Bird and Blooms


I am sharing some more of our backyard blooms and birds. I am sad to say we lost our Weeping Cherry tree in our backyard. We have not removed it just yet, the birds love to sit in the tree waiting to take their turns at the feeders.

Above the Scarlet Tanagers were seen with a group of Waxwings by our mailbox. They were eating berries in one of the trees, a House Wren in the Weeping Cherry tree, A Catbird on the suet feeder and the Great-crested Flycatcher in the Weeping Cherry tree.

The Daylilies are starting to bloom next to our driveway and in the yard. These look like the same daylilies we see growing wild along the roads.

 The Jackmanii Clematis has taken off, growing well also near the Blueberry bushes.

This Clematis has been blooming for awhile, one of my favorites.

This Spirea bush has grown large over the years, it is starting to mix with our blueberry bushes.

The Stella D'oro lilies are also blooming nicely.

For Tom's Barn Collective this is a local barn we pass by often. It seems like the owners have done a lot of work on it lately.

Happy 4th of July! Wishing everyone a safe and happy 4th of July.

Have you enjoyed the birds and blooms? I hope so!  Thank you for visiting and for the nice comments. As always, thanks to the wonderful group of hosts listed below.

Here is a list of linky parties for part of the week, Sunday thru Wednesday. I hope to see you there.

Thanks to Jesh our host for Seasons
Thanks to Tom the host of the Barn Collective
Thanks to Monica for hosting NF Trees
Thanks to Michelle for hosting Nature Notes
Thanks to the hosting team of Our World Tuesday!
Thanks to Stewart for hosting Wild Bird Wednesday


Tom said…
What a lovely collection of birds and floral delights, topped of with a wonderful red barn. Thanks for joining The Barn Collection Eileen, enjoy your 4th and hurry back.
Martin Kloess said…
Thank you for bringing this beauty into our lives
Cloudia said…
Have a great 4th, dear Eileen
✿ chica said…
Que lindo tudo, pássaros, flores! Uma semana maravilhosa pra ti! bjs, chica
Florence said…
Beautiful birds and blooms. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!
Sue said…
Eileen-you have a lot of beautiful blooms. It has been such a good year for Clematis, hasn't it?
Happy 4th to you two
Yamini MacLean said…
Hari Om
Blessing for a colourful holiday! YAM xx
A Quiet Corner said…
Crystal clear photos to show us your world this Fourth!!...Enjoy, Eileen...:)JP
Linda said…
Here in Canada we already celebrated Canada Day on July 1st. I wish you a wonder filled July 4th, Eileen. Your photos are gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing. :)
rupam sarma said…
Helloo, Beautiful pics, Thanks for the post.
Marie-Anne said…
Gorgeous birds and blooms, as always, dear Eileen!
Happy 4th of July to you!!!!
Many hugs!
Michelle said…
Such beautiful flowers! Have a great 4th!
Poppy said…
Your garden is abundant with beauty, both in birds and flowers!

Happy 4th, tomorrow! Have a wonderful day!

The Yum List said…
The day lillies are gorgeous!
J said…
I'm grateful for bloggers for many reasons, but from ones like you, I've learned so much about species of birds. We have a feeder now and I really pay attention to the customers! Gone are the day when I just lumped them all into one category: "birds!" Thank you!
Another great series of birds, blooms, and barns! :-) I love the Scarlet Tanager, and am really missing my clematis this year that died, yours is lovely!

I hope you're having a great 4th weekend - Isn't it crazy that it's July already??
Felicia said…
pretty blooms and a grand barn.

happy 4th Eileen
Linda W. said…
Lovely flowers! Happy 4th of July!
Weekend-Windup said…
Happy July 4th! Beautiful birds and blossoms!
Happy Independence day. That is a fine looing barn and the birds and flowers are just lovley
Stewart M said…
Nice set of pictures - give me birds and flowers over flags any day!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
KaHolly said…
Happy 4th! Such pretty pics! So many are favorites of mine! XO

Happy 4th of July!

Lovely daylilies and clematis!

