Sunday, October 4, 2009

First weekend in October and My yardbirds

Yesterday, I was sitting at my computer and heard a loud crash against my dining room window.
I had a sick feeling inside as to what caused the crash so I quickly went outside to see a beautiful Ovenbird laying on my deck. It was still moving but just barely. I did not want my dog to bother the poor bird so I moved it to the woods across my driveway. I was hoping it was just stunned and would come too but that was not the case. I feel so sad for the loss of this great bird. I have tried to prevent the birds from going into my windows but it still happens. I have tried white decals and now I just have to keep the curtains closed. I have read the window strikes is the most common reason for birds dying. Being a birder and loving the birds as much as I do , it hurts when they die especially hitting my windows.

This is a shot of last years Ovenbird landed on my deck.

For a cherrier note, I have been enjoying the birds in my yard. I am seeing lots of American Goldfinches,

the Tufted Titmouse

 and the Wrens

seem to be having fun chasing each other. It is funwatching and hearing them fuss at each other. The Chickadees like to fuss too.

The Bluejays are noisy calling, calling for what I do not know.

Maybe they are asking for more peanuts.


  1. I have this too from time to time, but so far I could safe them, they only were knocked out. I have to be very quick of course because of my 5 cats ! the little birds are so cute !

  2. beautiful shots! You are lucky to be visited by these birds!

  3. Your photos are wonderful!!!! amazing how you could capture them without them moving..... Great captures.

    So sad about the little bird :-(

  4. Sorry about the demise of the ovenbird, but you do have some great captures of your other bird visitors.

  5. I like birds and I will try to learn some names. No me bug is not a stink bug only a beetle, MB

  6. Such beautiful pictures! Thank you for stopping by my place!

  7. sorry to hear about the little ovenbird! Your bird pics are quite sweet and I love the titmouse, which I have never seen around here.

  8. It's always sad when a bird is gone...but such a joy when others show up to take its place.

  9. So sorry about a bird.
    I know they sometimes hit the windows...
    Anyway so cute birds photos!
    I think they love to be in your side. :)

  10. Such lovely bird pics ! I also have stickers on my windows to prevent birds from crashing. Titmouses never crash, greenfinches often, pigeons all the time, house sparrows only when they are very young, ...

  11. Eileen: Never heard of an Ovenbird, nice that you got a photo of the one last year.

  12. You have so many different birds in your yard. The minors chase all the others away in my yard. Sorry to hear the little ovenbird didn't recover. I have just started trying to photograph birds and find out their names. They are tricky to catch on camera.

  13. Yes, it's the peanuts. Mockingbirds yell for grapes. The yardbirds run our lives but isn't it fun?

    Windowstrikes are always depressing for me, too.

  14. Great photos! That is sad when birds crash like that.You just do the best you can but have to accept that these things happen daily in nature.

  15. Gorgeous yard bird photos! So sorry about the ovenbird..that is heartbreaking..


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