Monday, October 12, 2009

Patuxent River park, Jug Bay and Canada Geese in Maryland...That's My World

For more That's My world photos please click on my link. Thanks to the team of Klaus, Sandy, Wren, Fishing Guy and Louise.
Also, my first Motion Thurday post a little late or a little early see my last three photos on this post of the deer.

My hubby and I spent the day at the Patuxent River Park canoeing, hiking and doing the drive tour to the Wildlife Sanctuary. The Jug Bay Natural area is known for some of the best birding in Maryland. We rented a canoe from the Patuxent River Park and spent about an hour and half on the river. They also rent Kayaks. You can pick up a water trail map at the visitors center. Between the river and the sanctuary we must have seen hundreds of Canada Geese. They were in the sky and on the river, just about everywhere we looked.

We watched hundred of Seagulls on the river and a few Great Blue herons, two Eagles were circling above, Cormorants were flying low over the river,  a flock of green Winged Teals flying near the river. I was also able to watch a Northern Harrier flying low over the marshes. I did not take my camera in the canoe but it was a neat experience to see the birds from the canoe. To see a Great Blue Heron at this low level was cool. The Heron was staring at us while we were enjoying watching him or her.

At the end of the drive tour we saw hundred of Canada Geese landing at the Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary. The corn and millet fields help to attract the Canada Geese, some are migrating and some stay thru the winter months.

Do you think Geese make music? I am not sure the sounds I hear coming from them would be called music.

I am not sure if the hundreds of Geese landing spooked these deer but five or six deer ran across the field and then across the road in front of our car.

Here is a link for Motion Thursday. To see more Motion photos click here:


This was our second time canoeing this year and we have decided we both enjoy canoeing. The season may be over this year it was a little chilly on the river with the wind blowing. But we are already making plans for next spring to canoe on the Pocomoke River on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  I heard the Pokomoke in the spring is great for warbler sightings.


  1. It looks like a fabulous place to watch the birds!!

  2. What a great trip you had and the sighting of so many birds was super.

    Love your bird header BTW.

  3. That sounds like great fun canoeing down the river to see the birds. So many geese it must have been a magic sight.We found a wetland park nearby and saw a black swan, egrits, cormorants, ducks, swamphens and probably others that I don't recognise yet. I'm new at this bird (watching)photographing.

  4. Thank you for your comments on my Memes Blog I forgot to mention that
    the birds are on my main blog:

    Adventure Before Dementia

  5. Amazing set of photographs. Lovely indeed.

  6. Lovley series of shots!
    Have a nice week :)

  7. Wonderful set of photos. Looks like your canoeing adventure was enjoyed by all. Funny that the geese scared the deer!

  8. Great wetland photos showing a vast and beautiful landscape. I like the feather cloud in your first photo!

  9. what a wonderful day Patuxent River Park. beautiful captures and amazing weather. i don't know if hubby and i have canoeing in our blood but it sure looks like a great way to see everything.
    have a lovely evening.

  10. Eileen: Your area has wonderful names, they don't roll off your tounge fo sure. I loved all the photos from your world.

  11. Birding, canoeing, Naature.
    Beautiful World.
    Luiz Ramos

  12. I never got to Jug Bay, but I loved visiting Patuxent, and you show it well. Interesting that the geese would spook the deer - your motion shots are wonderful.

  13. What a great place, I have never been there, but sounds like fun.

    Your photos are good at encouraging one to visit the park.


  14. I have never seen so many birds flying at the same time! Great captures!

    Enjoy your week!

  15. The running deers were so alive and full of speed out there. Watch out!:-)

  16. Great shots..I tell you there are so many memes out there these days..havent tried the motion Thursday..but i like your contributions to it.
    looks like Patuxent is a great place!

  17. Big beautiful sky and clear waters, sprinkled with amazing critters here and there! So peaceful to look at the swimming geese... liberating to watch them flying!

    Good capture!

  18. Love all your photos. I always think that the sound of geese is like clown laughing, or honking car horns.

  19. I love your photos.

    Thank you for visiting My Muskoka !

  20. I like all the photos. Thanks for sharing.

    I'm glad you always visit my blog. God bless

  21. Looks like you had a great day, with wonderful nature and great pictures from the place!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  22. this photo reminds me back home..nice shot!


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