Friday, September 11, 2009

Viewing Eagles at the Susquehanna and Conowingo

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The Bald Eagle at the Susquehanna River

The Susquehanna River below the Conowingo Dam is a the best place I know to see the Bald Eagles. Usually I can see the Eagles there year round, not as many are there in summer but the counts goes way up in the winter months. There was one time last year the count was around 175. The most I have ever seen an estimated amount of 125 and it was the last weekend in November, 2008. I am hoping to be able to see the same this year.

I guess the Bald Eagle can be considered a critter too? For more Camera-Critters # 75click on my camera critter link.

The Eagles can be seen flying up and down the river, they are great to see fishing. They sit in the trees above the parking lot. The juveniles are fun to watch chasing each and the sounds they make are just wonderful.

The juvenile eagles will chase each try to to steal each others fish, we have seen the juveniles and the adults in the trees eating the fish they caught.

The Susquehanna river is the one place I know where you can view and compare the juveniles at their different stages of reaching their adult plumage.

Osprey are also at the river and build their nest in the towers seen in the river. The Osprey are another bird I like to watch fish, they are just awesome.

There is also a Great Blue Heron rookery in the trees along the shore of the river. There have been times we have seen hundreds of Great Blue Herons.

The Great Blue Heron, this photo only shows a small part of all the GB Herons that were there the day of our visit.

Cormorants, this picture only shows a small section of Cormorants that were there.

On another visit we have seen probably a thousand Cormorants and during another visit there were tens of thousand Seagulls.
It was the most amazing sight and the most gulls I have ever seen. It was like a white-out, so many gulls flying around us.

The Baltimore Orioles have been know to nest in the trees along the river. I have the seen the Baltimore Orioles in the treetops along the river and the walking trail. And in the spring you can see breeding warblers and other warblers resting during their journey north. In the spring you can walk on the trail that follows along the river and see many different wildflowers and butterflies.


  1. A wonderful series. It is such a great pastime to observe and try to catch them with the lens. You must have a great and wonderful bird world.

  2. Thanks you for the comment Titania

  3. Fascinating. I think I have a vacation destination in mind - thank you. :)
    I'm envious of the eagle shots - nicely captured!

  4. Eagles are fascinating birds!Wonderful and informative post!
    purrs, love and Happy Camera Critters

  5. Wonderful series. Informative post. I think seeing the Bald Eagle in the wild is a real thrill!

  6. Beautiful photographs - for a long time I thought Bald Eagles really were bald, like vultures!
    Your SkyWatch photo is absolutely glorious.

  7. gorgeous series of photos, love the place too, happy weekend..

  8. Your pictures are amazing. Birding is one of the things we love to do on our travels but I'm not very good at photos of them. So its wonderful to see yours. And I'm adding this to my visit someday" list.

    Thanks for sharing. (I'm here from BPOTW). Sallie at FullTime-Life

  9. Those are some awesome photos! You have seen so much that most of us can only view vicariously!

  10. Thank you for visiting my blog! I, too, visit the Susquehanna River and have seen eagles, osprey, cormorants and sea gulls. No Orioles here :(
    Great post and wonderful photos.

  11. Great collection of bird photos - they made a terrific camera critter post!

  12. Well I am glad to have found you! They are amazing shots! Happy weekend to you.

  13. Marvelous series along this lovely river ... your bird photos are wonderful to view. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Hugs and blessings,

  14. I wish I could capture all these pretty birds in my camera.

  15. Excellent photos. There's nothing more awe inspiring than an eagle gliding through the skies.

  16. Amazing photos, Eileen. Its so peaceful to see the birds soaring so high in the sky...

  17. Hi Eileen,
    Thanks for your nice comment on my Camera Critters post. I just couldn't stop looking at the awesome photos of your adventures. Wow, when you say you love nature and traveling, you really mean it!

    I like that Ansel Adams quote, too.


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