Saturday, December 10, 2011

My New Top Ten

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I had posted recently that I had seen a lot of the birds that I listed as my Top Ten Most Wanted to see birds. It is very hard to even pick a top ten, there are so many new birds I would like to see.

I made a mosaic of the birds that were on my previous Top Ten list. The Painted Bunting was always my number one bird to see, ever since I saw a photo of this beautiful bird. This Painted Bunting showed up on my listserve as being seen at a bird feeder near Annapolis, Md. I just had to go and see this one, luckily it stayed for awhile and made a lot of Maryland birders happy.

TOP TEN BIRDS...most wanted to see from 2009
1. Snowy Owl.. seen @ Assateague...added Snow Bunting...both seen Maryland and Delaware
2. Whip-poor-will.........Seen at Magee Marsh, Ohio
3. Blackburian Warbler...a male.....Seen  at Magee Marsh , Ohio
4. Green Jay....maybe a Texas trip
5. Snipe...Seen here at the Paper Mills flats in Maryland
6. Horned Lark...seen Freeland, MD added the....American Woodcock... seen at Magee Marsh, Ohio
7. Yellow Breasted Chat...seen on a Bird Club outing in Maryland
8. Bittern... any......American Bittern seen with the bird club in Huntley Meadows, Virginia
9. Chestnut-backed Chickadee..changed
10. Whooping Crane.....I might give up seeing this one.

They are the Snowy Owl, Painted Bunting, Horned lark, Blackburnian Warbler, American Bittern and a Woodcock. I have seen other birds that I listed but was not able to get a decent photo of them like the Whip-Poor-Will, Common Snipe and Yellow-breasted Chat. Surprisingly some of my most want to see birds show up in Maryland. The Painted Bunting was seen here in Maryland and the Snowy Owl. Hard to believe but sometimes the birds travel to see me.  Ha!Ha! It took me a few years to work on the list I created in 2009, but I think I did well seeing most of the birds on my list.

Above is the Blackburnian Warbler I saw in Magee Marsh, Ohio

The American Woodcock, look at that big eye. I also saw the Woodcock in Magee Marsh, Ohio

2011....Top Ten Birds..Most wanted to see

1. Barn the wild
2. Atlantic Puffin
3. Evening Grosbeak....male..I have seen the female Evening Grosbeak here in Maryland
4. Black Rosy-Finch
5. Roadrunner
6. Pine Grosbeak....male
7. Western Tanager....male...I did see the female Western Tanager in the Grand Tetons, Wyoming
8. Green Tailed Towhee
9. GreenJay
10. Townsend’s Warbler

Above, I have my new Top Ten Most Want to see list. Some of these birds can only be seen by taking a trip. Maybe to Texas where I could see the Roadrunner and the GreenJay.  Or to Arizona and see the Green-Tailed Towhee and a trip to New England to see the Puffins and  the Pine Grosbeak. I assume that some of these birds show up in other states but I am not sure where and what time of year they can be seen.

The Barn Owl seen on a display at Magee Marsh,  I would really love to see this bird in the wild.  The Barn Owl can be seen in Maryland but they seem to be a rare sighting. Due to farm land lost to housing developments and barns and farms disappearing seeing a barn owl could be a real challenge to see in Maryland. My new Top ten want to see birds will give me something to look forward to and a challenge to see these new birds.

I would love if someone could tell me specific spots where I could see the birds on my new Top Ten list. Then I could add some new places to my bucket list of places to see and visit. Oh wow, I have so many different lists.... my top Ten Bird list, my list of places to travel to and visit.  Today, I am off to work on my Christmas list and to shop with my sisters and niece. I plan to knock off as many gifts on my list in one day.

To see more cute and wonderful critters check out Camera Critters and for more of Mosaic Monday.  Thanks to Misty Dawn for hosting this fun meme and thanks to Mary of Mosaic Monday.  I thank you all for stopping by to see my critter post.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend.


  1. .. a great parade of birds,
    I wish you a nice 3rd Advent.
    Greetings Karin

  2. you've done really well with knocking off your first list! sadly, the only one on your new list that i see here in NE Tx is the roadrunner. we don't get the green jay here. and grosbeaks are only rarely seen migrating thru!

  3. Looks like you definitely need to travel west! Congrats on finding so many of your most wanteds! I saw you visited Grand Teton already, but Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks are great for Pine Grosbeaks, Western Tanagers, Green-tailed Towhees. Good luck with your new target birds!

  4. I'm impressed with how many birds you have already seen. You are an inspiration!

  5. I am drooling with envy Eileen -- both at the birds you've seen AND your photographic talents in capturing them. But I loved every minute of this post!!

    We have seen whooping cranes -- and what you need to do is go stay at Port Aransas Texas (or Fulton/Rockport) and they have boat trips that will take you out to the areas where the cranes winter. (Or at least they did when we spent our winters there. Port A was the best birding place we've ever been esp. in the early spring.)

  6. Any owl would certainly be on my list. :)
    I am so happy you have seen so many. Don't ever give up Eileen on any of them. You just never know.
    Your new list will keep you looking for those elusive birds. I think you're up to the challenge. By reading your blog I know this is a hobby you enjoy to the fullest. Good Luck!!

  7. The barn owl is really good.

    I like it.

  8. Congrats on your top ten!

    That owl photo is amazing.

  9. Hi Eillen
    l'ultima foto è magnifica...
    La foto sembra magica :)
    Buona giornata.
    Myriam :)

  10. Hey Eileen, There are lots of Barn Owls for you to see around here but you will have to hop on a plane. Swop you for a Painted Bunting anytime though.

