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Birds & Cats

I am linking up with Camera Critters

I know there are a lot of bloggers friends that love cats and I hope my post does not make my readers upset with me.  Recently, I read an article about birds killed by turbines in one of our environmental magazines. I honestly think that the wind turbines are horrible for birds, especially sitting in the path of migrating birds. What really surprised me was they listed domestic cats and pesticides kill tens of MILLIONS of birds annually.

 Above is a sweet Hermit Thrush!!

 I would think logically the wind farms can be put in areas away from migrating birds. I read that engineers are looking into various ideas to protect the birds and actually try to keep birds away from the turbines. Suggestions were solid towers rather than lattice style which the birds like to perch on, radar that would slow the turbines down when it detected approaching migrating birds, flashing strobe lights at the top and even changing the color of the tower.

EDIT: As I was play…

SWF>>>Backyard sunset

I am linking my skies  up with Skywatch Friday

Above is my neighborhood heron, it flew to the trees across from my house. I watched from my living room window as it broke off branches to take back to the nest. Along with the heron near my house, hubby and I noticed at least two other Great Blue Herons moving in the treetops off of the fireroad during one of our walks. There could be more herons that we have not seen. So, I guess I can consider my neighborhood is now a heron rookery.

I thought these clouds would make a beautiful sunset. Tell me what you think of my clouds below.

It is amazing how the sky changes and can light up the whole sky with beautiful colors.

My youtube video of a skywatch sunset, birds sounds and some very loud frog sounds. One of the loudest bird sounds in my video is the Cardinal. They do dine late at the feeders.

I hope you enjoyed my skies and video. Skywatching has become one of my favorite things to do, besides birding. It is wonderful when I can do bot…

Eastern Bluebirds

I am linking up my Bluebird post with World Bird Wednesday   and Nature Notes

The Eastern Bluebird is a Maryland resident. But, I do not always see them in my yard during the winter months. I do get excited to see the bluebirds using my nesting boxes. The Eastern Bluebird is the reason I am so into birding.  The first time I saw the Eastern Bluebird I was amazed at its beautiful color.

 Above is the pretty female bluebird.

Above, one of my favorite shots of the male Eastern Bluebird.

The Bluebirds make the sweetest sounds, it almost like they are trying to tell me something. I hope you love the Bluebirds as much as I do. If you have a yard it would be fun to put up a birdhouse to see what bird moves in. I have several houses around my yard, that are being used by the Bluebird, Chickadees and usually a Carolina Wren. It is always a treat to see the juvies show up later in the season.

To see more beautiful and wonderful birds please visit Springman's World Bird Wednesday and to see…

I love Spring

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I am showing off some of the pretty flowers and blossoms around my yard in the mosaic. Above is a  pretty weeping cherry tree,  a cute Mourning Dove, creeping phlox, forsythia, three Great Blue herons flying over my neighbors yard,  cute birdhouse hanging on the pergola, some daffodils.

I do love Spring, it is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the colors, the flowers and all the cute and colorful spring birds.

Also, this will be the third year the Great Blue Herons have returned to nest in the trees across from my neighbors house. The trees actually belong to the city of Baltimore and are part of the watershed protecting the reservoir. I am happy because I can stand on my deck and watch the Herons fly over with sticks to add to their nest and later on they will bring back food to the baby herons. I took the photo of the herons while standing on my driveway, so they are not far from my yard. The sounds coming from th…

Camera Critters and the Hero Dog Awards

I am linking up with Camera Critters
I was asked by Tonya of the American Humane Association if I would share the news about the Hero Dogs Awards and information about nominating a Hero dog.  Being a dog lover and for such a worthy cause I wanted to include some of the press release on the Hero Dog Awards. Maybe some of my readers knows a Hero dog.  There is not much time left for nominations so if you know of a Hero dog this is your chance to show off your Hero. 
Above is my hero Goldie Girl, always taking care of her Daddy while they are out on a walk. She even knows her way home in the dark. Good girl, Goldie Girl.

Check out their link Hero Dog Awards

HONOR YOUR HEROIC HOUND! NOMINATIONS BEING ACCEPTED FOR 2012 “AMERICAN HUMANE ASSOCIATION HERO DOG AWARDS™” ---- Win a trip to Hollywood, honor your dog on national TV, and help win $15,000 for a worthy cause
WASHINGTON, D.C. – For thousands of years, dogs have protected us, comforted us, and given us their unconditional love.  Now you can r…

SWF>>>>Atlantic City Sunrise

I am linking up with Skywatch Friday

These are some shots of the sunrise from our visit to Atlantic City last Sunday.  I thought the colors were beautiful and I enjoyed watching the gulls flying over and seeing a few Common Loons in the ocean. It was a very peaceful morning and we practically had the beach to ourselves.

