Thursday, May 17, 2018

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thankful Thursday! 

I am happy to be able to watch the Great Blue Herons on their nest, so close to home. Sometimes I could see the herons on the tree tops from my kitchen window. 
This is a view of the nest and a Great Blue Heron standing off to the side of the nest. If you look closely (where the blue line is) you can see the head and beak of a heron in the nest. 

There are two heron's nest close together, one below has more pine tree branches in the way.

"Nature is not a place to visit, it is home." Gary Snyder

This is a view of the fire road, we like this walk from our house. This was around 2.2 mile roundtrip walk from our house.

Early morning moon.

"The earth has music for those who listen." Shakespeare

A Pileated Woodpecker working on a hole off the fire road. The Pileated Woodie knocking on the trees sounds so loud. 

"Do small things, with great love."

Two herons standing close to their nest.

The herons nest is harder to see now that the leaves are on the trees, but we can here the heron chicks. I think they are doing well.

Below, I was standing on the fire road and I could see at least 5 herons and maybe 3-4 nesting areas and one heron flying. I circled in blue the herons and nest. There are more nest across from my neighbors home.

The Scarlet Tanager is a breeder in the forest next to our home. I saw this bird land in a tree as we walked on the fire road. 

April's full moon.

I am really thankful for the online library, I have read most of Louise Penny's Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series. Only a few left to read. 

I am thankful for Spring, even though it was slow to arrive.
I am thankful to be able to watch the herons and their nest. 
I am thankful for all your visits and comments. 

Thank you Michelle for hostingHappy Monday, enjoy your day and new week! Thankful Thursday
Thank you to the hosts of   Skywatch Friday

Thanks so much for visiting and for your nice comments on my previous post. Have a happy day!


  1. Hi Eileen, How nice to have such a nice walk and to enjoy the herons. I recently saw a Scarlett Tanager in our back yard - no photo, but it sure brightened my day! Wishing you a lovely day.

  2. Hari OM
    The tanager is most handsome... loving the moon shots! YAM xx

  3. Hello,

    What a wonderful view from your kitchen! The photo of the moon is so beautiful.
    Happy Thursday!

  4. fire road?

    Isn't it amazing how many different colors of birds there are? They are flying palettes.

    The herons look gray to me. I wonder why they are called blue? We have one who visits our pond. He looks gray to me too, but I don't think there is such a thing as a gray heron.

  5. Um belo presente para nossos olhos e coração ver tuas fotos!Adorei! bjs, tudo de bom,lindo dia! chica

  6. Excelente trabalho e fotografias fantásticas.
    Um abraço e continuação de boa semana.

    Dedais de Francisco e Idalisa
    O prazer dos livros

  7. Great pics Eileen . . .

    Today I am thankful I was sitting on the porch listening to bird songs
    and happened to catch a glimpse of momma/papa Oriole in a tree at wood edge.
    I wonder if they are nesting . . .
    I have my eyes glued!

  8. You are fortunate to have the hreonry so close. There must be times when it is hard to tear yourself away from the kitchen.

  9. ...nice things to be thankful for.

  10. imagine that from your window, they are magnificent birds.

  11. Your posts are so delightful. I love that bright scarlet tanager. And I like your quote. Do simple things with great love. That's a good reminder for me.
    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  12. I do love your bird photos. We have those Pileated woodpeckers here and yes they make a racket especially when they bang on our metal roofs. We often have two in competition and sounds like a marching band of sorts. I read that their territory extends as far as the sound they make travels. I don't know what two of them do when we can hear both of their sounds.

  13. I love the Heron, looking very brilliant. But, the Scarlet Tanager is my winner Eileen.

  14. Hello Eileen!
    Great series of pictures! How lucky you are watching those beautiful Heron birds and there nest,from your kitchen!
    Gorgeous pictures and shots of the moon and the preety Scarlet Tanager!The fire road with the large trees looks so impressive !
    Thank you for sharing!
    Wishing you a lovely day and a happy weekend!

  15. What fun to be able to watch the Herons raise their kids! And an excellent photo of the Scarlet Tanager!! Can't believe it's Thursday again!

