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Happy Fall Y'all!

These are some scenes from one of our walks to our lake. This trail takes us past our neighbor's place, they are raising turkeys to be sold for Thanksgiving.

You can see some of the temporary fencing they have to keep the turkeys from running off and escaping into the woods.

We walk down the fire road to the lake, the sky was looking beautiful.

The geese are not in focus but I mainly love the colors in the clouds and sky.

It was nice to see a colorful sky for once, this may have been close to when Hermine was passing by on the coast of Maryland.

I hope you enjoyed your visit and my post. I appreciate your nice comments. Enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

Here is a list of linky parties for part of the week, I hope to see you there.

Thanks to Theresa @ The Run*A*Round Ranch for hosting Good Fences.
Thank you to Sylvia, Yogi and Sandy for hosting Skywatch Friday.
Thanks to Tom the host of The Barn Collective 


jandi said…
awesome sky shots! I love those pink clouds! beautiful!
Christine said…
Hello Eileen! We used to raise turkeys and boy, can they make a racket! These have a very nice open space behind the fence!
The sky shots are absolutely stunning in the soft sunset colours!
Have a lovely day!
Stewart M said…
And Happy Spring back at you!

(although its still too cold for it to be really spring!)

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
✿ chica said…
Maravilhosas fotos e desejo ótima nova estação! bjs, chica
Mildred said…
Good Morning, Eileen. I enjoyed your lovely photos. Great fence photos of the turkeys. Hard to believe September is almost over!
Have a wonderful day.
Daniela said…
Dearest Eileen,
Happy Fall to you, precious friend of mine, and thank you for refreshing my soul every time I visit you here in this wonderful Blog of yours, blessed be !

Enjoy your day with gladness,

Xx Dany
Belas fotografias, gostei.
Um abraço e continuação de uma boa semana.
Sussi said…
Looks beautiful!
Pretty, pastel clouds!
And I'm ready for some roasted turkey, dressing and of course...the pumpkin pie most of all.
Yamini MacLean said…
Hari OM
I adore skies like that!!! Here's to shortening days and warm memories. YAM xx
Alexa T said…
How wonderful you captured the geese and the pink clouds on the sky!! So lovely way to welcome the new season! A happy autumn with lots of joys to you!
TexWisGirl said…
it is a pretty sky! good, healthy turkeys, too. :)
Denise inVA said…
Beautiful shots Eileen! Have a great day!
Lynne said…
Pretty skies . . .
Sounds and looks like a nice walk!
Nancy Chan said…
Cute fall greeting. Nice to see all white turkeys. The lake is beautiful and so is the sky! Have a beautiful day!
Love the shot of the lake, Eileen.

Fall is coming and I'm more than ready. Looking forward to the first frost to knock down all the mosquitoes around here.
Karen S. said…
Oh my, what a glorious walk that is. Just beautiful. As much as I enjoy eating turkey I do feel sorry for their short life! Enjoy it while you can dear turkeys! Gobble, Gobble!
orchid Miyako said…
Dearest Eileen; Yey, Autumn season at last, so relieved getting cooler a little :-)
I've never seen turkey and wondered would they noisy like chickens((^_^))
What a awesome sky photos with such wonderful color♡♡♡
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*
Andrea Priebe said…
Early morning or Sunset? Either way the sky is beautiful and the Turkeys are plump. I can't believe we can even be thinking about Thanksgiving already. Nice series ... nice walk to the lake :)

Andrea @ From The Sol
Beautiful view of the lake and the birds in the sky contrasting with the clouds is a great shot.
Gobble Gobble
Gail said…
You are blessed to be close to such beauty.

Amazing photos and super weekend to you.

Beautiful photos, and the pink sky and clouds are so pretty!
Happy Thursday!
Hi Eileen. What a gorgeous shot of the lake, and peaceful. My, that's quite a lot of turkeys. Happy Fall!
Karen said…
Such lovely photos and I like the Fall Greeting!
It can't be fall. Just looked at the weather...says currently we have 99 degree feels-like temp
Linda said…
Hello Eileen, Happy Autumn to you as well! I love your Fall greeting and your photos are gorgeous! I hope you are having a great week! :)
NatureFootstep said…
great idea to use temporary fencing :)

Nice skies .
Jedidja said…
I wish your autumn is full of color and joy! Love your beautiful skies! Zo nice!
Marco Luijken said…
Hello Eileen,
Very nice pictures.
Great the red colored sky. Really amazing.

