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Hootin' Anni said…
How gorgeous is that? Awesome.

Mine's Here A sweet kitty...but sour puss under the Christmas tree with ruby colored, red need to scroll down on the post, just below my pencil sketch!
Somewhere under snow
is a tasty seed or two—
I’ll dig till I find!

Red bridge to somewhere!
Diane AZ said…
Beautiful images! Interesting to see them out while it's snowing.
Great picture of the Cardinal, Eileen. I always feed my birds much more when the weather is so bad. The male Cardinal really stands out in this kind of weather, doesn't he???

Carolyn Ford said…
These birds must be freezing! I can't imagine how wildlife stays warm in brutal weather! Such beautiful captures of nature at its finest!
Good images of the Cardinals in snow Eileen. We must have been on the same page this morning, but I only got the male this go. Have a lovely~
Kerri said…
Cardinals are a favorite of mine!
Jim said…
Hi Eileen, aren't you glad that cardinals like the snow. And it makes them look sooooooo much redder!
Happy RT! Thank you for peeking in on my Italy stuff and leaving your nice comment.
Dianne said…
wow!! so close, so much detail
really lovely
Cardinals are always welcome.I only get to see them via pictures.It looks like it's really snowing in that picture.
SquirrelQueen said…
The cardinals are so pretty, great close ups Eileen. Their bright colors really stand out against the snow. I wish we had them here but I have yet to see one in this area.
Serendipity said…
Wow, those are fantastic shot! Happy WW :)
Ann said…
Poor bird, he must be freezing, with such a red colour against the white snow, I hope he is not easily spotted and hunted.
Cardinals are such a delight to see for me. Today I will take this beautiful sight with me in thought and smile. I hope he has a nice warm home somewhere to get out of that cold, cold weather and has plenty to eat.
Joyce M
Life Ramblings said…
those are great captures for WW!
TeacherJulie said…
These are wonderful photos. And yeah, I have yet to see a cardinal :D
Kiki said…
Gorgeous..your photos are beautiful..what a treat to see cardinals!
Colleen said…
I have a pair of cardinals that live in my backyard. I can only hope to get such good pictures of them.
Urban Thought said…
WoW... Great capture!!!
Glenda/MidSouth said…
What a beautiful bird. I need to visit when I have more time to check out some of your photos.
eden said…
Hi, Eileen!

Thank you for the dropping by!

Last night I was looking pictures of cardinals in the net. They are so beautiful.

Great shots as always. I love all your photos.
I've always loved cardinals Ellen. It's nice you were able to get a photo of a male and a female!
Ms. Latina said…
What a beautiful shot- you have some amazing zoom!

Thx for stopping by my blog =)
elvira pajarola said…
....I am just in love with these cardinals....wonderful Picture...!!!
We don't have them here in Tuscany and I'd love to see one in his habitat....on another trip...hopefully!!!!!
ciao ciao elvira
Anita said…
How cute, were they a couple? Great job capturing them so beautifully in the snow.
storyteller said…
I don't know how I missed this post all week but I'm glad I found it today. Wonderful captures of these beautiful birds in wintry conditions ... it's a marvel they survive in such weather!
Hugs and blessings,
Marci said…
One of my favorite birds. They look so beautiful in the snow. Great photos!
Carly said…
I love the contrast of cardinals against white snow. I wonder if you will see babies in the spring!
lisaschaos said…
They are beautiful birds! Especially splashed across a white background. :) Lovely!
Bernie said…
Beautiful, and quite striking on the white of the snow! So different to my one in the Doha (Qatar) desert trip I did late last year!

Doha, Inland Sea 'Dinner'

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