Charlotte's Quest Nature Center

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It's a new day and a new week, start off fresh to accomplish your best! Happy Monday, everyone! 

Hubby and I decided to visit a new local park nearby for our walk and to do some birding. The Pine Valley Park is adjacent to the Charlotte's Quest Nature Center. The nature center is located on 60 acres, has a pond, stream and wildlife and has 4 1/2 miles of hiking trails. The trails consists of fields, and a wooded area with the Pine trees and hardwood forest. 

Above the parks picnic area, bridge and trail, Redwing blackbird, trail near field, catbirds, hardwood forest and ferns.

The Gray Catbird was a common bird seen that day along with the Redwing Blackbirds. Other birds were heard more than seen like the Ovenbird, Wood Thrush and the American Robins.

 For my NF Tree entry a view of the pine and hardwood trees seen at the park.

A view of the pond and barn, a Redwing Blackbird and some colorful weeds.

I do not think the barn is part of the park property but it is adjacent to the property and pond. There is a trail around the pond with benches. I really liked the reflection of the barn.

I like the round window on this barn and the reflection of the barn in the pond.

I hope you enjoyed our walk and the images. Also, thank you for stopping by and for the nice comments. Have a great day and new week ahead.

I use Pic Monkey to create my mosaics, you can use Pic Monkey free or pay for an upgraded version.

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DeniseinVA said…
Thank you for sharing another lovely nature center Eileen. From your photos it looks gorgeous! Super photos, all of them.
Cloudia said…
Wonderful grey catbird portrait, Eileen!
Linda W. said…
Great bird and flower pics, and nice reflection of the barn!
What a lovely place to walk and explore and it seems to have all that nature has to offer. Also love the Barn and the little round window. Have a great week ahead Eileen
Blogoratti said…
Wonderful scenery and photos!
Hi Eileen,
fabulous photos of all this green things and the blossom and landscape. The lake is so serene. Amazing !
Best regards, Synnöve
Sue said…
What a great barn--I've always loved weathered barns.
Looks like you two found another great spot for a hike and some birding.
I've never seen an ovenbird and so I looked them up--and the calls--I have heard. Neat!
Mersad said…
Great shots of the countryside. Wonderful sights, really. If you like you can link up with the "Through My Lens" meme as well. Link is below.

Mersad Donko Photography
Wonderful pictures of a nice and
very green landscape Eileen!
Love it :)
And I also like that round window,
it makes me think somebody lives
there :))

Have a happy and wonderful week!

Marco Luijken said…
Hello eileen,
Very nice pictures. A wonderful place to be.
Good shot of that bird.

Many greetings,
Yamini MacLean said…
Hari OM
I too love the reflection! Great mosaics so full of lushness... Hope your week is looking grand Eileen! YAM xx
The same for you..
Nice pictures and lovely place.. Regards.
Wonderful, wonderful photos and mosaics, Eileen! So much beauty and greenery.
Have a lovely new week!
Cathy Keller said…
I do so enjoy your nature walks. Thank you! I, too, like the barn reflecting in the pond. It must have been a glorious day! Wishing you another one today!
Bob Bushell said…
Beautiful images, especially the houses, fantastic.
J said…
Sweet little Catbird, taking shelter in his little cave of foliage! I love your barn photo with the reflection captured so well in the sun!
I love that barn and pond ...what a beautiful place ! :)
Crimson Kettle said…
Another set of wonderful photos Eileen, a joy to behold. A glorious visit. Have fun.
Wow! The view of the barn and the pond in front is so picturesque! What a lovely place to take a walk. Enjoy your day sweet friend. Hugs, Diane
Eileen I just love this " It's a new day and a new week, start off fresh to accomplish your best! Happy Monday, everyone!"

Brilliant ... and may you have a lovely week.

Lovely selection of photo's here I especially like the Gray Catbird and the one of the pond and barn - that to me has a lovely feel about it.