  16. Had a chance to hear Gary Snyder speak. He's an excellent motivational speaker.

  17. Beautiful photo of the Scarlet Tanager, and I always enjoy seeing Herons!
    Have a wonderful day!

  18. Eileen, you always have such beautiful pictures of the birds. Thanks for sharing.

  19. that tanager is gorgeous. great pics, all of these

  20. I envy your great views of the herons, eileen! And to see and hear that huge Woody!

  21. it is wonderful.. and yes nature is the home..

  22. I sat waiting for a Tanger to return in an area yesterday. One heron rookery I found has 37 nests. Excellent pics to share.

  23. Hello,
    spring is such a busy time for animals...
    The Scarlet Tanager is winner today.
    And: yes, Nature is home!

    Happy weekend!

  24. Wow so many herons.
    I've never seen a Scarlet Tanager in person. Wow they sure are pretty.
    I like that Louise Penny series too and have read the first 6 of them so far.

  25. I don't think the tanager comes this far north, but herons certainly spend warm weather conditions here, and the pileated woodpecker I've seen all year, but mostly in the countryside.

  26. I've never seen Harry in his nest. It must be a magnificent sight to see them in this way. As always, fascinating photos!

  27. I love your quotes interspersed among your beautiful pictures..The Scarlet Tanager is brilliant..I think Woodpeckers pecking sound loud because they are often pecking on hollow trees or limbs which creates quite an echo..Great picture...

  28. I always like seeing the Herons. The tanager is a new one for me. So colorful. Thanks for linking up today.

  29. How cool to capture a great blue heron nest!

  30. Wow - love your moon and heron shots. Have a great weekend.

  31. Thanks for the beautiful post. Awesome pics.

  32. Great captures of those birds!

  33. Hello Eileen, what a real thrill to see the Herons from your kitchen window!
    Would make kitchen activities much more interesting ;D)
    The Scarlet Tanager is gorgeous.
    Cheerio and have a lovely weekend!

  34. Loved the early morning moon the best!

  35. Great to have those herons and their nestst so close to your home. You've made some nice shots of them and the close-ups of the moon are great.

  36. Wonderful series of nature shots and what an awesome moon shot!

    Happy Day to you,
    C & Z

  37. I've seen and photographed a blue heron once and I was pretty stoked :)

    Worth a Thousand Words

  38. So cool you can see the herons nesting from your house! I like the look of that fire road hike. Have a great weekend!

  39. you are lucky and we are lucky...i have always loved that fire road!!

    the tanger is GORGEOUS, your capture is stunning, what a thrill!!

    we have had nothing but rain here and my camera has been still. just my knitting needles going here, i have lot's of time to knit!!

  40. I was sure I had commented here already, but it seems I was wrong.
    So...I am still amazed to see herons in trees. I'm not sure why. I'm used to seeing eagles in trees, but herons seem somewhat ungainly, I guess.
    Nevertheless, I enjoy your posts and all your wonderful critters. Thanks for sharing.
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  41. What I wouldn't give to see a scarlet tanager! Have a wonderful weekend!

  42. You are fortunate to see all the herons from your house. I would never get anything done. :) The Scarlet Tanager is gorgeous.
    Have a wonderful weekend Eileen.

  43. I am thankful that you post the heron rookery!! It is so nice to have to so close to your home. The scarlet tanager is wonderful too.

  44. That woodpecker! :) Last summer I could hear one down the street and finally one day on a morning walk I could spot him in a huge tree in a neighbor's yard. This was about a block away from me. NOW he's moved to a different area and yard with 2 or 3 large trees and try as I might I can stand there listening and looking but can't spot him!

  45. Awesome photos of the moon. You always share such fantastic moon shots. You are blessed to live near where you can see and photograph herons. They are very interesting and exotic looking birds.

  46. So many herons close to your place. Lovely to watch I bet. The scarlet bird is pretty.

  47. Beautiful shot of the moon. And I love the herons.

  48. Always love your critters.

    Your other shots were nice too :)

  49. Lovely to see all of your photographs, I also enjoyed the quotes you've used.

    All the best Jan


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