Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday's Critters #24

Saturday's Critters #24

I am scheduling this post as I will be away from my computer.. So I am praying that the linky will be working ok.  I will catch up with everyone's post as soon as I can.  I will be turning my comments off... instead of leaving me a comment it would be nice if you could visit a new critter blog and post.

The White-throated Sparrows were seen in a local park in Maryland during one of our outings..

A pretty male American Goldfinch also seen in the park during our walk..

Comments turned off for this post, thank you! I will catch up will everyone's post as soon as I can.

Thank you for linking up to the critter party. I appreciate the visits, previous comments and the support of my blogging friends..Have a happy weekend!

To see more beautiful birds and cute critters, check out these two memes below.

Please visit:  I'd-Rather-B-Birdin. Thanks to the gracious host: Anni of I'd Rather-B-birdin. Also, sharing with Camera Critters. Thanks to Misty for hosting.

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