Thursday, November 29, 2018

Happy Thankful Thursday

Happy Thankful Thursday! 

I've been trying to go in order with my photos and posts.  But, I am behind a little. We had our first snow on Nov 15th. It seems early for snow, we did not measure the snow but it looked close to 6 inches of the cold wet white stuff.  I am not a snow or winter lover, I would be happy never to see snow again.  Here are some of my photos taken that day and birds seen during the week of Nov 12th through Nov 17th. 

Nov 12th, the male Purple Finch comes and goes, not seen every day but still often.

Nov 14th, the Blue Jays stop by looking for peanuts. 

Nov 14th, the Red-breasted Nuthatches are being seen every day. 

For Skywatch , I have my snowy skies. 

Nov 15th our first snow, accumulation was around 6 inches. Our yard ends behind the tall pine trees and the woods off to the far right are part of the reservoir's watershed.

Nov 15th, the male Northern Cardinal looks pretty in the snow.

Nov 15th, the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker has been showing up more often lately. 

As are all the other photos, this was taken from my dining room window. I did go out and make a path around the deck to my bird feeders a few times, it seemed as soon as I came back inside the deck was covered again. 

Nov 17th , a female Purple Finch with a view of the back side of a White-throated Sparrow. 

Nov 17th, my fist sighting of a Pine Siskin on our messy deck. The wind and snow storm had the seeds going all over the place.

Nov 17th, I heard some banging on our front den window, I went to look and found the Screech Owl flying into the window, it did it a few times and then went and sat on another branch and just stared. I am thrilled the Screech Owl has been seen in our front yard for over a month now. But, at this point I kind of wish it would move on before it hurts itself flying into our window. 

I am thankful our first snow melted quickly, our house was warm and our electric stayed on. 
A thankful heart is a happy heart. 
am thankful for all your visits and comments. 

Thank you Michelle for hosting Thankful Thursday
Thank you to the hosts of   Skywatch Friday

Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

Thanks so much for visiting and for your nice comments on my previous post. Have a happy day!


  1. You had quite a lot of snow… In our place only some light snowfall came. I am partial to the tenderly coloured.
    Have a happy Thursday!

  2. Perfeitas tuas fotos que parecem nos levar até perto da natureza tão bem mostrada! Adoro ver! beijos, chica

  3. Looks like the Owl wanted in out of all that snow Eileen great selection of birds and i am glad to see you are keeping them well fed

  4. ...your snow shots look like here today! Enjoy your day.

  5. Hello Eileen,

    Beautiful photos of the birds. I envy you the visit of the Blue Jays. What a pretty bird!
    Happy Thursday!

  6. That should feel too chill but I wish to experience snow at least once this life. Loved all the bird shots and the Cardinal is pretty against the white snow and screech owl seems liked your place lot. Enjoy watching them

  7. I remember a big snowfall here in Indiana where the trees seems to be decorated with cardinals, our state bird. Your photos are so nice. I love to watch the snow fall.

  8. One positive for the snow, the birdies show up in bunches
    and they are easier to see.
    I might worry about the Screach Owl Screaching through the window too!

  9. Oh my, wouldn't want to see Mr. Owl hurt himself. To stop that sort of behavior you need to put some large black bird cutout stick on figures out on the outside of the window. Birds do this because they see their reflection. Closing interior curtains or blinds doesn't stop the reflection, only decorations on the outside do. Got this years ago from an Audubon website when a patient of mine in home care had this problem and I found them the solution. They had a male cardinal constantly banging the large sliding glass doors. Maybe some Christmas decorations would help, a large wreath or some of those window Clings but put on the outside. Good luck!

  10. Purple Finch is a wonderful backyard bird. I keep looking for one here but no luck yet. As you say, you enjoy so much having the Screech Owl around, but this mission of self destruction is a little disturbing. Enjoy the weekend coming up, Eileen.

  11. We haven't had our first snow yet. I think it's likely we'll have a lot this year, and yet I get a kick seeing the first one for some reason. Loved seeing all your birds, and I do miss them since they give you some of life to watch all the time, not to mention you're giving them life back with your food. Thanks for stopping and commenting on my blog. Barb

  12. the snow is beautiful on your deck and that purple finch is soooo cute.. my DIL loves all things purple.. her wedding dress was purple. so was my sons coat...

  13. I think we received about 6 inches of snow from Winter Storm Bruce. Places north of us (and not too far in distance north of us) got lots more. I saw one place that received almost 3 feet of snow, and it was still snowing!

  14. Love your feathered friends, especially the owl. I have never been fortunate enough to see one around here.

  15. I hope your owl figures out the window and stays away from it. We've had Cardinals run into a window over and over! I guess it's the reflection they see. And I'm going to start a hiking series next week to try to post pics in order. I'm taking so many that I'm getting confused about which ones I've posted! Great minds think alike! heehee! Hugs!

