Saturday, August 1, 2015

Saturday's Critters #85

It's Saturday and it's time to share your critters.. Any kind of critter will do, even a new or old post.. I appreciate everyone who has linked up in the past and for those who are linking in on this week's critter party. And of course I always appreciate my blogging friends stopping by just for a visit.

These images are from March, we stopped in Savannah Georgia on the drive home from Florida. Near our hotel, I found the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge. I try to visit any wildlife refuge in the area where we are traveling. The Savannah NWR is another wildlife refuge I can cross off my NWR list.

Above are the White Ibis adult and juvenile, a Glossy Ibis and a duck.

A few baby gators piled up. How many gators do you see?

Going for a ride, a gator on the turtle's back. I think they are strange companions!

A Green Heron

A Great Egret next to  a Snowy Egret for a size comparison.

I've been contacted and asked to share some important news Critter related on the  Elephant protection initiative org

The President of Kenya today joined the Elephant Protection Initiative (EPI), the African-led conservation program to eradicate the ivory trade and stop the continued slaughter of the continent’s elephants by poachers. The commitment was made at a signing ceremony arranged by the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources for the Kenya-based wildlife charity Space for Giants at State House in Nairobi. It was one of a series of pledges made by the President on joining the Giants Club, Africa’s new governmental conservation initiative that has been launched by Space for Giants. 

Being an animal lover, I love all the critters. I believe the elephants and all wildlife all around the world should be safe in their own habitats. I appreciate that the governments will try their best to stop poaching and banning the sale of ivory. Also President Obama has announced a proposal to tighten control on domestic Ivory trade which follows last year's order to combat wildlife trafficking.

On to what I think is sad news from the past week and going wild on facebook, the much loved Cecil the Lion was killed by an American Hunter who paid $55,000 for his guide. The lion was lured away from the park with meat. Please help put a stop to this Trophy hunting of endangered animals. Cecil the lion Petition  and this older  (2012 hunt) article was previous Trump-big-African-hunt the Trump son's were posing with the Leopard, Elephants tail and more.

Being an animal lover, these trophy hunts and photos of the hunters smiling and posing with their kill just makes me sick. Someone needs to speak up and be a voice for these animals!

Sharing ..A quote by Paul Rodriquez
"Hunting is not a sport. In a sport, both sides should know they're in the game."
RIP Cecil the Lion.

 I hope you enjoyed my LIVE critters and post. As always thanks again for linking up, for the nice comments and for visiting my post. I wish everyone a happy weekend!

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  1. I see too many gators. LOL Great shot, I'd never thought about the babies. Hope that one doesn't eat the turtle. Love the two egrets - we had Cattle Egrets in N CA - loved to see them in the fields.

    Good news about the Elephants.

  2. Hello Eileen,
    Again quite an array of critters yu saw in Savannah NWR!
    The Glossy ibis is very beautiful, quite similar to the species we had in south Africa.
    The 2 egrets together are fantastic, the size difference is amazing and funny!!
    Keep well and enjoy your weekend :)

  3. Wonderful and interesting animals that you are presenting again.
    I am always impressed by the large selection of your great photos.
    ♥ly greetings and have a nice weekend :-)

  4. Wow beautiful shots! Have a nice Saturday!

  5. Love the shot with the Alligator and the Turtle! So cute and so funny!
    Have a great week, Eileen

  6. The birds are so beautiful! I haven't seen such birds in reality yet and I wish I could also see and photograph them.
    Have a great weekend!

  7. I like that you have so many NWR:s. You have a spectacular wildlife around you. Sweden is rather sparse when it comes to that.

    Glad the governments starts to take a stronger part in saving the wildlife. I have been to Kenya and know it is worth to save. The problem is that there are too many people in the area and too many that likes to hunt wildlife down. The sad thing is that no matter of how much the wildlife is protected the bad guys always get their trophes :(

    Thanks for hosting!

