I'm guessing you have a lot of company with regards to not having Winter be your favorite season!! Pretty shots, and a great moon capture.

  38. Divine Wolf Moon shot!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  39. Much to be thankful for, that's for sure...Starlings are not one of them..I just wrote a post about them..Pretty Cardinal. Love those Super moons..great picture

  40. you should be a photographer for nasa!!

  41. I love your moon shot, but oh, the cardinal is just super. I just absolutely love it...

    I have sat and glanced through all the comments just looking for people that recommended a book. I don't read near as much as I used to, and what is worse is I seldom get a book I can't put down. Have you read any Fannie Flagg books? I loved A Redbird Christmas, and can't think which of the others I read. At least one of them made me laugh out loud.

    I feel like I am forgetting something I have recently read and can't remember what.

  42. I'm not a fan of grackles either. They took over downtown Tulsa for a while but have moved on.

  43. Thank you for your thankful thoughts Eileen . . .

    The Red Notebook is a favorite book of mine . . .

    I keep thinking of the continual traumas in the West. . .
    Heat, Fire, and now Mud Slides . . . they have endured so much in the past weeks.
    Thankful there have been some survivors . . .
    Thankful for the responders, helpers . . . rescue persons . . .

    Keeping a thankful heart feels right and good . . .
    Thank you for yours . . .

  44. Amazing pics.Thanks for the post.
    Happy Weekend.

  45. Great photos. I love the cardinal and the Wolf Moon is amazing. Yes, winter is a good time for a good book! We are in for our first big snow here today. Have a blessed weekend.

  46. Amazing moon shot,have a great weekend.

  47. I hope your snow dusting doesn't get any worse Eieleen. It's as much as I can stand too. I do like that female Cardinal, so much more subtle than a bright red male. A birder's bird. Have a lovely weekend.

  48. The older I get the less I enjoy winter. We are getting ice and several inches of snow this weekend. BOO! Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend!

  49. Wonderful photo of the starlings. So sharp and clear.
    Always like your moon shots.

  50. You always have such amazing moon photos :)

    As to your starlings...on one side of my house I have a gravel parking space to pull up to. Directly above it in the gutter is the nest where the starlings live and poop on my car throughout 3 seasons of the year : )

    Still, I find them to be many different calls and chatter and clicking and they even make a call that sounds like a hawk. They seem to be great imitators...

  51. How right Thankful for the comfort of ones home. We're having super odd weather, on Monday our low was 11 last night our low was 60 today it poured rain and 71 degrees, tomorrow the high will be's very hard to keep ahead of the changing weather! Most recently I read a Trilogy called Life As We Knew It By Susan Beth Peffer. It involves the Moon, it is of course a Sci-Fy series but a really good one.

  52. Thank you Eileen for sharing the Wolf Moon. Always enjoy seeing your bird posts, a treat.

  53. Hi Eileen. I am just flying past to send you some Aussie sunshine, to help you get through your winter blues and I promise not to make a mess of your bird feeder & deck haha!
    Wren x

  54. such a nice post eileen!! i have been seeing a lot of sterlings this winter...i saw one that had wings like a red winged black bird, but i couldn't get a picture. it was so odd!

    the cardinal is a real beauty!! often overlooked because of the color of the male, but she is so pretty and you caught the light perfectly!!

    i was complaining as i cleaned the house the other day and had to remind myself how lucky i am to have a house that needs cleaning. lot's to be thankful for. see you tomorrow!!!

  55. What kind of books do you enjoy?

    I have read all of Maeve Binchy's books and also Rosamunde Pilcher. These are very cosy reads set in Ireland and Scotland respectively. I also really enjoyed The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini and numerous books by Ken Follet,Edward Rutherfurd and Amy Tan which were all very enjoyable.

    All your photos are lovely but I especially enjoy the Red Cardinal.

    Have a great weekend.

  56. It's been crazy weather here. I'm about to go out and shovel, after a total melt.
    They critters have been few and far between. Cats are nuts!

  57. Interesting, never heard we have something like the Wolf or Blue moon. Maybe not in our culture :)

  58. Really nice photos Eileen! I've never taken a photo of the moon, that is anywhere near as good as yours. Lovely birds also.

  59. Beautiful moon shot! I am looking forward to the big event on the 31st! It's my hubby's birthday and also that triad moon event. Hopefully some great pics will be posted. Lo0vely bird shots too as always!

  60. Hi Eileen! I can recommend Lawrence Anthony's The Elephant Whisperer... and I also enjoyed Kuki Galmann's I dreamed of Africa. And then 2 books chronicling the rare Knysna elephants by Daleen Mathee, 'Circles in a forest' and 'Fiela's child' are definitely worth your time.


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