Take Care

All the best Jan
very cool. a quest? i wonder? sounds like a cool place. love those wildflowers. the barn too. ( :
Snap said…
Love that pond and the redwing blackbird. I used to see them all the time when I lived on Galveston Island... don't see them in the big city. You have the most marvelous places to walk! Happy Monday!
Nancy Chan said…
A great park to visit. You have a lovely collection birds, scenery and lake with the barn.
Missy George said…
Love the catbird pic...Fabulous barn photos..Looks like a great Nature center..
Linda Kay said…
Wonderful mosaics, Eileen....such rich greens, and love that little bird peeking out.
EG CameraGirl said…
All the the green is so beautiful!. These photos make gorgeous mosaics.
What a lovely nature centre to visit. Seeing a round window in a barn is unusual, and a lovely touch.
Tom said…
Lush and green! Tom The Backroads Traveller
ak-ut said…
lovely view with that barn - wish you a happy week :-)
That is a lovely barn, the round window is quite distinctive.
Rajesh said…
Beautiful place with such lovely birds.
Your mosaics are so pretty Eileen, and I too like the round window on the barn!
Enjoy your week!
Marie C said…
What a wonderful Nature Center, Eileen! Love your photos of it all, but particularly love the barn reflected in the pond. That round window is so unusual!
Oh Eileen what a beautiful visit. It seems our birds will be leaving soon and coming to you! Those views with the barn are just stunning!
Louisette said…
Lovely collages , greeting from Belgium
You have some amazing trails for the wild life enthusiasts to enjoy in the States - well kept and maintained also.
I always love reading about the birds you see on these walks Eileen!
Fun60 said…
I am intrigued by the fact that this is a new park as it looks quite well established. Beautiful reflection of the barn.
Sylvia K said…
Ah, I do love the Catbird, Eileen, and of course, all your captures are superb and delightful and a bright spot in my morning -- any morning!! Have a great new week!!
Our photos said…
Very nice series. I love the photos of the pond !!
DIMI said…
Hello Eileen!!
What a beautiful park for a walk!
Beautiful nature and so many kinds of preety birds!
Great captures!I like the old barn and the reflection in the water!
Thank you for sharing!Have a happy week!
The Yum List said…
I enjoyed all of those different shades of green in the first post.
Another amazing nature walk, beautiful spot.
mick said…
Great photos and I am sure that it must be a very enjoyable place for a walk. The reflections in the pond are especially beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Happyone said…
I really like the barn and pond. Lovely reflection too.
Merlesworld said…
Everything looks cool and peaceful, nice place to wonder around in.
The reflection of the barn you captured is really nice Eileen, a round window is unusual isn't it?
Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.
beautiful images of nature.
colleen said…
So much green. I feel a healing. I especially love the pond shot.
Mama Zen said…
Pretty place! I love that barn.
Jill Harrison said…
Life is so busy and winter is in full flight, so taking time to go bushwalking is low on our list right now. But I am looking forward to the spring. Thanks for taking us along with you Eileen. Have a great week and thank you for stopping by my blog this week. (and the link to Through my Lens!)
Margie said…
You captures some nice shots during your walk. I especially liked the barn shot by the water!
Gorgeous, Eileen! I especially love the barn photos!
Rose said…
I love that barn!
Stephanie said…
Beautiful images!!!
ladyfi said…
So lush and lovely! And what a gorgeous barn with the round window.
I love the birds and flowers and all the shades of green in your photos, Eileen. Everything looks so lush and healthy there!
Stewart M said…
That barn looks like a great fishing base!

Nice post.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
Meta said…
Så många fina bilder från parken. Där kan man hitta massor av fina träd och buskar bland alla blommorna.
Ha en fin fortsatt sommar
Kram Meta
NatureFootstep said…
it i nice to check out new areas isn´t it? I love it for sure and this place seem like a good one. Even a catbird to check you out :)

Thanks for linking up at NF Trees n Bushes.
Have a nice week.
Of course, I always enjoy your images/mosaics. As always. And enjoyed this adventure in the new park you two visited.
Annemor said…
Greta fun to visit new areas, and finding new things to photograph-.
I like the barn very much.
Have a wonderful day.
diane b said…
It looks a lovely green park. The barn reflection is very picturesque.
Indrani said…
Wonderful collages Eileen. Each capture is beautiful!
The Artful Diva said…
lots of beautiful photos - I particularly like those of the old barn and pond
Terri said…
Gorgeous images! Love these!
Debby Ray said…
Wow...what a beautiful place! You could have just dropped me off and I would have stayed! Awesome photos!
Magia da Inês said…

Gostei mais da segunda foto, o pássaro até faz pose para a foto.

♪♬ه° ·.
Tenha um ótimo dia!
✿˚° ·.
Adam Jones said…
Lovely pictures as always Eileen.
LifeRamblings said…
what a lovely park. the barn looks wonderful and your nature photos are gorgeous as always. have a greatt day Eileen.
Juni said…
Olá Eileen, que belo lugar! Também gostei muito do reflexo do celeiro no lago.
Beijos, tenha uma excelente semana.
Buckeroomama said…
Lovely nature shots!!
Wait'll you see my bird photos, Eileen! I can't upload them now, but I will next week! They are so joyful.
Enjoying every shots, Eileen. The park is a great place to visit.
Glenda/MidSouth said…
Looks like a good place for a nature walk. Thanks for sharing.
Love the view of the barn with the reflection in the the pond - a capture hard to come by! You have a happy week too:)
What a lovely park to have nearby, and perfect for you and your birding. I would just enjoy the tranquility - and like you, I love that old barn and your shot of it framed by nature and reflected in the pond.
Karen S. said…
Now this is a place to visit and capture the best photos ever! What a remarkable view!
pattisjarrett said…
Your mosaics are always nice. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week!
Mary Cromer said…
I have to lie down and prop up with 4 pillows to be able to use my left arm and type my entries, comments etc, but I am making my way and happy to have arrived here this morning. You all take such lovely walks at so many interesting places and that barn is really an interesting structure along with all of the birds and beautiful scenes you captured. Happy Thursday Eileen~
ann said…
Do you see me way down here at the bottom. Your countryside looks so lovely and rural and quaint and classic. We don't have the catbird here, handsome fellow.
thomas said…
Love the old barn house shots most

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