  11. Your bird photos are always so great! I am partial to the barn own though! what a beauty!

  12. hi dear eileen,

    congrats on your top ten.

    wow, so many birds you have already seen!
    that's amazing!

    gorgeous shots!

    happy sunday!

  13. One trip to the Sierra Nevada here in California could get you 5 of the birds on your list. Green-tailed Towhee, Townsend's Warbler, Evening Grosbeak, Western Tanager and Pine Grosbeak are all found in the right spots. Only 3 of those birds are impossible or just very unlikely out here. Good birding.


  14. Beautiful series of birds!
    The Barn Owl is gorgoues, would love to see one.
    Have a great day.

  15. Thanks to Jen, Sallie and Cliff for recommending some places for me to see my new top ten list. It sounds like California would knock off quite a few of them in one trip. And I know in Texas I can see the Roadrunner, Green Jay and the Whooping Crane.

    Any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Eileen

  16. Congrats, Eileen! You have done great work with your list. You mentioned Pine Grosbeaks in New England. That would probably be a long wait. The last time we had an irruption with Pine Grosbeaks coming across the border was in Jan 2007. Good luck with adding a bunch more this coming year!

  17. I really love owls ! they have the same eyes as my cat Rosie, lol !

  18. These are great lists, I've never thought about what birds I'd like to see but I do think about the ones I've seen but not been able to get a picture of. I don't think I have been birding long enough to know what I haven't seen.

  19. What delightful birds!!! I like the collage that you have of them. The yellow one is particularly pretty, so cheerful looking. :)

  20. You have so many different birds to show, but the barn owl took my heart for a spin! Love it!

  21. beautiful!! congrats on your top ten!!

    love your mosaic...the little colorful bunting...and ALL the others...but especially the owls!! the snowy owl and the barn owl!! wow!! amazing picture of the Barn owl. what a beauty!!

  22. The owl is lovely. You are good making lists. I make lists of jobs to do and stick it next to my computer which makes me feel guilty while blogging.

  23. the little wood-cock is so hard to see. I have only seen the Barnowl in captivity. But am happy for that. :)

  24. Congrats, Eileen, you got to see such beautiful birds. Good luck with the next list, I hope you get to see the Barn Owl!

  25. Nice group of your sightings! What a great job seeing and photographing that Woodcock!

  26. These are sensational shots. Birds are my favorites so these are real treats.

  27. I would love to see the barn owl too. Great pics!

  28. Now you have to come to New Zealand to see our Kiwi.

  29. Every time I come here I learn something new. The pictures of the birds are jaw dropping and I know so much more about them than I ever did before.

  30. Love all the birdies! I really want to see an owl in it's habitat before I die. :0)

  31. What a great idea and what a list! We see so many unusual birds here in Florida! But I don't always get a photo! Great mosaic! ♥

  32. I really enjoyed reading and seeing your lists. You've had a great adventure finding all your feathered friends. Love the shot of the owl. Happy Monday!

  33. Isn't the blackburnian warbler beautiful!!!?!!! Have a wonderful week! Cathy

  34. A very impressive list of birds that you have seen and got a picture of. That little barn owl was so amazing. Beautiful colouring in his feathers. V

  35. Nice collection of birds captured - isn't that owl (although not in the wild) a stunning specimen?

  36. Terrific shots! That owl photo is remarkable!

  37. Wow...awesome birds, Eileen!
    My late visit here :)

  38. I love your bird-mosaics!
    Have a wonderful week,

  39. The number of birds you knocked off the old list is really impressive, great work. One your new list the only one I have noticed here is the Western Tanager. I usually catch a glimpse of one in the spring. I have only been able to get a couple of photos of the elusive little fellows. I've never seen the female, only the male.

  40. You see the most beautiful Eillen. I love your mosaic and that owl is WOW.

  41. Wonderful post Eileen. Great mosaic.

  42. Best wishes at finding the birds on your current "to see" list. I enjoyed seeing your photos, particularly the gorgeous yellow warbler! ❄

  43. Awesome photos Eileen, I especially loved the one of the Barn Owl, one I have never seen either in captivity or out in the wild.

  44. lovely images Eileen. You seem to be with birds the way I am with wildflowers - I really revel in seeing one I haven't seen before and tick if off in my wildflower book.
    Thankyou for stopping by my blog to say hi - have a wonderful week - take care - and have a lovely Christmas.

  45. Oh Eileen my already green eyes, just became greener, for Snowy Owls are at the top along with Great Gray Owls to view and photograph. How thrilling seeing this beauty had to have been for you~~~;)

  46. Hi Eileen, I love reading your list of birds you 'want' to see (or have seen)... Do you have a list of all of the different birds you have SEEN??? Bet that is a huge list...

    I would love to see the Snowy Owl sometime ---or how 'bout ANY owl..... ha ha

    And the Bunting is gorgeous.

    Good Luck with your birding. I just keep enjoying the same ones I have around here.

    Merry Christmas... (I enjoy you on FB)

  47. Excellent top 10 lists--both what you have ticked off and the new one! I wish you much luck!
    Definitely consider a trip to SE corner of Arizona...
    Have a great week!

  48. Hi there - I can only agree that Bran Owls are a great bird. I have seen them in the UK - but I have yet to see one in Australia.

    Maybe 2012 will be my lucky year.

    Cheers and good luck with the wish list.

    Stewart M - Australia

  49. Beautiful birds. You have captured so many of them.


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