Thursday, May 10, 2018

Thankful Thursday


Happy Thankful Thursday, I try to rememmber there is always something to be thankful for.  I may be away from the internet but will catch up as soon as possible. I am sharing the second day of our Shenandoah trip, since staying the night at Skyland we were up early to watch the sunrise.

We woke up early to see the sunrise and then went back to the Skyland lodge for breakfast. 

A cloudy start to our day but we still have a great day in the park.

Deer along the Skyline Drive.

This deer looks like it has a sac it is licking , maybe a baby deer being born. 

A Downy Woodpecker

"Take a quiet walk with Mother Nature, it will nurture your mind, body and soul." unknown

Dark Hallow Falls.

A Louisiana Waterthrush at Dark Hallow Falls.

An Eastern Towhee

Some deer on the Big Meadows. 

"The wildlife and it's habitat can not speak, so we must and we will." Theodore Roosevelt

More deer along the Skyline Drive. 

I am thankful for the simple pleasures like watching the sunrise.
I am thankful to have made this trip to Shenandoah NP.
I am thankful for all your visits and comments. 

Thank you Michelle for hostingHappy Monday, enjoy your day and new week! Thankful Thursday
Thank you to the hosts of   Skywatch Friday

Thanks so much for visiting and for your nice comments on my previous post. Have a happy day!


  1. WOW! Amazing capture of birds and animals. Have a good time and enjoy the trip:)

  2. ...such beautiful nature scenes.

  3. Só posso APLAUDIR! LINDO tudo! bjs, ótimo dia! chica

  4. Great series of pictures accompanied by an equally pertinent group of quotes. With Trump in the White House and Pruitt decimating the EPA you wonder what the environment will look like when they get through with it?

  5. Hari OM
    Thank YOU for bringing these scenes and gratitude here to share with us!!! YAM xx


  6. "Take a quiet walk with Mother Nature, it will nurture your mind, body and soul." unknown

    Love seeing through your eyes . . .
    Love, Love how “a walk with nature” feeds my soul . . .

  7. I always love critters...

    ...but those sky shots...lovely

  8. I think you may have answered a question I had. We saw dark birds along our walking path. May have been those towhees.

  9. Nice captures. Enjoy your stay.
    Happy Thursday!

  10. Im up early and first to arrive. This is a great look at Shenandoah NP...the Skyline Drive is such a fantastic highway. Recently saw a calf being born while I was out sightseeing, such a miracle.

  11. Hello Eileen!
    What a lovely place to visit!
    Such beauty! Gorgeous pictures and images from your trip!
    Great captures of of the beautiful sunrise,the cute deers ,the water falls and the lovely spices of birds!
    Wishing you a lovely day and a happy weekend!

  12. I am thankful for all the things that you showed us here today for all the beauty for all the critters for the beautiful photos to show us what you saw

  13. Indeed, nature does give us so very much for which to be thankful.

  14. So beautiful pics.
    Greetings from India

  15. Eileen: your vastly improving camera work is now almost as sweet as you are! <3

  16. a very beautiful park. love that first shot. enjoy

  17. By being out there you will see things that others never dream of.

  18. Congratulations for this magnificent post Eileen !! I love getting up early to see the sun rise
    We love nature, and enjoy it whenever we can. Recently we flew to get the caravan, and we went a few days, we have been surrounded by natural wonders. Thank you, friend for these photos.
    Te deseo un buen jueves.

  19. That sunrise pic is wonderful! Have a great time on your holiday!

  20. Every one is so lovely, nature gives us so much joy.

  21. Hi Eileen, Looks like a fabulous trip. You know which bird I love the best of your pictured birdies. Ha! That little woodpecker is a sweetie. Have a great Friday tomorrow and a very happy Mother's Day.

  22. Beautiful skies and great collection of pictures today.

  23. What beautiful sunrise photographs, I enjoyed your others too.
    Happy Thursday Wishes.

    All the best Jan

  24. there is always something to be thankful for, in my opinion, but most often we just don't see those reasons right before our own eyes, it does take a bit of searching some days but it's there

  25. Beautiful sunrise, Eileen. How lovely to enjoy all this wildlife and to know the names of all these birds! Happy traveling to you!

  26. We all do have so much to be thankful for. We visited Skyland and Skyline Drive last August for my birthday... We loved it ---and saw both sunrises and sunsets. Of course, with the sunrise, we had to drive on Skyline Drive to one of the overlooks... It was AWESOME....

    We would walk from our room to the lodge each morning and evening for our meals..., Sometimes we'd walk straight up that path --but it was more enjoyable and a better view to walk along the road and around... Such a great place to walk.

    You got some great pictures --and I know you'll have a million more from your latest adventure.


  27. What a gorgeous sunrise! Thanks for sharing!

  28. What a great getaway! Haven't things "greened up" all of the sudden? Yay for spring! :-)

  29. Superb pictures!
    Happy day
    hug Crissi

  30. What a great set of photos..
    Amanda xx

  31. Than you for reminding me that I need to take time to be thankful! Happy Mother's day!

  32. Beautiful photos one again, Eileen. I love woodpeckers and waterfalls! Kisses, my friend.

  33. I loved seeing the simple pleasures you've shared Eileen.
    Such magnificent scenery and critters. You've a keen eye and a big heart... lovely quotes.
    Keep enjoying your holiday.
    Good wishes, Sue xx

  34. One of my favorite places. I never get tired of seeing pictures of it.

  35. I love all the bird and wildlife, and your thankful segment!

  36. So much to see there! Really nice photos Eileen.

  37. Vim avisar que acaba de entrar céu teu por lá! Obrigadão! bjs, chica

    Podes ver:


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