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A variety of critters

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Oh, yes I still have more photos of Curacao birds and critters. These are some the critters and birds I saw while we took our open jeep tour of the park.

 On the way to the caves we passed by these cows. They seemed to be use to people and just ignored us.

One of Curacao's cows.

Our tour included a visit to a cave called Kueba di Brua also known as the Witchcraft cave? Besides seeing  the stalagmites and the stalactites we saw bats.

Above, you can see the bats hanging from the ceiling of the cave.

 I was not touched by a bat but some flew very close to my head. It was very tempting to go running from the cave batting my head and tripping over something on the cave's floor. My hubby who is use to caving was not bothered by the bats and I really didn't want to look like a sissy scared of the bats.
LOL another thought hit me, I wasn't the one holding the flashlight to find my way out of the cave. So I gave in and just started taking photos of the cave and the bats just like the others in our small tour group.
 I do not mind when they fly all around my head at home when I am out on our deck.

Whew, back outside the caves we had fun watching these lizards.

Back in the jeep we rode thru this farm seeing lots of goats along the way. Our guide paid the farmer a fee to let the Jeep out of his farm. I guess you could call it an entrance fee but we paid as we left.

Next stop was the park, while we were having a picnic lunch I was able to check out the birds. Above are the Ground Dove, a few Bananaquits and the Rufous-collared Sparrows. These birds were chowing down on the sugar that spilled out of the feeder hanging above.

For some reason, Curacao's Yellow Warblers looked so much brighter than the Yellow Warblers I see at home. Not sure why? Maybe its the sugar.

I hope you enjoyed my critters post and do not mind more of my Curacao trip photos. I do appreciate your visits and comments.

To see more cute and beautiful critters please visit Camera Critters.  Thanks to Misty Dawn the host of Camera Critters.

I hope everyone has a safe and HAPPY weekend!


  1. the bats look cool (at least from here!) :)

  2. Hi Eileen..That seems so funny to see those cows like they are ..we are used to green pastures ; ]
    You wouldn't see me in that cave with bats..No Way!!
    Amazing place I viewed your two previous post love those Mockingbirds and the sunset is gorgeous!!
    Thanks for your comment on my Raccoon post ..I think your right with you having a dog ..that would keep them away!! : }}

  3. The bats look very cool:) Love your shots here. Okay....the Yellow has a swatch on the top of its I'm imagining that it's a male......could it be a Wilson's Warbler? I'm still sorting my warblers out yet:) I was chasing both the yellow and Wilson's warbler during one hike and they look very very similiar. Hope you have a good weekend!!!

  4. Wow, that cave is great to see. The yellow warblers are spectacular.

  5. You have cows, bats, birds, lizards etc.

    You have a mini zoo with you.

  6. Great shots of the bats in the cave...I am with you - they creep me out! But, my DH has rescued bats and says they are soft and cuddly (???) and he and our daughter LOVE them! Go figure...I will watch from a safe distance, thank you! Love the yellow birds...

  7. Lovely thought of Curacao, and, beautiful photos.

  8. I would have liked that cave trip to see all those bats just hanging there Eileen. You're right, that Yellow Warbler does look very yellow doesn't it? Those Bananaquits are so very common but what a strange name?

  9. Very nice shots !
    To be so near the bats...fine!
    have a nice weekend!

  10. You have enough critters to be your own camera critter post and all very interesting. Love the bats best.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  11. So interesting to see the wildlife there. Love the yellow warbler...and it must have been fun to watch the lizards!:)

  12. Great shots of the different critters. That cave looks interesting too.

  13. Seems funny to see a cow so close to the beach. :)
    Eileen, I would probably not have gone into the cave. When we had a pool and the couple of bats dived the water I always said it was time to come inside!
    Another great post and no not tired of Curacao yet.
    Hope you're having a great weekend.

  14. Such exotic and colorful creatures! We had a bridge near us in FL and would wait for the bats that lived under it to fly out at dusk! Cool critters!

    Carolina Mts

  15. I'm not sure I'd care for being that up close with the bats, like you I don't mind them out in the open. The yellow warbler is beautiful.

  16. Love the rhyme — Curacao cows! LOL
    I was there 45 years ago and don't remember any wildlife at all. I remember the desert terrain, however.
    So I enjoyed your photos very much, although I don't do caving (claustrophobia) so I wouldn't have to worry about the bats.
    Thanks for sharing these, Eileen!

  17. Nice captures of all the critters you saw/1 That warbler is so pretty!

  18. Great series of Camera Critter shots Eileen, and love your header photo.

  19. So enjoying revisiting Curacao with you. It is such a beautiful island. Can do without the lizard-thingys tho.

    TTFN ~
    Have a great eve ~

  20. I'm not sure what I would have done if I'd seen the bats. ;)) The yellow warbler really IS yellow, isn't it?

  21. Thanks for sharing them :)

  22. Hi there - that’s a good variety of animals to see - like the bats and lizards.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  23. I love bats, but they can be a bit unnerving if they get too close! Excellent photo of them!

    That yellow warbler is amazingly bright!

  24. I would be scared at the sight of those bats. I think I would be running out from cave. The yellow warbler is beautiful.

  25. Excellent!!! I remember long ago, in school while on a field trip, we captured a bat in a cave, and we all got to touch it....the wings are so soft.

    SHADOWS AND SUMMARIES is a link to my newest post for the day! Hope you can find time to view...and, have a super glorious Sunday!!!

  26. Fantastic all the live that you capture with your shoot, well done =)
    great shoots

  27. Hi Eileen, What an interesting set of views. Well photographed. I am stunned at the vividness of that Yellow Warbler as well - like you said, it must be the diet. Have an excellent day today!

  28. the warblers are so beautiful but not the bats, i don't love bats!!

  29. I don't mind at all, Eileen - I really enjoying your Curacao pics. It's nice to know another amazing place on earth :)

    My late visit here.


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