Enjoy your day :)
Lindo um belo trabalho com magnificas fotografias.
Um abraço e boa semana.
Nancy Chan said…
Happy 4th July. Your garden blooms are beautiful. Love the Daylilies and clementis.
Sandra said…
the flowers are just gorgesous. sorry to hear about the tree.. maybe you can keep it for the birds. our neighbor had a citrus tree that died and it was gorgeous as a piece of art, like a large driftwood art... it was there for many years and then thye took it down and i was so sad..
Bob Bushell said…
Beautiful images you have given us.
we've been having a plethora of tit mouse at our feeder lately. Love to watch them swish around
Ana Freire said…
Great images from your backyard, Eileen!
Beauty in every single image... Thank you so much for sharing!...
Happy 4th of July, to you and yours!...
Have a great week ahead!
Mary Hone said…
What a beautiful variety of birds and blooms. That scarlet tanager is amazing, I would love to see one of those.
Happy $th of July to you and your family Eileen!!
I always enjoy your firsts and photos of flowers and the world around us!!
Such beautiful birds and blooms on your post today, Eileen! You are fortunate to be surrounded by such beauty in your own yard.

Happy 4th of July and have a great week ahead!
Hi Eileen,
first congratulations to the Independence Day !
Marvelous photos of the wonderful flowers and all the birds around you.
Have a nice new week, Eileen.
Best regards, Synnöve
Rambling Woods said…
Happy 4th of July Eileen... Milkweed can take time to grow from seeds. The common milkweed seeds that I planted took two years to come up. Swamp or pink milkweed can be easier to grow from seed and butterfly weed is really hard to grow from seed. Most of the plants I plant that are natives and from seeds take at least two seasons to come up.... Lovely nature post as always Eileen...
Rambling Woods said…
Milkweed information
VioletSky said…
The flowers are beautiful, the birds are adorable and the barn door is cute.
Happy 4th to you Eileen.
Great images of flora and fauna
Gunilla Bäck said…
Pretty birds. I love the daylilies and the clematises. Happy 4th of July!
Happyone said…
Beautiful blooms. The lilies are blooming here to now. So pretty.
RedPat said…
Love the flowers and tyne birds, Eileen!
Eileen, those birds are wonderful. Scarlet Tanagers and Cedar Waxwings are an amazing combination.

Question about the day lily: I always call them tiger lilies. Is that wrong?
Alexa T said…
Lovely lilies and clematis; so pretty little birds, as well! A wonderful day and a great week ahead!
Our photos said…
Very nice ! I love the daylily !
eileeninmd said…
Hello, they have various names. I did a google search, they are also called Tiger Lilies, Ditch Lilies or Roadside lilies. Thanks for the comment and visit. Happy 4th of July! Enjoy your day and the new week ahead!
Reader Wil said…
All your flowers are so beautiful and very colourful! What do you celebrate on the 4th of July? Anyway I wish you all a happy day on July 4!
Wil, ABCWTeam
mick said…
Beautiful birds and flowers. Summertime over your way looks lovely!
eileeninmd said…
Hello, July 4th is the USA's Independence Day.
eileeninmd said…
Michelle, thanks for the info and link.
Fun60 said…
A great post for the 4th. Hope you had a wonderful day
Your birds - Your blooms - Your barn, all make for a lovely post.

Enjoy the 4th of July, however you are celebrating

All the best Jan
Naquillity said…
so many great images... you garden is beautiful. i so love all your flowers. i'm sorry to hear about your cherry tree. i'm sure the birds will miss it once it's removed. hope all else is well. have a great night~
Lux G. said…
These are lovely shots of nature. Happy 4th of July!
Lea said…
Beautiful birds and blooms with a barn thrown in for good measure!
Happy 4th of July!
Photo Cache said…
Happy 4th. I love the clematis. Is that your yard?
edenhills said…
Such a shame to have lost your tree. Your backyard looks absolutely beautiful!
Rajesh said…
Beautiful flowers and birds.
Lynne said…
I can count on you!
Beautiful pics of birds and blooms!
Tomoko said…
Happy 4th to you,Eileen.
Beautiful birds and flowers. They are all shinning in the summer.
I am joining Seasons through your post. I hope you have a happy day.
Hope you had a happy 4th of July, Eileen! Sorry, was today out of reach of the computer. Many thanks for for being a part of SEASONS! I didn't know a spirea bush could become that large (we once planted a little fledgling, but then moved to the STATES).
Have a great week, and "see" you very soon!
eileeninmd said…
Thanks, Lynne! Have a happy day!
Maggee said…
Sorry to hear that your Cherry tree has died. We don't have a darn tree in our yard! Sad, I know! Love the picture of the Scarlet Tanager--awesome! And I just assumed Carolina Wren, but no stripe... I am still learning! Catbirds left us--now I know where they went! Thanks for sharing your garden flowers--they are all quite beautiful! Hugs!
Debbie said…
hi eileen, so sorry to hear about your tree. did it go down in one of our recent storms??