The least movement is of importance to all nature. The entire ocean is affected by a pebble.
by Blaise Pascal

A pretty Crescent moon and pinkish contrail. 

Every drop in the ocean counts. 

by Yoko Ono

One of my main reasons for the weekend  in New Jersey was to do some birding at the Edwin Forsythe NWR. I will be doing another post on the birds and ducks we saw at the refuge.

But for now the only birds I saw while on the beach were a lots of gulls and a few common loons seen in the orange ocean. They are quick, diving into the water and coming up in totally different area.

I hope you enjoyed my sunrise and skywatch post. To see more beautiful skies from around the world…

Le Conte's Sparrow

I am linking up with World Bird Wednesday and Nature Notes

On Saturday, I added the Le Conte's Sparrow to my life list. I had been watching my listserve when I noticed the Le Conte's Sparrow was being seen at the local Irvine Nature Center. This bird breeds in Canada and winters in the South Eastern United States as far west as central Texas and as far north as central Illinois. Certainly no way near Maryland, it must have made a wrong turn somewhere.

The Le Conte's Sparrow is a small sparrow with a large head, with a short gray bill and short pointed tail. It has a buffy-orange yellow face, gray cheeks and a dark crown with a white central stripe. The neck has chestnut streaks, the back is streaked with brown and beige. Its belly is off white and the sides are buffy orange yellow with dark brown streaks.

This Le Conte's Sparrow enjoys moist open grassy areas with sufficient vegetation to provide cover. It's diet is seeds of grasses in the winter and insects in th…

More from Hashawha

I am linking up Camera Critters and Sunday Bridges


These photos were from last weekend's hike at our local Hashawha Nature Center.  It was a pretty day for a hike and we saw many signs of Spring.

Above is a beautiful male Eastern Bluebird, a footbridge over a stream, turtle and the boardwalk at the Hashawha Lake.

Above a White Throated Sparrow, I believe the bottom left and right are Song Sparrows.

There are a few places where you have to cross these footbridges over the streams on the trails.

I am pretty sure this is a Northern Red-bellied Cooter. I looked up turtles seen in Maryland to find the name of this turtles at first I thought it was a Red-eared Slider but my turtle does not show the red stripe behind its eye.

Another footbridge over the stream, this is where I found a few Song Sparrows near the edge of the stream.

One of the many Song Sparrows I saw while hiking and birding Hashawha.

On the way home we passed by this farm with these cute …

SWF>>>Hashawha Nature Center

I am linking up with Skywatch Friday

On the weekend hubby and I always pick some place to go for a walk, this past weekend we went to the local Hashawha Nature Center. They have miles of trails, a lake, streams, a raptor center and it is great for birding.  The sky was a beautiful blue and it was a lovely day.

A robin perched on the wires with a pretty blue sky for a background.

Hubby and I were trying to figure out what kind of tree this is? It had these little round balls hanging on the branches that the birds were picking at? 

I am seeing hawks just about everywhere I go, I believe this is a Red Shouldered.

The full moon looked beautiful last week.  I hope you enjoyed my skywatch.  As usual thank you for visting my post and for the lovely comments.

To see more beautiful skies from around the world  please visit Skywatch Friday.  Thanks to the hosting group of Sylvia, Sandy and Wren. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Backyard birds

I am linking up with World Bird Wednesday and Nature Notes

This week I am showing a few of my yard birds. I have been watching the Carolina Chickadees go in and out of one of my bluebird houses.

This Carolina Chickadee enjoys my feeder with sunflower seeds.

A White Breasted Nuthatch outside my window.

The Black Vultures found a carcass of a deer around the corner from my house. Yesterday, I drove by there had to be over a hundred Black Vultures on the ground, on the deer and in the trees. One of my blogger friends asked why I see these Vultures hanging around so much. I think they like my neighborhood because of the deer carcass and the woods for roosting. During the hunting season, the hunters were taking what they wanted and leaving behind the rest of the deer. So that would leave plenty of food for both the Turkey and Black Vultures.

I hope you enjoyed my post and I want to thank you for stopping by and your wonderful comments.

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