Thursday, May 31, 2018

Rockbridge State Nature Preserve

Happy Thankful Thursday,

While on our trip in Ohio we found the Rockbridge State Nature Preserve. We enjoyed a great loop trail that was very birdy. The park is known for it's natural rock bridge or arch. The Wood Thrushes were everywhere, singing and just hopping along on the trail in front of us. 

We started off on this trail, which was next to this farm land. Very pretty location, we could hear the cows nearby mooing. It was hard to believe this trail was going to lead us to a natural bridge. 

"A walk in nature walks the soul back home." Mary Davis

We entered the woods, we saw and heard a lot of Wood Thrushes. 

The Natural Bridge. 

Birds seen in the forest and along the trail, Brown Thrasher, Wood Thrush, American Goldfinch, Scarlet Tanager, Common Yellowthroat Warbler,  White-throated Sparrow and more Wood Thrushes. 

Some pretty wildflowers along the trail. 

"Nature is the art of God." Dante Alghieri

Looking up from underneath a view of the natural bridge and a waterfall. 

A beautiful sky and the farm land, a view on our walk back to our car. 

A peek at the near by farm. 

I am thankful for all the park lands that are set aside and are kept as green spaces and all natural. 
I am thankful to be healthy to enjoy all these wonderful parks and trails for hiking. 
I am thankful for all your visits and comments. 

Thank you Michelle for hostingHappy Monday, enjoy your day and new week! Thankful Thursday
Thank you to the hosts of   Skywatch Friday

Thanks so much for visiting and for your nice comments on my previous post. Have a happy day!


  1. What a pretty walk - so different from the harsher Australian bush. Your birds are so different from ours, but just as colourful in their own way. I do like the look of the Brown Thrasher - I wonder how it got that name and the Weed Thrush. I am fond of those less obvious birds with their muted colours.

  2. ...yet another destination to put on my list.

  3. It looks like a lovely walk. I wouldn’t have. Expected to find a natural bridge along the trail either!

  4. Lindo lugar com a paz que tanto bem faz! bjs, chica

  5. Lucky you! It's been quite a while since I have seen “lots” of Wood Thrushes.

  6. I love “walking” with you . . .
    Thought of you yesterday, (really think of you more than just “yesterday’s.”)
    Bird identification . . . back yard, Thrush . . . a Veery I am quite sure . . .
    Added to my list . . .
    Thankful . . .

  7. Hari OM
    You do visit some astoundingly beautiful places!!! YAM xx

  8. Helloo, Loved the post. Awesome pics.
    Greetings from India

  9. Hello Eileen!
    Such a lovely place for a walk and for birdwatching!
    Lovely collage of those beautiful birds,i like especially the Wood Thrushes and the Scarlet Tanager!
    Excellent shots of the Natural Bridge,the wildflowers and the picture of the trees on the hill with the gorgeous sky,and the farm!
    Thank you for sharing! Wishing you a lovely day !

  10. Hello,

    Thanks so much Liz, Tom and Linda, Rejane, David and Lynne, Yam and Rupam for your comments and visit.

  11. Dearest Eileen, these are incredibly beautiful. Hope you are well! Wishing you a beautiful day and weekend ahead!

  12. This is a beautiful place to walk and enjoy the wildlife and scenery. Have a blessed day.

  13. What a pretty place, and I bet you loved all those different birds.

  14. Great find! An awesome checklist of birds too! I really enjoyed that under the bridge look! Happy weekend.

  15. A beautiful walk!
    Great assortment of birds, and I love the wildflowers. Awesome natural bridge with the waterfall
    Have a blessed day!

  16. What blue and open skies!
    They gave me good feelings. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy weekend!

  17. Hello Eileen,

    Beautiful photos. I love the natural bridge. Pretty wildflowers!

    Enjoy your day!

  18. This was a great walk, thank you for all the beautiful photos Eileen. "A walk in nature walks the soul back home." Loved the quote, it definitely speaks to me. Have a great day!