  16. Hello Eileen!
    The cute Owl is a regular visitor in your yard!
    Sorry to hear it had a banging on your window.
    Wow! So early for snowing but here it’s getting cold too.
    Great captures of your beautiful yard birds! Stunning pictures of the Blue Jay,the Purple Finch and my favorite Cardinal bird!
    Have a lovely day and a happy weekend!

  17. That owl wants to be your friend... He wants to come inside and get warm!!!!!! ha

    IF we have the Sapsuckers here, I've never seen them...

    The pine siskins are NOT here YET... I'm sure they will be though. We usually have SKADS of them during the winter...

    We had our first snow about 3 days ago. AND--with that first snow, a JUNCO visited us... He/they only visit the feeders when we get snow...

    We've having trouble right now with those nasty Starlings... I may have to put the feeders away for a week or so --and hopefully the Starlings will move on!!!!

    Have a great week.

  18. You've had a wonderful month of birding on your deck.

  19. beautiful birds, i see most of those here in my yard!! the cardinal is gorgeous in the snow, with his crest up!! do you think you should put some decals on the den windows, so the owl does not fly into it!!

    nice capture of the red breasted nuthatch, i am seeing them here too!!!

  20. What a wonderful variety of birds you get to see in your own yard, Eileen. So cool. Hope the owl figures out that's a window and not a thoroughfare!

  21. We don't have blue jays where I live, but I love to look for them when we vacation in the mountains. My favorite of your photos is the bright red cardinal. So beautiful!

  22. oh these pictures are so darling! thank you for sharing...i wish it was snowing here!

  23. Carol's recommendation is the same one I was thinking of for your window. At least the owl's okay.

  24. Wow! I want to come to your backyard to watch birds! Great photos. we get very few purple finches or pine siskins here. And to see an owl in your backyard is special! I am enjoying them all vicariously.

  25. Wow, you have had heavy snow, at this point of the year. Beautiful birds, the Purple Finch is my fave.Thanks Eileen.

  26. You had so much snow - we have only had a sprinkling so far! It is so nice to see the variety of birds you have in your yard and the the owl doesn't seem to intimidate them!

  27. I always enjoy all your photos, and the photo of the Red-breasted Nuthatch is the best!
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  28. I've hardly taken a photo! And now I see your gorgeous birds in the snow and want to run grab my camera. They're beautiful, Eileen -- every one!

  29. It's wonderful that you don't have to go far to see such a display of beautiful creatures. The Screech Owl is very pretty. My favorite is the Northern Cardinal in the snow. Very beautiful photos, Eileen. You have a lovely evening, enjoy!

  30. Wow - great photos - love the cardinal and the owl - what a treat. Happy weekend ahead.

  31. Really pretty photos Eileen. The snow looks so nice. Ours didn’t last more than a couple of days. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  32. You have a good variety. I have only had some Cardinals lately. Thanks for linking up today.

  33. Beautiful birds. Send some snow my way please :)

  34. Hi dear friend!

    either i am not fan of snow anymore and may be it is because it hurt my joints with pain(ah aging!)

    Thank you sooo much for really delightful images ,i absolutely love birds and miss them lot since after marriage i am living in southern small city and my native town is in northern part where in foothill area birds are always roaming around !

    loved the ech feathery beauty specially the red cardinal !

    Happy Thanksgiving day my friend!

    yes a grateful heart is most happy heart!

  35. I marvel at how many beautiful birds visit your deck.

  36. The snow looks so pretty! Wish our mountains would get some.

  37. Olá Eileen, as fotos estão maravilhosas! O cardeal é magnífico!
    Fotos com neve são as mais belas, sempre...
    Beijos! Ótimo final de semana.

  38. Neat capture of feathered friends in the snow storm ~

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  39. Love the owl shot, but strange behavior that it's flying into your window. May be put up some stickers or something? Good for you if you are able to post your photos in order and not get too far behind. I'm hopelessly behind and out of order!! Enjoy your weekend.

  40. Cornell Orinthology Lab told me to buy decals for our doors ... bird kept flying into the glass & stunning themselves. The decals work! For about 10 years now, not a bird flies into the glass!!!

    LOVE the blue Jay! And I know just what you mean about snow! Living in Colorado for 50 begin to hate winter!

  41. Wonderful photos of the birds in the first snow.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  42. I can't tell a pine siskins from a sparrow. I guess we have them here. Are they smaller? The nuthatches are here daily now. Love the Owl Great shots..Have a fun weekend..

  43. You would not have enjoyed the fall we had hear. In total, we had only 3 months that were completely without snow. Tough year. Lovely photos, as always.

  44. Beautiful images of all the different birds. A few years ago when we had a long cold spell we actually put feeders out and we had a lot of birds. I am thinking about doing that again.

  45. Wonderful photos. The Cardinal in the snow is beautiful.

  46. Lovely to see all of your photographs, the cardinal in the snow is my favourite.

    All the best Jan

  47. Ohhh .... I'm jealous of that beautiful purple finch but also that red cardinal !!!!! sigh ..... these are the beautiful birds that we unfortunately do not have in the Netherlands!
    Wonderful to see!


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