Friday, September 4, 2009

My neighborhood Vultures

This post is my way of supporting Vulture awareness. The first Vulture Awareness day which is tomorrow Sept 5, 2009. You can click on my cute vulture link to see and read more about the Vultures.

I live adjacent to a watershed area which seems to be home for many Vultures. Mostly I see the Turkey Vulture and the Black Vultures flying over my yard. In the hunting season and the winter months the Vultures will feed on deer carcass that the hunters leave behind.

I love this shot of a Turkey Vulture flying over our lake. It is amazing just to watch them gliding in the wind.

Just about any time of the year I can see these guys sitting in the trees around my house. In their own way they are cleaning up the mess that the hunters leave behind. They are not the prettiest birds I have seen but they are interesting to see and watch. Sometimes it can be a little eerie to see so many in the trees near my house. I do not mind them hanging around, I must find them interesting I keep taking pictures of them.


  1. The only time I saw vultures up close and personal was when in Florida going down the river in an airboat..looking for crocodiles to photograph and there on a muddy bank along with the largest croc resting were 3 (((humugus))) black vultures...sent shivers down my spine as they stared and focused...I did get some great photos.
    Thank you for coming by my Paris weekend post..Nice to meet you!

  2. simply beautifully captured shots....lovely!

  3. Great photos. I also love the shot of the vulture flying over the lake. What a lovely capture, its wings spread in the typical V.

  4. Lovely post and photos. We see Turkey Vultures too in our area. Love the flight photo looking out over the trees...

  5. Beautiful pics.
    I have never seen this species.

  6. We have a lot of Turkey Vultures in Ohio. When I was a kid several of us tried to catch one once. Not a good idea

  7. When I lived in TN, I was enthralled by a couple of vultures in a raptor rehab facility. I had the thrill of giving them a shower with the hose, which they loved. They would spread their wings and turn into the water. Very fun experience.

  8. Wonderful pics of stunning birds. Thanks for your visit & comment.

  9. Hi,

    I find these big birds interesting too. I especially like to watch their gliding, flights!


  10. I can imagine it would be eerie to see lots of these guys in trees close to where you live! Around here I only find them soaring... although sometimes we joke that if we see a vulture circling for too long, it's best to 'keep moving' ! :D

  11. Hey, looks like we are sort of neighbors.I live in Harpers Ferry. I had no idea it was Vulture Awareness Day, thanks for pointing that out on my blog. I'm sure I will check back often.


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