  8. I agree with you wholehearted about stopping trophy hunting. Makes me sick too. You images here are lovvely eileen and it is lovely to see both thse different Egrets standing side by side to see the comparision. Have a lovely weekend.

  9. I'm fully in agreement with your comments about hunting Eileen. So called 2trophy hunting" is particularly despicable and how anyone can derive pleasure from killing animals is beyond my comprehension. I hope those little alligators grow to be huge enough to eat a trophy hunter one day.

  10. Hello Eileen !!! These birds are so beautiful !! I never saw a small alligator !!
    For now, these little monsters look innocent but as they grow they will be dangerous !
    Always nice to see your fantastic shots !!
    Happy weekend !

  11. It is always nice to visit and view all your critters. Thank you for the great pictures of all these beauties. Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Your photos from Savannah are wonderful, Eileen. That is a big turtle!
    I agree completely about the trophy hunting and I am sick about Cecil. Thank you for hosting and enjoy your Saturday.

  13. Hello, Eileen!
    Beautiful photos as always! However, I too see far too many alligators in your photos. :D
    As to hunting, I have never understood how some people can consider it fun and a sport. I hope also the case of "Mr Palmer" will sensibilize people about what is happening.
    Have a great weekend!

  14. Awesome pics. I love that one of the gator riding on the turtle's back. How cool is that? lol. Have a wonderful weekend. Sorry I am not organized enough lately to participate in Saturday's Critters but hope to join up again soon.

  15. Great photo ops here Eileen. Love all these shots of the birds and the alligators. That one of the baby on the turtle's back was amazing. I have never understood trophy hunting, never will.

  16. What an amazing capture is that alligator riding on the turtle. I applaud the President of Kenya for joining the EPI and so publicly as well. Thanks for linking me to your meme. Jo

  17. I like your feathery critters best. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  18. Hari OM
    Love your shots of the gators (particularly the turtle taxi!).

    As you are aware, I had a similar post recently... definitely spreading the word is important; though I had some difficulty measuring the amount (and presentation) of the Cecil news item on our televisions against that of current crisis on the English Channel regarding refugees. Mankind must not fall into the trap of 'cherry picking' causes... thankfully there are enough who care universally. Somehow we crawl our way out of each mire.

    Thank you for caring enough to speak out Eileen! Blessings, YAM xx

  19. I love seeing all the critters you see on your travels, Eileen!

    Yep, I think trophy hunting has got to stop. I was shocked to learn that a rich American killed Cecil. Personally, I think hunters need to shoot with cameras and not guns.

  20. The Gator and Turtle photo is astounding!!!!

    Yes, taking a political stand to help ALL wildlife...I'm right there with you on this one. PS...and Phil's sentiment is spot on!!!

  21. Great photos, as always!
    The turtle/gator is a hoot.

    Re: Cecil. It's shameful. We have a Canadian female hunter (I loathe the diminuitive 'huntress') who has been defending the dentist in media. I just don't get it, but many people do. I'ts quite a culture.

    That said, I think the racial profiling by police is an even worse problem. It's intriguing how people get caught up with Cecil, not so much teens shot by police, or vigilantes. Sigh.

  22. Wowee, what an array of natures world.

  23. love the glossy ibis and the piggy-backing gator kid!!

  24. Eileen, great variety. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Little gators are so fun to see. And hear.

  26. Turtle and Gator - too cute.

  27. Hello Eileen!
    I am so agry about Cecil the lion,what a shame.
    Your visit to the park was so interesting!
    So many kind of critters to see!
    Great shots of the Egret and Haron bird!
    Wonderful images!Have a happy August!!

  28. Beautiful feathered friends but the alligators.

  29. Wonderful images once again, Eileen. I can agree wholeheartedly with you about the trophy hunting. The sad story of Cecil the lion will hopefully galvanise governments to do more to protect wildlife...