  19. Great walking place and what an interesting natural bridge.

  20. The rock bridge and falls are lovely!

  21. Thanks for the comment and visits, Jandi , Karen, Mary, Sondra, Lea, Marit, Denise, Happyone Francisco Manuel and Luisella,

  22. beautiful natural bridge, on top and under. cute mini waterfall right by it. love the pastoral scenes at the bottom to

  23. Some of my favorite photos ever. A beautiful place to visit.

  24. This looks like such an interesting park to visit, Eileen. Glad you are sharing all the wonderful nooks and crannies of it with us and all the different waterfalls and birds there.

  25. What a great selection of birds and beauty. I chased a Yellow throqat all afternoon trying to get a good shot. They like to perch on the tallest plant on the prairie

  26. So beautiful places.
    Have a nice summer.
    hugs from Anne-Mari

  27. Your pictures are amazing. Thanks for sharing these.

  28. The natural bridge is amazing! Gorgeous place for a walk, and great photos along the way. Enjoy your weekend!

  29. Eileen, this looks like a perfect hike to me. I admire your bird identification abilities! I always enjoy the photos. Thanks for linking up today!

  30. Beautiful post. There should be more farmland set aside and not developed.. there's not a lot left anymore. Love the natural Bridge. It looks a little scary to me. Love your collage. Pretty birds. Thanks for sharing

  31. You are so good allowing us to see and enjoy so much beauty and interesting places. I would never see them otherwise.

  32. This is such a interesting place, specially the natural bridge..

  33. I've always wanted to go with you in those hikes, travels, trips! If only i am nearer! I love most that expanse so far that there are only a few trees at the side of the sky shot.

  34. You got some great pictures on your walk!

  35. You struck gold with birds, scenery and wildflowers!

  36. Wow. That's an amazing artifact in that landscape … I can see why the birds would like to hang around there - what a variety! Enjoy your weekend!

  37. Your walks are so impressive Eileen. I really love all the gorgeous scenery you've shown us... and that natural bridge - wow. The photo underneath it is particularly wonderful. To see the birdlife and wildflowers are a bonus too.
    Have a really enjoyable weekend and I'm thankful for your lovely posts always. Cheers, Sue :D) xx

  38. Thanks for another great walk. Enjoyed all the shots.

  39. Hello Eileen!
    I really love the "little-big" water fall! :)
    To see the birdlife and wildflowers was a pleasure to mee!
    Have a beautiful Summer and a Happy Friday!

  40. Wonderful Eileeen. I love these routes through nature. The beautiful photos.
    I wish you a good weekend.

  41. Ohhh...that's a pretty walkway and look at all those colorful birds. Fun natural bridge. Thanks for sharing your nature walks with us. Our country really has so much to offer.

  42. You to the most wonderful nature spots and do marvelous photography ~ love our feathered friends!

    Happy Times to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  43. I love a 'loop' walk or hike. Beautiful area and great shots

  44. So much beauty...I went back to the top and looked at everything again, but still can't decide on which photos are most comment-worthy. The natural bridge with the sweet little waterfall trying to carve holes in the rock, but we won't get to see that when it's done!
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  45. I'm thankful that you take us along on your hikes, Eileen!

  46. Thanks William for the comments.
    Thanks, Sandra and Sandi!
    Thanks to Mildred and Patricia!
    Thanks to Missy and Michelle, RedPat and Kay!
    Thanks to Bob, Carol and Ellen!
    Thanks to Carol, Laura and Ella!
    Thanks Sure, Angie and Linda W!
    Thanks, Amo, Krishna, LV, Angela, Andrea and Spare Parts!

  47. Thanks for sharing yet another beautiful outdoor adventure that you have been on! :)

  48. Unique bridge,i have never seen one before

  49. Such a lovely walk. I really enjoyed seeing your photographs.

    All the best Jan


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