Saturday, May 26, 2012

Curacao's Sea Aquarium

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Gee, I know you are saying... REALLY .... more photos from Curacao. But, I have not posted about our visit to Curacao's Sea Aquarium. It was a great time, we enjoyed the dolphins, the sea lions and all the sea critters in the aquarium's tanks.   I love dolphins, they are so smart and so darn cute.

The Dolphin's were a major part of our visit to the aquarium. The show and watching the dolphin encounters were just wonderful.

If you wanted to you could pay extra to do the dolphin encounter. The aquariums trainers teach the visitors how to train the dolphins with the hand signals.

My eyes were everywhere, watching the dolphin show and than checking out the pelican grooming itself. I love the Pelicans just as much as the dolphins.

These two are just adorable, they look like they are smiling and laughing.

One dolphin had a baby swimming close by.

The Pelicans are free to come and go, I guess they like to stick around for the free fish.

 We took a break from the sun and had a bite to eat, this ground dove was nearby the restaurant.

This Pelican is waving goodbye for now.

I hope you enjoyed my dolphin critters and pelicans. To see more beautiful critters
please check out  Camera Critters.  Thanks to Misty Dawn for hosting and thanks for stopping by to see my post.

 I hope everyone is having a safe and Happy Memorial Day weekend.


  1. The dolphins laughed,the pelicans waved good bye.

    You must have a great day with these newly met friends.

  2. I've always liked Pelicans too. Just something about that big head-LOL!
    The aquarium looks like it was a lot of fun. So, did you swim with the dolphins?

  3. I love the dolphin show too, and always fascinated with their performance.

    All beautiful shots, Eileen!

  4. The dolphin show looks like great fun!

  5. What wonderful photos! I am enjoying, vicariously of course, your visit! Love the pelican waving! Have a great weekend...

  6. must be good not to have neck ring like the Chinese pelicans,

  7. I did....I DID enjoy this very much. Love dolphins [especially when I see them in 'the wild'] and birds of course.

    Excellent, fun adventure you've shared.

  8. It looks like the dolphins had a good time too. Have a nice weekend!

  9. eileen, i have enjoyed every single entry!! i like that you broke it up, giving us a little at a time!! wonderful series!!

    i swam with the dolphins back in 2007. an experience of a lifetime!!

    the last pelican is looking and smiling!!

    have a wonderful weekend!!

  10. What amazing pelican shots. And, oh, I do adore dolphins but feel sorry for them when they're not free.

  11. love the sweet little scallops on that dove. :) dolphins are so intelligent.

  12. Great shots - I love dolphins and would love to swim with them one day.

  13. Nice post and pics Eileen. Those dolphins just look so intelligent without going on to prove it.

  14. love dolphins, i am always amazed by their intelligence.

    your photos are simply gorgeous, what a feast for the eyes, thanks eileen.

    hope you're having a great long weekend!

  15. Awesome experience Eileen and your photos were great. What a wonderful experience traveling can be and we benefit when you share with us, thank you so much.

    You asked about Mason Neck Park. If you'd like to take a look here is the link:

    We really enjoy it but have only explored one of the trails next to the Potomac River.

  16. Looks like your trip was very enjoyable! I really like the photo of Mama/Daddy and baby!

  17. Looks like a great place, I really enjoy dolphins. Pelicans are so special to me. They look so comical on the ground but are so graceful in the air.

  18. Why would anyone tire of seeing your images from Curacao, or anywhere for that matter, Eileen?! You really got an eyeful at this aquarium. So nice that the pool is right next to the sea. I'm glad I didn't post my dolphin shots this week... taken from a boat on a rainy day, they'd look pretty lame next to yours!

  19. Great shots Eileen!! Your Pelicans are so different to ours.

  20. Lovely Pelican, he/she is staying for the piece of fish.

  21. Enjoying your shots!
    Thanks for dropping by :)

  22. Such awesome shots. I would not know where to look first.

  23. Looks like a wonderful time! Gorgeous shots of the dolphins! I have the same problem at these shows.....too much going on....looking everywhere and probably missing everything:)

  24. Great photos! I think the dolphin is such an amazing creature ... so smart. And then, of course, I love those pelicans! They know where to find the free fish!

  25. awww! the dolphins are really cute
    :-) beautiful shots too :-) Dropping by from Camera Critters


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