Friday, September 25, 2009

Camera Critters.... Plovers... Skywatch Friday is now following my critters.

These pic's are actually from this past spring but I thought they were perfect and so cute for Camera Critters. DH and I were walking along the beach near the Cape May Lighthouse when I saw movement right in front of me. It was a Piping Plover chick. Cape May does have a roped off section for the Piping Plovers during their nesting time. But I guess the Plovers do not know they are suppose to stay on the other side of the rope.

The chick was having fun hopping all over the beach for awhile.  (pictures are clickable for better viewing)

Sometimes the chick would sit down and I guess rest.

Another time as we started moving away the chick ran over to the adult.

Next thing I see is the adult sitting on the chick. Is it feeding or is it for protection? I am not sure.

It was fun watching the Piping Plover family, especially when I know these are a protected species. It is not often you get to see the Piping Plovers. Also sighted in the area were American Oystercatchers, and some Least Terns. Lots of seagulls and people.

I am glad I saw the chick and stopped walking but I think the chick was able to move pretty fast. I believe the adults were there too. Some of my pictures are cropped so I could see them closer, I did want to give the family their space.

For more wonderful and cute Camera Critters please click on my link. Big thanks to our host for making Camera Critters a big success. And thanks to all that stop by my blog to check out my critters.


  1. That was a nice rare moment you captured. Thanks for sharing it. The chick was sooooo cute.

  2. I've always thought of plovers as "cute" birds, but that chick is just off the charts! What an awesome sighting - too cool.

  3. They look a lot like our banded Dotterals, very nice birds.

  4. A cottonball with legs!! Great capture.

  5. looks like a fast critter lol. lovely shots of your place. thanks for sharing.

  6. How beautiful and what a lovely opportunity to see a chick with it's parent.

    Happy weekend to you.

    (Are you doing Blog Action Day this year?)

  7. wow nice photos... and cute critter too.
    Thanks for the visit too.
    A blessed weekend

  8. They are so adorable! Plovers don't seem to come to our area... it's probably because our beaches tend to be quite rocky and not sandy. So all I have are lots of seagull pictures!

  9. Love the photos!

    It seems like birds flock to me to get their photos taken.

  10. What a delightful critter series. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Hugs and blessings,

  11. A great series of shots of adult and baby. A good insite into their behaviour.

  12. Eileen: What wonderful bird captures down in your area of the country.

  13. Cute interactions of the chick and parent. Great photos!

  14. what a beauty! thanks for sharing with us all this wonderful photos.

  15. Lovely birds just going about their business, clueless to their beauty. :o)

  16. The plovers are such fun little birds to watch. They can really move right along! Great series. Thanks!


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