  30. Sorry I didn't say Hi. I was actually on my way out for a walk.
    Those pics were a few weeks old. Your shots are great.
    That poor turtle! Thanks for the party. I'll go back now and fix your link. XXOO.

  31. Those baby gators are cute, especially the one riding on the turtle's back!

  32. Lovely collages!

    The Cecil episode is unforgivable!

  33. oooooh what a kind turtle to give a "turtleback" ride to the alligator!!! the egrets are gorgeous!!!

  34. The baby gators are cute. I don't understand the trophy hunting at all. It's so sad about Cecil the Lion. I wish there was some way we could protect the wildlife.

  35. Love the gator ~ what an expression you captured! Great shots all of them!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  36. I was upset like many others what took place this past week about Cecil. It must be stopped this killing for nothing. Hope something will be done to protect our critters.

    Love all the gators shots as well as all your other critters images. I so enjoy my Saturdays in viewing critters from around the world.

  37. Any kind of poaching is an abhorrent act. When animals are baited for the kill, that too is unconscionable! I'm upset about a LOT of things in this world though where innocents (especially children) are victimized and it makes it hard to choose among the myriads of abhorrent acts going on in the world right now! But I'm very glad for the Act that has been passed in Africa.

    Gorgeous photos, Eileen. Wow...that baby gator taking a ride on the turtle...I bet the turtle isn't overly happy about it! :-) Thanks again for a great meme...I finally had something to join in with this summer!

  38. You do get to see some wonderful things, the crock and I love the photo of the Egret..stunning.
    Amanda xx

  39. I'm surprised they allow so many baby gators!!!
    Being from central Fla., I'm not fond of gators and them being the creatures they are.
    I'm with you though and in disbelief about Cecil - I just cringe!! If anything - his death has woken people and more are verbalizing about the terrible slaughter of our elephants, lions, rhinos, and other creatures.

  40. I think your photo of the baby gator on the turtle is just so perfect, Eileen!

  41. That alligator/turtle photo is strange indeed - I'm not sure I want to be near that many wild alligators. I agree with you about trophy hunting, it's disgusting. Have a wonderful weekend!

  42. That size comparison says a lot. I think that because egrets are so white that they look bigger than they are.

  43. Thank you so much for what you are doing to spread the word about trophy( and ivory poaching )hunting (here and on Facebook). It is disgusting, beyond words . I didn't know about the Trump part but am not surprised ... Just the sort of people who would.

    I love today's critters ... We've always wanted to spend more time in Georgia ... If we do this refuge will definitely be a stop! I wouldn't give that turtle too much of a chance if the alligator is hungry!

  44. It's sad that some people don't respect the rights of the animals to their lives and unspoiled habitats. I'm glad they are trying to do something about it. The story of Cecil the lion at least caused quite an outcry against the people hunting for sport.

  45. Wonderful pictures of all of those
    animals Eileen!
    The pictures of the gators give me
    the creeps, but I love the one with
    the white Ibises, they look like
    adult and a juvenile :))

    Have a beautiful day and a happy Sunday!

  46. I couldn't agree with you more, Eileen! "Both sides should know they're in the game" really resonates with me. So true! Love all your wonderful critter photos but was blown away by the gator riding the turtle. I wonder how the turtle felt about that. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend. Many thanks for hosting!

  47. Oh my, those gators are really something. I like that one where it rides a turtle, very interesting. The birds are beautiful!

  48. If turtles and gators can be seen frolicking together (not quite sure that is what is happening, but you get my gist!) it makes it even more poignant the story about Cecil this week , so sad. I have signed the petition with pleasure.
    Wren x

  49. Thanks, Eileen, for dropping by to add your link at I'd Rather B Birdin'.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  50. that shot of the alligator on top of the turtle is too funny. i wonder what the turtle thought? how long did that last? get off me silly alligator. or is it a crocodile? i know you can tell but right this moment i don't recall how? is it there nose? maybe? ( :

  51. Hi Eileen
    You got a really nice shot of the green heron--very cool!
    I'm not a fan of alligators, but I love your shots--especially the one riding on the turtle. How funny.
    Hope you're having a good weekend. Finally getting some cool weather after last weeks hot and humid. What a relief!!