Kind regards,
Beautiful skies and bring on fall :) B
RedPat said…
I love the pic with the geese, Eileen!
The geese are just beautiful in that colorful sky! But the run run! hahaha! Enjoy your day sweet friend. I wish you had been with me today to go down to the pond. I saw a big flock of ducks swimming in a long row and then all of a sudden I looked up...and saw an eagle! I was in awe!!! Hugs!
Ranten said…
Hei Eileen! Nice pictures of the birds and the sky! Happy weekend to you!
Happyone said…
Spectacular skies and love the lake.
Happy Fall to you too. 🍁
Linda W. said…
Lovely sky colors!
Happy Fall to you too Eileen!!
Those sky shots are spectacular. Love the one with the geese. You can hear them before you see them.
Poor turkeys. A friend had a goose that she was fatening up for Christmas one year He was so adorable and friendly. I wouldn't have been able to kill him let alone eat him.
Have a wonderful weekend :)
Beautiful pics. Great shots of the turkeys and the cloud. The geese shot is interesting with the sky color. Hope you are having a great week. I've been watching my hummers this week. Only the female remain.
Irene said…
Happy fall to you too! Gorgeous sky shots, awesome colors! And I love the birds passing through your image :)

Dancin Fool said…
Lovely shots and great skies, so Pink!
What a cheery welcome to your post ... I like it!

Beautiful view of the lake and sky.
But those pinks in the sky in your last three pictures are just so lovely, I think they are my favourites.

Happy Autumn (or should I say Fall!)

All the best Jan
Hi Eileen - love those beautiful pink clouds and the flying geese! The view of the water is wonderful. Glad those turkeys have no idea what's coming.....:0 xx Karen
Ruth Kelly said…
Gorgeous series, especially the sky. My neighbor has been growing 3 turkeys in with their lamb's pen this year. It is fun to drive by and see them. I imagine they will all disappear - they have a large family on a 100 year old farm.
Polly said…
Beautiful photos.
J said…
"Happy Fall Y'all!" to YOU, too, Eileen! I remember the turkeys from last year. How wonderful that they are free range. You have a beautiful neighborhood with lots of interesting nature filling every corner!
Missy George said…
Happy FAll to you as well..Sunsets are beginning to look like fall!!
Mama Zen said…
Love those sky shots, Eileen!
Smareis said…
Linda essas nuvens rosa. Um papel de fundo perfeito para realçar a imagens desse pássaros. Um engradamento perfeito sua foto. Lindo demais. Gostei muito!

Um abraço!
Uma ótima sexta pra ti!
Nancy's Notes said…
Eileen, those are so wonderful shots of the sky! I'd just love to walk with you all and see those turkeys and that serene looking lake!
Happy fall sweet friend!
Debbie said…
it's so hard to think of those turkeys as thanksgiving dinner!!

i think these september skies have been especially beautiful!!!
Happy Autumn to you to Eileen! Beautiful skies; and some Thanksgiving guests around your area are going to be well fed!
Martin Kloess said…
The world seems to open itself up to you
rupam sarma said…
Helloo, Beautiful pics.
Photo Cache said…
The sky is so beautiful. And I'm happy that it's fall now, my favorite season.
Lady Fi said…
Gorgeous autumn skies!
Indrani said…
Great series of sky shots!
The birds flying in a disciplined manner is so fantastic! I haven't been able to take a similar pic yet.
Happy SWF!
Noushka said…
Hello Eileen,
I love your sky, I saw on the net the fabulous one in NY on the 21 of this month, it was absolutely out of this world!
Your turkeys are fun!
Warm hugs and enjoy the end of the week
Beautiful pictures specially in which birds are flying in queue. Thanks for sharing. Good day.
Elaine said…
My favourite season of the year. Those colourful skies are a delight, especially with the geese, though they never seem able to fly quietly!
Hi Eileen,
wonderful photos of the turkeys and fantastic photos of the sunset.
Have a great weekend too.
Best, Synnöve
I love to hear the geese flying by.
Bob Bushell said…
Beautiful skies Eileen, you have shown so many clouds, moon, sunsets........................
Summer said…
Beautiful photos! Nice sky shots ♥
Share my Garden said…
LOVE the pink clouds and the line of geese. You've got a beautiful place to live, Eileen!
Our photos said…
Very nice ! Really wonderful skies !
Beautiful lake shot, and love your skies!! Enjoy your weekend.
You live in such a lovely area.

I'd start to get attached to the turkeys and re-think my Thanksgiving menu! :)
Ida said…
Such different looking turkeys. It makes me a little sad to know they won't be around much longer (even though I do enjoy eating turkey).
Lovely lake sky shots.
Heather said…
Love that fiery color in the clouds.
ANNA said…
Gracias por pasar por el blog tuve un error y se me borraron todos los comentarios que habia en algunas entradas que mal verdad.
‌Si sento si en alguna no te respondo por lo que ya te comentado.

Me gusta mucho el tuyo.

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