beautiful birds and blooms, does Clematis come back each year?? i have an arbor in my backyard with climbing roses around it, that aren't doing well. i was thinking about taking those out and planting Clematis, it seems it would be easy to train it around the arbor. it seems to flower beautifully!!!

i would love to see a Scarlet Tanagers, i don't get them in my yard and i don't see them anywhere in the area!!!
David Gascoigne said…
You sure have an interesting range of backyard birds. It must be a real joy to look out and see what just arrived.
Boa tarde, conjunto de boa fotos, as da natureza são fantásticas.
Resto de boa semana,
Very beautiful birds and flowers reflecting true colours of nature.
What a beautiful garden to be shared with your birds Eileen....hoping you had a wonderful Fourth!
hope you had a great 4th, Eileen. it was a nice one for the hubby and me. we got to camp out at Grayson Highlands SP, just got home getting all caught up on comments and such. love your blooms. so so pretty!! enjoy this week. ( :
Chris Rohrer said…
Beautiful blooms Eileen! Hope you had a wonderful holiday! Jealous on your Scarlet Tanager. For some reason, this bird does not want to pose for me:) Great birds for your backyard!
I love all three - the birds, the flowers and the barn.
Nice selection.
Hope you had a Great 4th as well.
Have a Happy Week ahead!
Peace :)
Hope that you had a wonderful 4th, Eileen! Sorry to hear about your cherry tree :( Love seeing all your beautiful birds and flowers, and of course, the barn! Hope your week is sweet. x Karen
Ruth Rieckehoff said…
I love those purple flowers! Hope you have had a great 4th of July!
I enjoyed looking at your lovely garden and birds, Eileen. Hope you had a happy 4th.
Zizi Santos said…
Sua árvore cerejeira morreu ?
Fico triste por você!
muito agradecida por compartilhar suas lindas flores!
Amo mirtilo, aqui são caríssimos!
um abraço carinhoso !
Pietro Brosio said…
Very pretty birds and flowers!
Lady Fi said…
Lovely shots!
amanda peters said…
Lovely photos especially the flowers, and happy 4th July. we moved into our first house on this day 19ys ago and we are still here...
have a lovely week..
Amanda xx
Irma said…
Gorgeous birds and blooms, as always Eileen!
Best regards, Irma
ann said…
Perhaps I have already commented, but I shall again because I am always in awe of your beautiful bird photos.
Laura. M said…
Deseo que hayas pasado y un buen 4 de julio Eileen 🙋 La fiesta nacional hay que celebrarla bien.
Preciosos pájaros y flores 🌺🌿🌸🍀🌼🌹💕🌹
genie said…
Stella D'oro lilies are my favorites and your clematis is gorgeous. This is a really nice barn. I love the round door on the side and all the windows trimmed in white. The door is really unusual. genie
Hacer fotografias a las flores,es una gozada para los fotógrafos
wildlifewatcher said…
Hi Eileen, I too, like Spirea. We had it in our lake-front yard in TN. Beautiful pictures of the birds. Have a super day tomorrow!
Alexander said…
Beautiful captures of the trail. The birds are so cute!

Have a good weekend!

Alex's World! -
Your spirea looks like one of mine...ever enlarging and needing a good trim soon! :)
Kay L. Davies said…
Oh, dear, it says you have turned off comments. But I'm going to try, anyway.
I envy you your beautiful birds, Eileen, but am sorry you lost your weeping cherry. I lost one tree last winter, and one of my bushes is close to gone, but I am not a gardener such as you.
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel
(haven't posted any travel facts and photos for a long time)

Sinto muito pela cerejeira, mas as fotos, como sempre, estão belíssimas.
NatureFootstep said…
a beautiful world indeed :)
orchid Miyako said…
Dearest Eileen; How CUTE and LOVELY your birdsare♡♡♡ GORGEOUS Clematis and Lilies;I LOVE purple color (noble color in Japan) Clematis have. It must be wonderful if I could have a chance to walk in your yard♪

I DO hope your July 4th was a wonderful one with your family.
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*
TheChieftess said…
Such lovely flowers in your garden!
Rambling Woods said…
I am so sorry that you lost your cherry tree Eileen...I am having to water two of my newer smaller trees...Lovely nature and happy weekend..Michelle
I would almost be tempted to leave that cherry tree for the birds, but I suppose it is dangerous. (I haven't gardened or done yard work for so many years now that I've forgotten everything.) Wonderful birds as always and the lilies are beautiful.

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