  52. I think I see five gators, but they are so darn tricky there may be more in that one spot! Love the strange companion shot, going for a piggy back ride! I am just sick about poor Cecil and I understand that there was quite a nasty episode going on at his clinic last week here in Minnesota. I just wish they'd stop having hunts like that. But then I'm not a fan of shoot deer either, and I know we kill the cows and eat the meet, but when it comes to folks (like my son and his sons) going out to hunt, sometimes those acts create the urge and craving for hunts and greedy folks doing whatever it takes to get big money!

  53. I could only find three baby alligators.
    I love the picture of the alligator going for a ride on the turtle. : )

  54. Love the stack o'gators and the one on the turtle's back. Good shot showing comparative sizes of the two egrets.

  55. What a timely quote about hunting. Very thoughtful.

  56. Hi Eileen,
    Beautiful photos and thanks for hosting SC!
    I also want to thank you for the info on the petition against killing that poor Lion.
    I will be signing it.
    In my book, if someone wants to hunt a lion/deer/tiger/etc, they can go hunt them without any weapons; in a hand-to-hand combat; especially, elephants and big cats.
    Hope the cubs are saved.

  57. Really interesting shots! That's good news about Kenya. I hope that the outrage resulting from the sad story about the lion will help end trophy-hunting.

  58. I love Savannah, I hope you were able to enjoy some good pralines while you were there too! Your photos from the NWR are really amazing, especially the alligators -- But even as babies, they're still not cute! :-)!!

  59. Dearest Eileen; I'm fascinated seeing Green Heron in your post and wished them to be around my area. Heron is one of the only couple of birds I can see frequently p:-)

    Oh,I've never heard of trophy hunting... I also felt the same way with you and others here!!! And you're one of the important person contributing for it☆☆☆

    Thank you very much for hosting and have a wonderful new week.
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

  60. good morning eileen,

    that picture of the gator on the turtle's back caught my eye. great catch!

    love all of your wonderful critter photos.

    big hugs~

  61. I do love that shot of the pile of gators!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  62. UAU!!!Adorei as fotos!!Beleza,interessantes! bjs tudo de bom,chica

  63. A wide array of different beasties. Love 'em. Amazing the Gator hitching a ride on the turtles back.
    I'm with you on hunting for sport---an abomination!

  64. I am so upset about the lion shooting..That whole industry needs to be shut down...Love the Alligator and the turtle..strange combo for sure..Pretty Egrets and Herons..good shots..I'll have to see if I had any critters this week...Happy Sunday..

  65. Very neat to see the great egret and snowy egret beside each other...and the baby gator riding the turtle is something else!

  66. Many wonderful entries this day. It's August already?

    We can not completely blame the hunter. He paid a fee, the person who took that fee was responsible for luring the lion. The hunter had no clue.

    I don't understand the sport of hunting for trophies but I do hunt for food. It is still something we have to do to supplement our food supply. It is a tradition that we thank the spirit of the animal for feeding us.

    Your pictures are divine. I love the alligators. They looked artificial until I looked closely. You have such interesting animals in your homeland.

  67. I finally made it, better late than never :)
    Great captures, Eileen. Amazing to see the turtle and the gator together.

    Wish you a great week!


  68. You took amazing photos at the Savannah NWR, Eileen! I can't believe it is already August--summer is going by fast! Hope you are staying cool and enjoying it!

  69. Hi Eileen,
    fabulous photos of all these animals. The photo with the gator on the back of the turtle is gorgeous !
    Best regards, Synnöve

  70. The turtle with a gator on his back is easily my favorite!

  71. Some great photo's - especially the Turtle and Gator one.

    All the best Jan


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